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Branding Yourself Backfired In MLM/Network Marketing

Spend a few moments with me, so that you can come to understand why Branding yourself backfired in MLM and Network Marketing. I’ll get right to it because MLM’ers are very impatient.  We’re going to talk about 3 basic reasons, for why Branding yourself Backfired in MLM. The first reason is that its’ a “New Strategy”.  I’ll explain more about why each of these reasons have harmed network marketers more than helped them in a moment.  The other two reasons are that branding yourself is ‘based in Ego’, which never works in MLM. Lastly, ‘branding yourself’ is a pure Misunderstanding of the ancient MLM teaching “Act As If.”

Let’s go from the last one and work our way around as we discuss why Branding yourself backfired in MLM and Network marketing.

Some of you might read this and say to yourself, what do you mean ‘backfired’ …  network marketers are still doing this. But haven’t you noticed it isn’t working?

Chances are high that you haven’t, if you happen to think Branding yourself is a good idea. Network Marketing is a different animal from other forms of ‘marketing’.  This strategy is great when you own the product that you’re selling. Most of you in MLM do not own anything. You’re a distributor, and a representative of a ‘company’. Sadly, there are so-called leaders in many companies that have actually taught you that branding yourself is a good idea.

You saw the house, the cars, the pool behind them in their videos and figured they knew what they were talking about.

branding yourself poolside

That’s really too bad.  You got conned by a con artist that understands how to use conversation and props to move their audience into action.  Unfortunately some of them aren’t really doing this on purpose, because they also learned it from someone else. Over the last 5 years, it’s starting to become apparent that this tactic is backfiring. Several TOP income earners in MLM 3 years ago, are no where to be found today. It’ snot because they’re on an Island counting up their riches.

They’ve quit the industry entirely because they really don’t know how to make money in it.

Branding Yourself Backfired because it’s a Misunderstanding of “Act As If” –

Act as If is an ancient lesson in the world of sales, business and marketing. Most of you come to MLM From the employee world.  So as people start introducing concepts like these it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Acting like you own the company does not mean you go and pose on a Luxury Jet.  When is the last time you saw Bill Gates getting off his personal Jet?  No, instead what we see is Bil Gates acting like a business owner when he’s on camera.

That means when you are using your social media, you want to ‘act like a business owner’.  This can be difficult, if you’re not doing business owner related things.  None of that includes misrepresenting yourself or your income.   You can ‘act’ like a Millionaire without actually showing off millions of dollars.  You can buy a suit that ‘looks’ more expensive than it is, or simply keep yourself sharp intellectually by reading books, and gathering information others aren’t.  You have to ‘shed the world of the employee’, which has a negative mindset towards work, and self improvement.

Millionaires think differently from the rest of society, and that is a mentality you’ll need to adopt.  You may have to ‘fake it till you make it’, which means yea, fake the attitude. But don’t flat out lie about how much you’re making.  Even when you start making money keep in mind that others have to do ‘what works’.

What works in MLM is teamwork.  Being an individual never works in MLM.

So when you have a person who’s interested in the business venture, you actually DO need business partners to help close that sale.  It paints the picture of teamwork to that prospect and lets them know they are joining a team. The more people who have that mindset in your organization, the more successful the organization (and all members in it) will be.

This is why network marketers must remove their ego.  Success in MLM is never about you, but your team. It’s always your business partnerships that make or break your income in this field.  How teams work together and stick together sends a message to others.  This is where ‘branding yourself’ is undoing the cohesion that teams need to succeed.  The Ego keeps network marketers from reaching their financial goals through MLM.  That’s one of the biggest reasons that Branding yourself backfired for so many.

They should have been branding their Team, the Industry, or this business model of network marketing.

Instead, many attacked the model and even it’s old effective methods.   They’ve told people “You don’t need to attend weekly meetings or get on conference calls and webinars.  You don’t need to edify your uplines, or do 3-way calls.  You don’t need to read books, or learn from mentors…. You just need to start branding yourself, writing blogs and making videos. All you gotta do is sit in front of a pool, or a greenscreen and pretend you’re on an island.  Show people cash stacks that you just pulled out of the ATM, or make videos like you just made a fat withdrawal. Focus on branding yourself, by telling everyone how great you are and how they can be just like you by signing up for your system….”

And this is what people have been peddling for the last 5 years in Network Marketing.  It’s killing the industry.


Getting Organized Comes First: Team Building Series

Let’s talk about getting organized.

Order Matters, especially in business. Even more especially when it comes to Team Building.

This is one of the reasons that I found network marketing to be so attractive. Through network marketing people who may have NO business background, can learn the importance of organization. Getting Organized is the first step to creating success. Individual success often stems from GROUP Success. So if you want to get to those goals you’ve set for your self, you may want to think seriously about how well you are fitting in with others.

In our Team Building Series you will find other ‘Teamwork related Articles’ such as :

You’ll also find me speaking about the importance of Getting organized in Session #5 of our TNG Classes : a special short series that is all about team building as well.

You can check out the Other Sessions as well.

Once again, all of these videos are part of speaking to the overall mission of TopnetworkersGroup.

Getting Organized Comes First.

Spending a lot of time preaching about respecting networks, we are doing even more to ensure that the people who work with this team are able to safeguard their teams from networkers who lack basic respect. Crossline recruiting is a chaotic aspect of our industry that happens all too often. Lazy networkers feel that rather than build teams of their own, they can just target other people’s teams. Most of the time they seek out the ones who are struggling and tell them that, their ‘company’ is better than the one they are with right now.  They tell them that their sponsor or upline is not able to help them as much as they can. It’s all the usual promises of greener grass on other sides of the fence. It’s divisional, and doesn’t help make our industry better.

This is why Getting Organized Includes Organization Ideas – what are the things WE as an organization agree on?

What do WE stand for?

What makes US different from other organizations within this industry?

Those are the questions we seek to answer through all of the training you’ll find Inside the 1mlmsystem (to rule them all).

We have to ‘come together’ and form Voltron.

That’s our message to the industry. We are too fragmented right now. With so many companies constantly popping up, the only way for us to have any real power and any real stability is to form a team. We have to form an ‘organization’ that does have order. We have to respect the network. The natural order that takes place within a network marketing ‘organization’. Those who produce and ‘earn’ leadership get respected. That respect is due, it is deserved, and we should seek to uphold that with any of our efforts.  At the same time, those who earn leadership must never let it go to their heads. It’s important to be leaders, and not Misleaders.

When the ideas of the leaders are on the same page, that is an organization to watch out for. Great things will come about every single time.

When the leaders have different ideas – that’s going to be a Stagnant Organization that does not progress.

What kind of organization will you build today?

getting organized matters


Golden State Warriors Teamwork Level

Operating at Golden State Warriors Teamwork Level

In business we talk about the importance of Having the Right People on our teams. Here on this blog, I talk about how Teamwork makes the Dreamwork, how Teams Wear the Same Uniform, and the way the Golden State Warriors have been playing basketball, to start the 2015-2016 season, I am about to cut a Coach Or the Player Part Two Video any day now!

We need to be operating at a Golden State Warriors Teamwork level ….


We need to get our heads around the reality that these young Warriors are winning with their Coach on the sidelines …

Not to say that the ‘coach’ doesn’t matter, but regardless of what Luke Walton says, so long as he doesn’t try to Change what’s already working, he’s going to more than likely, continue to enjoy these wins. Because the Golden State Warriors are comprised of players who admire and respect one another. All of them are talented and yet they each recognize the talent in one another. this is true, all the way down to the reigning MVP, Steph Curry.

As incredible of a ball player as he is, he’s got plenty of help.

They move the ball around and ‘share the work load’ from night to night. They look for the best shot. What they’ve shown all of us who are paying attention is that all of the ball sharing they do, doesn’t harm their leading scorer one bit. He’s off to another amazing NBA Season. He might even pick up another MVP.

That’s what I mean by this, Golden State Warriors Teamwork Level.

There are a lot of levels out here and there are a handful of teams in the NBA right now playing at, or around that level. Many people might argue all the Warriors are doing is patterning their approach after another very successful franchise, the San Antonio Spurs. Under the coaching of Greg Poppavich several players have experienced the benefits of teamwork, as they’ve won 5 NBA championships over the past 2 decades. They’re also contenders just about every single year…

One of the players who won 2 championships under Greg Poppavich, was none other than the injured Golden State Warriors Coach, Steve Kerr.

There’s no doubt that, between playing for Poppavich, after winning 3 rings under Phil Jackson, that Steve Kerr was prepared for the job.

In his first year, last year, He won a 6th Championship, 1st time as a Coach – and if things continue to go the way they are going; he could be looking at back to back rings.  Not a bad start to a career. It does help that he inherited a very good team. Put together mostly by Jerry West, and coached up by Mark Jackson, many of the players on the Golden State Warriors really learned how to ‘tap into their individual abilities’ first.

To me, the main difference that Steve Kerr brought to this team when he took over last year, was teaching them how to Play as a team.


…..and the LEVEL  of Teamwork That the Golden State Warriors are playing at right now, is So high, that the Coach doesn’t even matter.

Everyone knows what to do, when to do it, and they’re Doing it very, very well.

Historically well.


Playing as a team Matters.

Especially in Sports and Business as well.

Stop Hopping Around In Network Marketing and Settle Down!

Agents of Shield Is Teamwork 101(Business Partnerships Matter)

Agents of Shield is Teamwork 101. The sticky situations these folks find themselves in and the obstacles they must overcome, together, is everything you and I need to understand about business. In business, partnerships matter.  I hope you’re here for lessons because we are giving them out around here …….

Let’s dive in and talk about Agents of Shield –

It’s one of my favorite television shows on right now. Yes, I said that I have a favorite television show, in fact I have several and in a moment you’re going to understand not only why I watch the show but; why You should be watching this show too.

Agents of Shield is Teamwork 101 – it’s the absolute Introduction everything related to being a team, working as a team, and getting through all of the challenges that come at teams. Many of those challenges come from what the team faces together and others come from within. Please tell me you’re paying attention because this ‘link’ between Topnetworkersgroup and Agents of Shield is nothing new. (Check out Season 1 now)

Perhaps it put a few people off – giving them the impression that this is a Comic Book Opportunity; simply because they were not the Right people we were looking for anyways.

They didn’t ‘get’ the analogy. They didn’t want to think too hard about it. That always tells me, that’s not someone I want to work with.

Consider for a moment what it means to be at the Top.

This level is NOT for everyone.

If a person cannot see the correlation between Agents of Shield and what We do in Network Marketing – then that person in my opinion is absolutely Not fit to be part of the Leadership team of Topnetworkersgroup. We are At The Top. This means that we are seeking the very best of the best to be a part of our business partnership. We only want the best on our team.


Are you willing to WORK To become the BEST?


…. I digress.

Topnetworkersgroup is like Agents of Shield; while our “1mlmsystem” is more like, the Avengers; a powerful force that is assembled to fight against the forces of evil. In some cases the ‘members’ of the team change, just as is the case with the programs and companies found in our System.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Marvel Universe, now is a real good time to start catching up. You see I really do not recommend watching the vast majority of things On television. I don’t watch reality tv shows. Most of those are so ‘far’ from reality that it’s a shame they are called reality tv in the first place. I don’t watch television shows that perpetuate negative stereotypes about African Americans; nor do I watch too many Movies that involve Gore and Senseless Violence.

I DO watch stories about Super Heroes; people with average means doing all they can to make the world better.

I like to believe that through network marketing; we can take steps to make our world better as we create better people – together. As we expose people to better ideas, and better ways of making money. As we expose people to information that wasn’t shared with them in school, nor from anyone in their family or circle of friends.

I’d like to work with people who are on that same level (of thought).

People who think about these kinds of themes; who believe in making things better. Lots of people choose not to watch stuff like that because They do not believe it is possible to make things better. That is why the Top is not for everyone.  What kind of world would this be if it were led by people who did not believe that progress is not only possible; but inevitable?

What kind of world would this be, if good never stood up to evil?

So clearly, while things may not be perfect, it’s not nearly as bad as it could be in the world we’re in; the community we reside in; because just enough people ARE fighting those good fights.

Oh, what kind of world could we have, if even more … just believed?

Season 3 is underway for Agents of Shield and …. Agent Fitz believed …


Two kinds of people are reading this right now – Those who follow the show and those who do not. For those who do not, I’ll just say something MAJOR happened at the end of Season 2 and last night we saw one Team mate do all he could to HELP bring his team Mate back ……… I won’t spoil the scene and tell you what happened. I will tell you that THIS is TEAMWORK 101 – once again; when your team mate is in trouble are you going to Go off and do your OWN thing and worry about your SELF? — Or are you going to LOOK for ways to work WITH your team mate, to overcome problems together?

I mean, it’s a running theme in the show. It’s awesome to see how this team sticks together sometimes.

Those who follow the show understand what I mean.

Those who do not, need to start watching!

Especially if you’re a ‘struggling’ network marketer. Oftentimes you are struggling for any number of reasons; and a very Major reason could be a failure to work WITH your team.

For example. Inside our 1mlmsystem you will learn How to Sponsor people.

However, just because we are teaching people HOW to sponsor people; it does not mean people will invest the time in learning How to sponsor people ‘from our system’ … It does not mean people will apply what we teach … it does not mean people are paying attention just because they are in the class room.


There’s so many ‘GURU’s” out there who are teaching people HOW to sign people up; from teaching people to buy leads, to telling people they need to ‘brand themselves’ – so much misinformation and misleading going on and yet, if people don’t know they’re not being FED real information; how would they know? ……

The snake will always take advantage of ignorance …….

But back to my example; If you’re part of our team; Then why are you following the ‘advice’ of those who are NOT part of our team?

If we have a system, why are you more interested in other systems?

Why haven’t you mastered our system before moving on to look at others??

What are you Contributing to the TEAM? What are you Doing to HELP your Team Mates?

How are you improving and growing your business Partnerships with the people you’re In business with now??

These are questions that need to be answered by those of you reading this because, most of you who are struggling are doing these very things. You need to admit them to yourself before you can overcome these problems. The sooner you stop blaming others, your sponsor, your leads, your experience, your success – the faster you’ll start to Understand what you’re NOT doing right.

You’ll be okay with someone Telling you what you ‘may’ not want to hear – because you realize that you’re all On the Same Team….

“The man can’t open a doorknob without Melting it….”

“You wanna fight fire with fire, and I get that ….   but you can’t be wreckless about it. All these people who transform can turn into monsters, but the team you DO have has that same potential. Fires are burning everywhere, and Coulson is desperate to put them out… but desperation leads to mistakes.”

“You’re turning into a leader, and I’m concerned about how you’re handling the adjustment…”

Just a few awesome quotes from that awesome Clip from last nights Agents of Shield.

Again, a whole lot is going on here so if you’re not following the show; the point you need to get here is that a NEW Team is being formed (like the Avengers in a way) under the watchful eye of Shield. Blair Underwood here, plays a psychologist who analyzes All Agents to ensure they are psychologically fit for combat.

How can you be a real business person and NOT see that connection?

So many of you approach MLM with a mind that is NOT fit for combat;

YOU Can’t even open a DOOR KNOB without melting it….

YOU are in SUCH a RUSH To make money that you are Desperate; and … Desperation leads to mistakes.

What So many of you need to do … (those of you working with Topnetworkersgroup) …. is to simply, TRUST the SYSTEM ………

Agents of Shield - Trust The System

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Getting Organized Comes First: Team Building Series

The MLM Industry Is Unstable: My Thoughts

The MLM Industry Is Unstable: these are My Thoughts

If you’re leading the way, setting an example for your team and prospecting – you’re going to come across this objection pretty often. Here are my thoughts on that very valid ‘reason/excuse’ that people use to stay away From the MLM Industry.

Topnetworkersgroup is seeking to find people who want to work together to Bring stability to the MLM industry. In order to do that, some simple and yet, difficult principles need to be enforced. I’m talking about principles like loyalty and commitment.

I’m looking for people who want to be part of Our movement; rather than seek to start their ‘own’ movement. The very fact that so many people are starting their ‘own movements’ is creating much of the instability in the MLM industry.

Also, the sheer number of companies that are starting up due to the internet, and improving technology – the MLM Industry becomes more and more Unstable. Each mlm company ends up creating competition for the others; regardless of the “Overall Industry” each specific MLM taps into …

However, whenever a NEW MLM taps into an Industry that no other MLM’s are in; suddenly copycat companies pop up with in a matter of weeks.

Even I have seen several ‘copy cat systems’ – that seem to be adapting some of the ideas that TopNetworkersGroup introduced to our MLM Industry; as the first 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization there will be several ideas that others will ‘copy’.

You have the choice – to work with a Copy; or to work with the Original.

Here’s my Thoughts, on Companies going out of business; specifically the closure of WakeUpNow; and how I feel my ‘talks’ have influenced a HUGE MLM Leader to shift his direction from Preaching ONE company; to ‘finally’ talking One team (that makes money in several companies) – that way – ‘just in case’ the new one doesn’t disrupt lives … they won’t all be left … in Shock; in a negative way that is … the shock will end up being that ‘safety net’ – at least that’s how it looks from here;

I’ve also mentioned, that I’ve seen other copy-cat ‘systems’ that mingle multiple programs together; but even these are failing to ‘truly’ teach people this skillset – Networking.

Network Marketing is an Artform.

The MLM Industry needs to be approached with respect – you must realize it is a career and will require a time investment; not just a Money investment.

If you are seriously interested in playing a role in creating stability within the MLM Industry, then you have to understand what that means – It means making a real decision to work together to Make our Industry a better place; for MORE people in MLM. So many people like what this industry offers but – too many ‘seeds’ are falling through the cracks.

The MLM Industry needs an organization like ours; that will actually Challenge people to approach ‘teamwork’ – in a similar way as Professional Sports teams; Real communities where people are learning skills; not just hearing hype – or hearing about how 15 people are making tons of money – sure that might get folks to sign up; but it does not help them duplicate those results;

So, be ready to invest more than just ‘money’ – if you want to make money; and if you want to bring stability TO our industry; you have to actually be willing to do some things that won’t generate money; for a while – because ‘eventually’ those things WILL generate more money than you could imagine – Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork – Absolutely – 100% of the time!


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