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TNG Tackles Coffee MLM Companies

I wanted to tackle Coffee MLM Companies for a moment.


*This Blog Post has been Updated as of 1/31/2016 – The Coffee MLM Companies hinted to and discussed below – are either in business OR out of business at this time! When I wrote this, I was part of a movement that fizzled out. There has already been much written about the closing down of WakeUpNow – which for a time, threw it’s hat into the discussion of making money, selling coffee, through MLM. There are many reasons for why this company did Not stay afloat – including outright theft by it’s owner and CEO. Many would also argue, that not enough of the distributors in Wakeupnow, truly understood how to go about recruiting for mlm. Several factors go into the success Or failure of all MLM companies.  The information shared in OUR blog, is here to help you navigate through the MLM wilderness.


Please bare with me as I need to set this up properly.

I read a book called Wave 4 that told me one day everything would be moved through the MLM business model some day. Even Coffee. It was no surprise to me to see coffee mlm companies when I returned to the industry in 2009.

It makes sense too – for all the reasons we’re familiar with, when it comes to the Coffee Industry. The MLM business model is so flexible that anything can be sold through it; if you have a product or service but do not have an idea of how to generate sales – using an MLM business model may be a good decision for you.

The Coffee industry is HUGE but not everyone can compete with the Starbucks and McDonald’s of the world (That’s right, McDonalds is the #1 Seller of Coffee in the World) – a lot can be learned from the lessons of Franchises though. Having a franchise located in several places gives a company like the two we mentioned, more opportunities to sell … coffee.

This is why MLM is the perfect model and why There are so many Coffee MLM Companies – business owners know this is a hot product, that lots of people love to buy; and know that MLM is the most cost effective way to distribute it.

The only thing is, with soooo many Coffee MLM Companies, hardly anyone is making any real money WITH the extremely lucrative coffee industry.  That’s where we come in …


Let me see if I can repeat some of that for you – The POINT is if you build a network you can sell anything, even Coffee.  Members of the MLM Industry need to stop fighting over who has the better brand of Coffee.

Wait a minute …. doesn’t WakeUpNow Sell coffee too?

YES – but you won’t see Professionals from TopNetworkersGroup acting like there is no other coffee in the market that other people would like. WE understand Consumers …

We are Professionals …

See, most of you are not professionals and don’t realize that your Coffee Customers will make an “emotional decision” while purchasing coffee, every single time. They will NOT make a logical one.

So trying to appeal to people’s logic while selling coffee is why YOU and so many others are NOT making money with your Coffee MLM Companies; most of you have NO IDEA how to sell coffee; because you’re not grasping (or not being taught) the basic Fundamentals of the MLM Industry.

Here is that Lesson …. “If you Build it, They Will come” –

What will come?



(Seemore Green in NYC with Cash IZ King showing off the NEW WakeUpNow all natural Energy drink – Awaken)

*update 1/31/16 – these two are still selling this product, through a different mlm company – proving that while any business can go out of business; what truly matters in the end, is the loyalty that business people show towards one another. While these two continue to make money together, ‘silly rabbits’ who jump around from company to company, program to program, team to team, … never truly learn how important loyalty is.

Are you Closing Your Leads?

I’m thankful that ACN was my ‘first MLM company” – I learned this lesson then. We sold long distance and local long distance; along with internet service and in ‘some market’ electricity and gas. I happened to live in a deregulated area, which had electricity. I was also Online early, recruiting people over the internet way back in 1999. I would meet people in areas that did not have electricity or gas yet, and they’d turn down ACN, telling me to notify them when it got to their market.

This was always the WRONG decision to make; I’d learn it later from attending trainings – that the time to build is NOW; not Later. If a product or service is ‘coming’ to your market you do not want to wait till it arrives to begin building a network to sell it.

Once you’ve built your network – now you and your network can sell ANYTHING through it. Literally; Even products and/or services that have not been Invented yet!

You see, WakeUpNow is selling Energy Drinks too – They’re providing several products and services under ONE roof (one WakeupNow Hub lol) – and that’s what we’re doing through TopNetworkersGroup with our ONE MLM SYSTEM – providing several ways for US to make money, while focusing on what truly matters most; BUILDING our network.

Keep that in mind, if you’re part of a Coffee MLM or looking for a good one to join; out of Several Coffee MLM Companies available today. The bottom line will always be, who’s in business with you; and who are you working with in business.

Read more from TopNetworkersGroup about doing this ‘the right way’ –

Crazygood Work-a-rounds

Discussing Work-arounds for Crazygood
– by Al King, CEO and Founder of TopNetworkersgroup

Crazygood is a private social network that rolled out in November of 2010. It was a very promising website at the time, due to it’s affordable cost and lucrative compensation plan. Lots of people signed up during the first six months, and then things started to unravel.

Crazygood Community Issues

Crazygood CommunityThere’s a general rule on Facebook, perhaps the most popular social network on the planet. That rule is, never post links on other people’s pages. Several of the early members joining crazygood were violating this Rule; perhaps because Crazygood isn’t Facebook. I witnessed a few wall arguments, but other than that the community was always positive…

That wasn’t an issue – however the SPEED of the website always was.

Crazygood Slowness, and Newbie Attitudes.

The low cost of entry combined with the slow speed of the website caused a lot of the people who joined crazygood to quit just as fast as they signed up. After Six months Crazygood had a lot of Dead accounts; and for the next 6 months I watched more and more people slowly participate less and less.

My career in the MLM/affiliate world didn’t begin in 2010 however.

I started out in ACN, in 1998. We learned then, that when you find an Opportunity, in order to build an Organization you must first Create an Environment for your team to Win In.

We did that, by creating several Tools to help our Team Market the Opportunity, Capture Leads, and find Real business partners to make money with in Crazygood, and beyond.

In my eyes, Crazygood was never the opportunity to retire on; but it Did provide a lucrative earning potential for anyone willing to put in the work. We created a Version of Crazygood’s Earning Worsheet – To Show you The money.

What Else We’ve done ….

We built an entire Training Website to provide support, and Education so that a Newbie could learn HOW to make money.

Most of our team members chose not to use that website; but what else is new in network marketing?  In 1998 people would join my company, spend $499 and skip out on Coming to Training Events to Learn how to make money in the business they just signed up for. Even after struggling, several of the people would refuse any education. The idea that perhaps they needed more skill escaped many of them in 1998, all the way up through 2004, before I walked away from ACN, and began building websites for small businesses.

However the training and support office is still here, and exists as a Work-a-round for Crazygood; since it’s a bare bones affiliate program with literally no training or support for their affiliates. Depending on ones attitude, this can be seen as a bad thing – OR as a tremendous Opportunity.

Me and my business partners decided to be Leaders; and we created even more tools; Including the Crazygood Sales Funnel showing people how they can “Turn $10 into $10,000 per month” – and then rolled out a LIVE OFFICE Where we talk with Members of our team, and their guests – LIVE – using modern technology (the internet) – and lastly, in December of 2012, TopNetworkersGroup unleased the One MLM System to Rule them all – which initially used Crazygood as a Required Program to sign up for, to use our system; but is now one of 2 options, on our $10 Level, that Free members of our team can use to start Earning Money, with the network they build while using our mlm system.

To THIS day, Crazygood has Continued to Pay me, month after month.

And while I have not made a LOT of money, I can proudly say I’ve been In profit for all 3 years of my involvement with this company. I will even be releasing a funnel soon, that will SHOW YOU the Paypal Proofs; something I never like doing – but am only doing it to prove a point; that if you’re really Hungry to make money, you CAN make money here; you simply need to be willing to Commit to something so that others will follow you; Commit to a team that will work with you, and teach you the things you Do not know – You must leave your EGO at the door, because the truth is – Making money With Crazygood is no Different from Making Money with MCA, Solavei, iLA, ACN, Amway, or Any Other Opportunity in the MLM Industry.

The Mechanics, Fundamentals, Techniques, …. the Skillset – whatever you want to call it; it’s all the same. The ones who learn it only struggle to find people that can ‘afford’ the business they are offering. That’s what drew me to the Crazygood opportunity – I saw a way to help people earn money, and build a network – a core value of TopNetworkersGroup today. I have some more ‘specific’ Crazygood Work-a-rounds to share with you – because by no means is this a Perfect Website.

I mentioned the slowness, and lack of real community rules in place – no training or support; no marketing materials – they Recently created a Overview Video in just the past 4-5 months; that is a real upgrade; but thankfully We put several tools in place to fill in the gaps, where Crazygood was missing them.

If you happened to Join Crazygood and worked with any other team, then you did not have access to these tools. I am old school and am 100% against Stealing people from others; So I recommend you Reactivate your OLD membership – and then simply use our 1mlmsystem to Work with our team, Get Training, and access to the Tools WE provide for members of our team.

Read MORE from us – helpful information to put more money into your pocket – IF you take advantage of what we are sharing. When it comes to Opportunity, it is a window – it will close. Some will benefit from the window while it’s open. Others will look for reasons why they couldn’t benefit. We’re not looking to work with those people. We’re looking for winners. We are looking for problem solvers, and solution seekers.

Stay tuned for more Work-A-rounds for Crazygood, from TNG – Showing you the way to make money with this, or ANY opportunity in our industry today.

More specific Work-Around Solutions for Crazygood from TNG :


A Motor Club For All Not just A Few

When I was first introduced to MCA by Mr. Daniel Caswell I initially thought it was too good to be true. Why would this company cost me $40 to join; but pay me $80 on every single person I referred? That was my initial question and I’m sure it’s the same for others.

After doing some research I found out this was a upfront bonus – paid out on the expectation that your referral will keep the service for at least one year. When this doesn’t happen there are chargebacks, which on one ever likes in business. However these are perfectly legal, and let’s you know not to just enroll anyone – if you do, hang onto your money for a while. Try not to spend it right away.

Recently I wrote about what TNG is doing to educate people on Sponsoring. Much can be said of the climate of today’s MLM Industry. Lack of loyalty is abundant. Most people join things without really reading. So any good internet marketer is bound to get lots of sign ups for a program like MCA but, that also means lots of people cancelling too.

This happens because most people do not read.

However IF a person reads, and really sees what they are getting for $19.99 per month, why would they cancel? The truth is, educated customers and consumers are always better to market to. They know what they are buying and they want more of it.

When I say Opportunity You ThinK MCA Scam, explores the poison of doubt. Once a person gets a thought in their mind that Motor club of America is not a legit opportunity but is instead, just another Scam – it stops them from actually looking into it.

Wayne Dyer said it best, “The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” – Yet, people do this all the time.

The fact of the matter is, what most people have been told is where the real scam can be found. Not telling people the entire truth keeps them from ‘thriving’ – perhaps that’s the plan. If you’ve ever watched the movie “thrive” from Foster Gamble, that’s one of several messages he gets across.

People who don’t want to see wealth in the hands of the masses have done all they can for as long as they can, to make sure it does not happen.  You may have fallen victim to their games without ever knowing it.  Today, our plan is to set you totally and entirely free!


The Friends and Family MYTH in MLM

If there ever was a Myth circulating in MLM today, it’s the Friends and Family Myth.

This myth in mlm causes more people to believe a dream is possible for them, without realizing what it’s going to actually take, to accomplish it.

It’s a myth that’s unique. Because there is half of the industry that still believes in teaching ‘friends and family’ — which (for those who don’t know) is a strategy for who people should approach about their Company, it’s products or services – leaning on the relationship that is already in place to either get them to do you a favor, and try it out – or at least, take a look and consider going into business together.

That’s the Old School ‘method’ – and is considered to be a Myth by the New School methods being taught today. Today, you’ll hear top money earners tell you that talking to friends and family is a waste of time – that you should instead target Other people who are already in MLM’s – again, this is viewed as a Myth … largely because it is.

The Truth is – it depends who your friends are.

Some people have better friends than others. It’s the truth. Not all of us do that great of a job of selecting our friends. Some of us join MLM companies and the reality is, we do not have people that we can talk to; because the people we know are just not educated properly to view MLM in the right perspective.

For example, I just had a movie shared with me that absolutely got me upset – and fired up at the same time. I joined the MLM Industry in 1998 and it was then, that I found out how my friends actually viewed me.

Since that time, I’ve had to accept slowly, that the people I grew up with like to talk about doing things; but when it comes time to do them – they don’t want to Take Action.

I had to accept that most of my friends are talkers; not doers.

So for me, taking an MLM to my friends is and was an ineffective method; but asking me to talk to randon strangers; OR go after people who are already in MLM’s isn’t really effective either. The truth is – The relationships matter.

If you’re one of those people who happen to have great, supportive friends who don’t just like to sit around talking about stuff; but like to Do stuff. You’re all going to join MLM and work together because you’re already Together.

This is the biggest ‘secret’ in MLM really; This spirit of togetherness that is often lacking, even and often within MLM companies; For example, today I sponsor several people using internet marketing techniques; which expose me to people – brand me or my company/team in the minds of others; and they end up joining stuff I’m promoting .. but these people have no relationship with me.

Many of them, will also avoid forming a relationship with me, OR the type of relationship they seek to form is not a beneficial relationship, for their business; meaning they want me to be their buddy or their pal; rather than their business partner.

So, being able to form relationships where there is a respect for one another; especially along the lines of Seniority – where you don’t have a situation of too many chiefs and no enough indians … is very important to your success in MLM.

So Who Should Be the Chief?

“The All Men Are Equal Myth in MLM”

People who already have good to great relationships with their friends and families, generally already have established who’s the Chief. This is often what makes MLM difficult; when we examine the vast majority of relationships people have; lots of people are in a situation where everyone views themselves as the chief; especially today.

Very few people have these relationships Right – Very few families have these relationships Right; but in those cases where people Do come from friend circles, or family circles where there is already a heirarchy in place – THOSE are the people who do very well in MLM; and often it happens very quickly for everyone IN those tight knit circles.

What I’m actually poking at is a fabric in our society – a fabric that defines the poor relationships so many of us already have.

This issue that is so present in our society, where everyone wants to be in charge; and no one wants to allow anyone else to be in charge of them – this way of thinking completely goes against MLM.

It makes it difficult for people to succeed in MLM.

Especially today with so many MLM companies being introduced into our industry – The MLM business model is proven to be one of The most effective methods of moving a product or service from Producer to Consumer; so we can only expect MORE MLM companies to emerge; more and more – and the fact that everyone is already disconnected, if we do not GET connected, and do it quickly – the entire industry may collapse.

I’m not being dramatic there.

MLM is about togetherness; and that’s the only way to face the future of this industry – Together. our One MLM System is about bringing ‘a team together’ – realizing that we do not need everyone; and that it’s not possible for us to attract everyone; Instead we’re looking for a handful, who want to attract a handful; over the course of workingn together, being committed to building our network; We’ll create a Team that will be Positioned for future and ongoing success.

Traditionally this was done through A company.

However, as I just explained, the industry is changing so rapidly, that it’s become very difficult to keep your ‘team’ locked into one company; as they decide it’s better for them to be first in a brand new company – rather than try to play catch up with you.

Then another company comes out; and THEIR top people decide they wanna be first.

Instead of the network growing from staying together; It shrinks from constant, and ongoing division; Division – because there was never any respect in place; any real reverence for experience; NO view of anyone else as Chief.

While there are Many plausible reasons for not following someone; there ARE people who seemingly follow, blindly – as they go with ‘big name gurus’ from one company to another; spending lots of money; trying to get in first – thinking This time it’ll work out; not realizing the people they’re following have a great position; and are gonna make money either way.

They’ve chosen their Chief; and those Chiefs have chosen to market ‘high ticket items’ – because why bother with all those ‘pennies’ … right?

In our view – the people at the bottom should be making business decisions; which involves looking at the math; taking a $10 business – and using it as a way to grow and compensate a network; puts everyone in the network in a position to have Ongoing residual Income, that they could contribute to higher ticket programs.

This seems to make too much sense though.

And even within our Team with TNG, we’ve been unable to build the kind of relationships with one another, up to this point at least – that would help Our movement explode; and touch the lives of people in MLM the way that I’ve always envisioned.

So even I am reaching out and seeking to build and improve more of my current relationships; and foster new relationships; as I seek to find people who think along the same lines as Me; who realize the value of small ticket programs; as a door way to expose people to bigger ideas; and bigger programs as their income and – as their organization expands.

This is actually the revelation I reached in 2004 when I walked away from MLM; that I needed to cultivate new relationships; and today – I find myself in a similar position; needing to once again, establish new relationships with new people; who will embrace OUR vision, and OUR motto, that it’s the network that matters; not the company we are marketing…

It’s the NETWORK that brings 100% of the value to the company; not the other way around.

And yet, the RELATIONSHIPS within the network… and even more specifically the RESPECT for one another within that network, is what helps build the network; and it’s what will keep the network together.

We often think of building an organization of Thousands of people; or Hundreds of Thousands; but that cannot happen until 2 people … come together and get on the same page.

When 2 people are on the same page – they can find 3 people to get on that same page – and from there a team of thousands can grow.

So, approaching friends and family – works; IF you have the right friends and family. If you do not … it’ll be good practice; but – you’re going to have to find better people than you currently know, or challenge the people you know to become better – which often will get you kicked OUT of their circle; and honestly, could turn out to be a blessing for you.

Till then, this Myth in MLM will continue to persist; until we realize the value of our relationships; till we seek to find and build good relationships with the right people; and create the kind of network that Can have a positive impact in the world around us, and especially within the industry we love; the Huge inequality in MLM will continue; people will continue to fall for hype; people will continue to join companies they cannot afford and talk to their friends and family – whom they do not have good relationships with – while the people at the top, continue to make all the money.

A Pennymatrix Call You Need To Hear

It’s about 40 minutes long, but it’s full of several reasons for why So many people are taking a serious look at PennyMatrix.

Listen to This PennyMatrix Call here


I just came across this recording which features several top money earners from PennyMatrix, discussing why it’s not a pyramid, and why the e-book store may be one of the next Biggest things; according to people on the outside looking in.

We’re huge fans of affordable Affiliate Plans. I just saw an awesome Video from Tony Robbins on “Business Mastery” and in it he shares a quote that I’m going to live off for the next year – by Peter Drucker. Do you know either of these awesome business leaders?

If not you SHOULD – So that you’ll understand the power of WHO the advice is coming from; That always matters. Here is what Peter Drucker Said, about success in business – it comes down to 2 factors – Business Innovation and Marketing.

The innovation refers to having the Best product. Tony asks the question “does the best product always win?” —- The answer to this question is obviously – NO – and he uses McDonalds to drive that point home.  Clearly what makes the most money, is the one that is marketed the best. So when we consider PennyMatrix don’t get caught up on if it’s the best product in the world or not; Instead, focus ON How to market it BETER than others; that’s your secret tip to making money 😉

As usual we do not recommend placing all your eggs in one basket – diversity allows you to have something to offer to a wider range of customers – the e-books on PennyMatrix give you material that you can use in several ways to boost leads and sales – especially if you know what you are doing.

Sadly, most have NO IDEA what they could be doing with these e-books; so they miss out on the TRUE value, thinking it’s only $7 – the fact that it’s only $7 is what makes the opportunity so powerful. They could charge much more – but they’ve chosen not to.

So now, it’s up to use to CHOOSE to get a piece of this pie – or watch others do it instead.

If you want to CHOOSE a piece of the pie – read some of our Related Articles below – but be sure to sign up with TNG – by going to THIS page to sign up for PennyMatrix today.

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