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Dynamic Landing and Lead Capture Pages: David Dubbs Updates TCP

Let’s talk about landing and Lead Capture Pages. With a new update for TCP (The Conversion Pros) David Dubbs, the founder, goes over the latest tool to making dynamic landing pages and capture pages. It’s the new ‘Drag and Drop’ tool. This is a quick overview which shows you just how easy these tools are to use.

We replaced Stiforp Profits in our One MLM System with TheConversionPros more than a year ago now.  It was one of the best decisons possible, as it gives our team members more flexibility to make Landing Pages, or Lead Capture Pages to promote our team. They can also promote other projects that they are working on, outside of our group efforts.  These are the things networkers were looking to do anyways, and TCP gave us a way, to give Our members this ability – while preaching structure.

Do You need a System that comes with Landing Pages and Lead Capture Pages?

Below are a few articles from TNG about TCP :

The Lead capture pages have a lot to do with how top earners are making money in this business.  They build lists, then communicate with those lists.  It’s a major step that marketers overlook.  Throwing mud against walls to see what sticks, will never be as effective as sorting. True sorting is all about making lists, adding to those lists, and yes, removing names from those lists.

The LIST is the true foundation of any business.

Lead capture pages, allow you to get the names and emails (or phone numbers) of people who are interested. A person won’t fill that out if they aren’t.  When you deal with people who are interested in what you have, the sale tends to be the easy part.  TCP will teach you how to be these tools to be effective with your recruiting effots.

The StiforpProfits Long Goodbye

It’s been so hard to say good bye to StiforpProfits – for me personally that is. 

let’s take a moment, before I get into this.

Boys 2 Men, hit it.


Several months ago after signing up for TheConversionPros I announced that I’d no longer offer support for StiforpProfits through the 1mlmsystem. It was a difficult announcement to make because, StiforpProfits was one of our original programs for our system. At just $10/mo the 14 level forced-matrix compensation plan was a very sneaky but powerfully lucrative program. Problem was, the ‘tools’ were just never brought up to date.

This is still the case now. StiforpProfits’ tools are just so 2009 – to be frank.

Yet, with all of the marketing that I did – I’m still getting sign ups. I’ve literally tried to go into my StifopProfits and cancel my membership but every time I see new people have signed up. I’ve earned commissions for work I did years ago. That work is still paying off – the links, the videos, and the articles written are still paying off!

It’s made saying goodbye to this affordable income opportunity very difficult to do.

TheConversionPros is solid. It’s everything you and your business partners will need in today’s ever more competitive marketplace.

You can take a 7 Day Test Drive for just $1 – and that’s a powerful sell for a marketer who’s business partners Need tools. In a nutshell it’s the ‘same pitch’. The people who got rich during the Gold Rush were the people selling the picks and the shovels. Ladies and gents, if you are reading this now, and are attempting to grow a business today you NEED To use the tools TheConversionPros offers. These are the tools StiforpProfits said they’d give us. They just never really got around to it.

StiforpProfits Long Goodbye

Real quick StiforpProfits resume from yours truly includes one of the most watched, and most hijacked Stiforp Profits Compensation Plan videos ever.


I’ll share the original Stiforp comp plan video here; and then Will show you a few links to CopyCats below.

This guy stole my Entire “comp Plan Example” — took some slides from the Company as well; I felt honored;

As a matter of fact …. while writing this and looking up some of the copies I found way too many – and issued DMCA takedowns; Because while I ‘do’ feel honored that people liked my work enough to copy it, and it’s good publicity for TopNetworkersGroup.com – theft is still theft.

Sadly these people did not reach out to thank me for my work. smh.

This is the overall problem with MLM today. The people in our industry flat out suck. (read my thoughts from #ThisIsAPyramidScheme John Oliver Attacks MLM)

We used to attract the Best people, but over the last 5 years as it has gotten easier to join MLM we’re getting too many people who are just unwilling to be professional in their conduct.

All those marketers (at least 10) were stealing my Intellectual Property and making money (possibly) off of My work. Rather than reach out to me, to connect with me and work with me. Instead of us working ‘together’ – these marketers decided to go it alone. Hopefully soon YouTube will take down all their videos and any sign ups they may have gotten will cease. While my Long Goodbye with StiforpProfits continues, for at least another month.

Till then I’m still sending all of you who are interested in Tools to TheConverstionPros (TCP) – Try it for $0

*Update July 3, 2017 – Check out this updated REVIEW: The Conversion Pros Continues To Deliver for MLM Leaders