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Using GDI For Business Building Purposes

If you’re not using gdi for business building purposes but are in the home business industry you’re making a huge mistake!  Regardless of how many social media websites you’re using to promote your business you should always have a website that you own. That is primarily what makes using gdi for business building purposes an intelligent decision.  Global Domains International (or GDI for short) has been in business since 1999. They are essentially a website and domain hosting company. I realize that may not make sense to everyone reading this so, just in case you don’t know what those are let me explain.

A Website Hosting company is where my domain, Topnetworkersgroup.com is ‘hosted’ – we pay them a fee each year for an internet address that I can easily send people to for information about my business(es). The files on my website are also hosted (stored) by a company that I pay to make those files view-able on the internet (The world wide web).  So when we talk about using GDI for building a business, it’s not different from what most business owners are already doing right now. I personally got into the web design world in 2004, and so I have an advantage that most home business owners do not. All of this makes sense to me!

What should make sense to you is that you NEED a website!

However you may not want to put up with all of the complex angles that are involved with having one. That is where using GDI will benefit you – making it simple to set up and run your business. For those of you who are entirely unfamiliar, check out the original video from 1999.

At $10/mo to run a business this is a steal. What I like people to do is not to focus on the MLM/affiliate side of this. Having a domain name, and a website gives you the ability to do so much. Starting with the phpBB that is included with your web hosting.  These are powerful tools for growing a community that loves your product or service. In fact, what IS your product or service? If you already have a product or service that you’re selling via social media, you can start selling it via your own website today.

That’s because like several web hosting companies in the marketplace today, you also can set up a WordPress Blog on your hosting account.

While there are several user-friendly content management systems available today, wordpress is one of the best! It’s popular because of it’s simplicity and flexibility.  You can literally sell anything you’d like using a wordpress blog. They are easy to customize with a wide library of selections in the free wordpress theme store. Also free plug-ins that are easy to install and activate can transform any wordpress blog into a full fledged website! You can even accept visa and mastercard payments and sell literally anything direct to a consumer.

In other words, you don’t have to rely on affiliate commissions.  

Using GDI To Build A Business

Let’s say you make T-shirts. You can sell them directly to consumers using gdi as your business building platform.

The money you can make from referring others to start using gdi as well, is secondary.  However that income can also become very powerful, especially if you’re already part of the network marketing industry and have a team. As you know, any business can go out of business, and relying on an MLM Company just isn’t smart. GDI is not an mlm company. They just use it as a way to get more people to use their hosting company. Again, we can be intelligent here or not.  We can rely on one stream of income or seek out multiple streams – the choice is ours.

If you’re building a business from home now, and you’re not using GDI, I want to invite you to check out even more reasons why you should start, today!

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How Not To Make Money in Network Marketing

I was riding around thinking about how NOT to make money in Network Marketing last night, and wanted to share some of those thoughts with you.

I’ve had the honor to be around this industry for quite some time. I’ve seen the industry before the internet, when it was not nearly as accepted as it is now. Even still, it’s not nearly as accepted as it could ‘and should’ be. The reason for this in my observation comes down to the fact that the majority of people in network marketing are not evolving. They are not growing and getting better. They’re not becoming sharper, or wiser with their business decisions. They’re still thinking like employees, and like consumers, rather than learning to Think like a business owner.

They do not teach you business owner mentality in school. They do teach it in network marketing.

So much of the ‘old school’ aka pre-internet networking basics, are business principles that we’ve forgotten.  There have also been several ‘new gurus’ who speak out against all the old methods. Yes, some of their ideas are outdated. Others however are fundamental principles that are the underlying difference between the FEW who are making money in network marketing and all the rest who are barely breaking even.

In fact, the statistics on network marketing are horrid.

As an industry we are not doing a good enough job of representing what we do, at a level that would make them Want to join us. So much of the blame falls on OUR shoulders.

Still, there is good news. Network Marketing is such a flexible business model that it’s a matter of time, until a team of people take Full advantage of it.

The business model itself has the power and potential to truly transform entire communities.  Ripple Effects like these matter. Changing a community improves the chances that individuals from those communities will make an actual ‘impact’ in the society – impacting Other communities; creating chance for more individuals.

These are the ‘future results’ however. Many times these results won’t be experienced – at least not right away. There is work that must be done in the present in order to BRING those realities into our grasp. To, pull them out of our minds and into the flesh – (a quick Game of Thrones ref. 🙂 )- Why People of Color Need To Be In Network Marketing

With all of that being said; let me share a few ways NOT to make money in network marketing.

You can Not make money if you’re building with an Unstable Company –

This includes Pre-launches and companies that are less than 3 to 5 years old.  When building your network you will not make money long term if the company is not going to be around long term. It’s happened so many times, to so many people. Folks get excited about a new company, or a company that’s relatively new and after the company Grows Too Big for its britches it folds up. Time and time again, people lose their hard earned incomes; and are hit with Disillusion.

I thought We Were building Residual Income?

Some of these lessons have been learned through trial and error for me. We tried out several companies that had not been around past 5 years and they folded. Solavei, WakeUpNow, Crazygood – were all staples of our One MLM System; and they folded up on us. Yes, even though it’s true that Any business can go out of business, including a business that’s been around for more than 5 to 10 years, it is still ‘better’ to build around a stable company.   A few more thoughts….

You can Not make money if you’re Changing Sponsors All the Time –

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.  I was looking for some information to ‘back me up’ on that and found an article which, to my surprise turned out to be on the N-word. Great examples used throughout on why it’s not always a good idea to use that word. Just because you can does not mean you, or anyone should.  When reading the description for that article it was talking about how people should not buy a home they cannot really afford. You can buy a house that’s going to be super expensive just because you can. However, does that mean you should? Both, outstanding arguments.

Now let’s make one for network marketing – and why you should NOT change sponsors all the time. Sure, you can. But does that mean it’s a good idea?

What message are you sending to the people that sign up with you?  If loyalty is not going to be a cornerstone of your network marketing organization; then you’re building on quicksand. You might as well be out here marketing those unstable companies because you’re not going to be around long anyways. Neither will your team. You’re all disloyal. You’ve bred an environment of people who think they’re going to get ahead by stepping on the next guy. What’s that sound like to you?

It’s corporate america mentality – employee mentality. It’s not business owner mentality.

The person who sponsors you into an opportunity wants to make money with you. They have similar goals and can be an ally for you, when you come up against odds or negative people. They are someone you can lean on with questions, and usually have a little bit more experience than you. Should you take your time to find ‘the right sponsor’ ….? Sure.

However, once you pick a sponsor it’s a great idea to stick around. You’re going to learn a lot, but you have to do your part to learn. You have to allow that sponsor to challenge some of your ideas.  You have to change. The sponsor is really a guide to help you with that process.  As you change, as you grow, as you get better, so will your Odds at making real money in this industry. Because you will not be ‘alone’ – you’ll be part of something that is special and rare, in a society Full of disloyal people.

If you pick a sponsor that does unethical things like, stealing people out of YOUR downline – then naturally you should move on to someone who won’t do that to you.

Otherwise, just like grass, the Sponsor is not greener on the other side; it’s green where you water it.

Make Money Watering Your Grass

Which brings me to this last point. You can Not make money if You’re Lazy!

Should be a given but it’s not.

Most people who join network marketing are actually lazy. These tend to be the people who do not want to abide by the rules of society. They don’t want to get up early or go to a job and sit for hours at a time. They do not want to spend energy and/or effort at getting better On their jobs. We are in a society that doesn’t really ‘force’ people to work hard. It’s an Option.

People bring that mentality with them into network marketing. You Can not make money with this mentality though.

This should be a given but it’s So common for people to do absolutely nothing; and expect real results.

I recently saw a woman in a Group for TheConversionPros – saying she needed help! She had signed up a full week ago, and didn’t have any leads; After 7 whole days.

Like, for real?

The issue though is how common this is. She’s one of thousands if not higher who do the same thing.  There are also thousands who join that same group, and others like it for Network Marketing Companies to communicate to their entire organization; who ask questions that are already answered in the Backoffice; and in the Files Of those Groups; because too many people want things done for them; rather than have the desire to do things for themselves. In fact – to be more accurate, people do not understand WHEN to do things for themselves, and when things should be done for them.

For example – not everyone should be building their own websites; not everyone should have a blog, or should be making videos. Some of you need to let others do some of those things for you. However, Everyone needs to read books on network marketing, on success, on thinking like successful people. You should do this for your self. You should read through the documents pertaining to your network marketing company, for your self. You should watch any videos that they’ve created already, for your self – and on your own. You shouldn’t need a sponsor to tell you to do this; but especially when your sponsor tells you to do this, you Must.

You can not make money if you Pick and Choose ‘when’ to be Self Motivated.

It’s so much easier to stay motivated when you’re working with people you know, like and trust. This is why developing that relationship with your sponsor matters so that when times get tough, they’ll be there to lift your spirits.  If together you’re pushing companies that might not be around, it’ll be difficult to believe what your Sponsor has to say. But if together you’re both promoting something of value that’s stable – that’s something to get, and stay excited about. That’s something that others will be motivated to participate in. But it’s up to YOU to be motivated enough to create that environment for others to join.

As you can see these are ‘simple’ factors – and the difference between the people making money in MLM and the rest, are not huge differences.

It’s the small things that matter afterall!

Get Started with our Team Today!

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Sprinkler watering the lawn

What Makes You An Expert?

The Internet has given us Expert Overload. Seems like just about everyone who is able to call themselves an expert is doing just that!

If you’re in search of an actual expert, then you’ve really got to do some digging. Then again do you?

Don’t Experts just stand out??

Well, Let me stop asking questions and start answering them for you.  There are several levels of expertise. Some people are beginners and others are more advanced. Sounds simple right?  Well, in reality due to the nature of the internet it’s not always as ‘simple’ for you to know who is who. There are some advanced people in the field of network marketing who ‘used’ to make a lot of money. But their company went out of business. They landed in a few different companies but most of their Top leaders didn’t follow them. The new people they’ve been working with aren’t as loyal, or as well trained.

They’re also not as ‘experienced’ – and so the Expert who used to be a top Dog in a company, is trying to claw his … or her way back to the top.

Unless you knew about their previous success in that field, you might not be aware of their ‘level’ of expertise. So you’ll judge them based on the current level of ‘income’ – which again, is a set up for failure. It’s a horrible decision but, a common one that people make. People ‘see’ success, and believe that if they follow that successful person they’ll get the same, or similar results. It’s not a bad idea. It’s the way things used to work…

Enter the Internet.

Now a person who isn’t ‘really’ successful can pretend to be.

They are beginners when it comes to network marketing – and are really Unable to teach others how to make money in the industry.

BUT people sign up with them, because of the ‘perception’ that these people Made their money through this industry.  Oftentimes, it was a loan, or a paycheck that was cashed. Sad to say this but, I see so many people in network marketing who seem to act like strippers. If you show them enough money, they’ll do anything for it….

And I’m not knocking strippers – at least they GET the money that is shown to them.

That’s not usually the ‘case’ for network marketers who follow frauds.

Thinking For A Change by John C. Maxwell

To find a Real expert in today’s industry, you have to change your thinking about ‘what’ makes you an expert.  What makes anyone an expert?

It’s experiences.

expert with experience

So yea, anyone and everyone ‘can’ be an expert – but it’s important to remain in our lanes. Only speak about what you have experienced.

You bought some leads, and the leads turned out to be mostly people who are upset that their name is on ‘some list’ – well that’s now an ‘experience’ that you can speak about, on why it’s important to Generate your Own leads, rather than buy leads. it’s why I could put together a Training On social Networking for money – because it is based on my ‘experiences’ using social networks, to make money.

I’ve made money in the industry. Because I follow the advice of people who’ve made even more money in the industry than I have. What they teach works. Relationships really do matter.

The problem too many people in network marketing have is that they think they’ve gotta sponsor 1,000 people to make money.

You don’t.

You only need 3-5 good loyal business partners.

If you’ve never put 3 to 5 people into a business, you cannot truly consider yourself an expert. You should be following experts until you duplicate those results.

Then you can start writing about your ‘experiences’ learning from an expert. You can discuss how you failed to sign people up; and what changed for you. For example – when I first got into this industry I went around ‘explaining the business’ to everyone. I was basically giving a presentation everywhere I went.

The problem is, I was ‘giving people the impression’ that they would also need to go around giving presentations.

When you guys Send people 7 paragraphs and a link – and call yourselves prospecting; the ‘problem with that is’ – you’re giving people the impression that they need to do that too….

But, because I learned from several people with expertise in this industry I learned a more effective way to sponsor people. It’s a process that each of us must learn And follow.  We teach it inside of our 1mlmsystem – a training system developed for our Team (TopNetworkersGroup).  The system is designed to help you become an expert.

It’s designed to teach anyone of your business partners how to also become experts as well. When you are working with people who have ‘experience’ – together you’ll REALLY achieve your goals. When you’re working with people who aren’t experienced, you have to wait for them to learn. If they do not have the ‘desire to learn’ then you’ll have to find those who do.

Once you do though…. Prepare to ‘experience’ success like never before.

That’s the blueprint that’s been proven time and time again. However, over time we’ve seen what happens when you place ‘all of your eggs’ into One financial basket.  That’s why we teach you to really and truly approach this the right way. So that you can avoid the same fate as people who used to be Top earners but are no longer where they used to be. Take the time to learn how to build the right way; so that you’ll have income that withstands the tests, and the ongoing changes of time.

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What Being A Leader In Network Marketing Is Really Like

Want to know what being a leader in Network Marketing is really like?

There’s a pretty awesome scene in Marvel’s Jessica Jones that really in my mind, sums up what it’s like, being a leader in network marketing or any other area of life. I’m actually a big fan of Marvel. I didn’t really read the comics as a kid but I did watch the Cartoons. Their story lines were always intriguing to me. Admittedly, Jessica Jones is not a ‘title’ I was too familiar with, like so many people out there. But I thoroughly enjoyed the series on Netflix.

That being said, if you have NOT seen Jessica Jones – and plan on seeing it, I will try to keep this ‘as spoiler free’ as possible; but there ‘may’ be Some spoilers about this part of the show. Because, I really do want to explain what being a leader feels like – and there really in my mind is No better way than this….

After an attempt to stop “the bad guy” from doing any more harm to others, Jessica Jones, her friend Trish Walker, and a ‘cop’ named Simpson – are all licking their wounds AFTER the attempt goes south. The bad guy gets away … and Trish, comes over to Jessica, and starts talking …





Excuse my language but, when Jessica turns to Trish and says that …. “I can’t do that thing where I make you feel better. I don’t know how” … I fucking loved it!

That’s it right there folks.

That’s what being a leader in network marketing is really like.

People come to you with THEIR problems, as if YOU do not have problems; and then they expect YOU to make THEM feel better………

It’s not our job though!

Being a leader in network marketing –  for some odd reason, comes with the expectation that YOU are a super hero. That’s sorta what I like most about Jessica Jones. she is sort of a departure from most ‘super heroes’, like Captain America or Luke Cage who have ‘super strength’ – and are ‘super-human’ … she seems to be a bit more relate-able to the average human being. She seems to second guess and doubt her abilities. She doesn’t seem to have full control over all of her abilities because right when she was getting ready to USE them for the good of mankind, she ran into Killgrave – or, perhaps … Killgrave ran into her …

It’s her driving motivation to stop Killgrave in this show – because of all the damage he did to her. She wants to stop him from derailing others.

But that doesn’t mean she’s figured out how …

In network marketing, most leaders will come up against villains. You’ll meet people along the way who just want to control you and your ‘powers’ (skills, talents) for their own self centered interests. They have no real desire to help you do, what you are here to do.  So while you’re fighting battles against folks like that, you come to realize that this same kind of person is attacking others as well.

So, you all decide to go after Killgrave – to stop him; and along the way you take more hits; and yet, folks come to you and make the fight even harder – they expect you to make them feel better, and don’t stop to realize that perhaps you could use some upliftment too.

Early in my Career, one of my uplines was talking about the responsibility that comes with being an upline.

We all want the money that comes from building a big organization but far too often, we end up having to be psychologists for other people and their problems.

While being a leader in network marketing can be rewarding, we don’t always have a shoulder to lean on; or to tell about the challenges we are facing.

So, most leaders train “when you’re down, go up; when you’re up, go down” – Being a leader means you can’t always tell your team that you’re feeling down; or else they’ll give up for sure. Imagine if Jessica turns to Trish in this moment and says “yea… I feel pretty useless too” …….

Imagine what she’s experiencing in that moment; Super powers and all, and this Killgrave dude KEEPS besting her every time …

But, she can’t really Tell that to anyone.

This is really what being a leader is like – in so many areas; and it’s why leaders need other Leaders who they can talk to.

That’s what I like about her developing relationship with Luke Cage – someone else who she can ‘relate to’ and share some of these troubles with; a shoulder ..

In spite of the challenges that come from being a leader – you should still strive to be one anyways.

Not for what you’ll ‘get’ from it; but for what you’ll become, on your way to it.

And if by chance, you’ve found yourself following the wrong leaders – today is a new day.

You can choose to be the kind of leader you wished you’d had.

Because it’s worth it.

You’ll beat the Killgraves of the world one day, and when you do … You can smile.

being a leader is worth it

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Taking A Moment For Attention …

I’ve never been shy about talking about topics that are not always popular. Sometimes as a society we just go along with stuff. Some of the things we go along with in my opinion become harmful to us as a society; and The conversation around attention is one of those areas.  Today it is widely accepted that a condition many Americans are diagnosed with is in fact, a real condition. Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have taken quite a toll on Americans in the past 2 decades.

I was listening to an interview about a year ago, with an author of a book On this very subject.  In his book, the author suggests that this diagnosis of ‘attention disorder’ is actually just a ploy to make more money for pharmaceutical companies. Anyone who follows this topic might actually see where the author of this book is coming from.  There are many who say that the US knows about cures for cancer but, companies that get Paid Billions of dollars creating medicine for Cancer patients simply do not allow Americans to take these ‘cures’ seriously.

This is where our conversation … Taking A moment for Attention … begins.

I shared some thoughts on my Facebook today; and subsequently on my TSU and Twitter; in regards to Attention.

Funny thing about ‘attention’ …. it’s a choice.

We don’t like to admit it anymore; but we choose what we give attention to. We always have. We decide what we’re going to listen to and what we’re not going to listen to. It’s always a conscious choice. This is why we ask people to ‘eliminate distractions’ when listening to a business call or presentation; We understand that if it’s a choice between paying attention to the information OR the distraction; most people will choose the distraction.

It’s a way of helping people help themselves by asking them to turn off those distractions. However each person STILL has to choose to do it. In the old days we’d be at the hotel meeting and people still had their phones going off even though we suggested turning them off – or putting them on silent. Sometimes the distraction is so sudden that we Involuntarily Choose to tune IN to it; which is why we make that suggestion.

If you’re serious about business; this suggestion is not “just” for suggestion.

Really and truly… Turn off ALL distractions; CHOOSE to pay attention.

You’ll thank me later.

I mean… you DO want this residual don’t you?

I’m Just saying.

Is it a Choice to pay attention or not?

Anyone who’s been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD will adamantly tell you that they have No choice in this matter.  Many, after so many years of using these medicines are so dependent on them that they’ve come to believe they NEED the medicine to survive. Again, there are two schools of thought in society today. One school examines the reality that Pharmaceutical really are making Billions of dollars per year from medicines which often, do not make people better. In fact, several of these medicines cure one ailment but then create another, causing a patient to have to get yet another medicine for the new ailment. This is happening in our faces and there is another school of thought, which ignores these facts entirely.

So, when I made a VIDEO about Attention – based off the Radio Interview I just heard with author of ADHD Does Not Exist, Dr. Richard Saul – talking with Radio Host Lisa Ann Walter (the actual interview was removed from the site when she left the station….) – Lots of people got really upset with what I had to say; and I had to disable comments.

Most people just don’t want to hear that they’ve been duped into buying drugs, and may now be Hooked on drugs – because the system they believe in so much; Lied to them.

Usually, those two schools of thought I referred to earlier – also are divided on this issue as well. Those who believe Big Pharma is leading people on for profits, do not believe it’s far fetched that our System would allow this to happen. Those in this school of thought have seen it happen so many times before. Those in the Other school of thought, refuse to believe anything other than the mainstream media narrative.

The reason for this is simple.

The matrix has them.

Set aside One Hour of your time “With No Distractions” So you can pay full Attention to our Presentation entitled “Free Your Mind” – which talks about The Matrix; and even how network marketing can be used as a ‘red pill’ to wake people up from the dream world they are in…

Just as people are lied to by Big Pharma, so many other Systems of our ‘system’ Lie to the people – to keep the people under control.

If you’ll CHOOSE to pay attention long enough; You’ll fully understand what I mean when I say this.

Watch “Free Your Mind” – Presented by TopNetworkersgroup at 1mlmsystem.com – NOW!

My Controversial Video on ADHD –

A couple of books I referenced ::

There are also tons of videos and articles out in the Universe which speak on this topic as well. Why I chose to speak on it is simple. In today’s day and age, ‘paying attention’ is more important than ever. Especially if you’re a network marketer.  There is So much vying for our attention – and not everything deserves our attention. Coming up in this industry, listening to master Teachers like Brian Tracy speak on topics such as “Time Management” let me know early that ‘attention is a choice’ – we have to CHOOSE to pay attention.

I can remember being in school where I was notoriously a BAD student. After a conversation with a girl I was dating at the time, I came to realize that I was not CHOOSING to focus.  I would allow myself to day dream, to zone out during class. I made no real effort to bring myself ‘back’ to class.  Just something about our conversation one day, made me realize that this was happening; and without giving away how ‘old’ I am; NO one was talking about ADHD then.  So needless to say, I’ve never taken any sort of drugs/medication to pay attention.

You may not agree with me, or Dr. Richard Saul; or several other experts who’ll tell you that you’ve been duped –

But as the old saying goes; Don’t shoot the Messenger.

If you’re working in business; especially in the network marketing industry … you MUST pay attention when a presentation is taking place.

You must eliminate distractions and pay Full attention to the videos; the trainings; the live seminars you’re at, when you’re at them.

You cannot make excuses for your attention span; YOU must ‘grow’ and ‘get better’ and work to ‘improve’ your attention span, ‘if’ it’s not where it should be. You must do things like, eliminate distractions; Turn off televisions, radios, phones, and anything that might Disturb your focus, Do what it takes – because that’s what your competition is doing….

Your competition is soaking it all in; and applying all that they’re learning…. Your competition is getting results, and getting further along – because THEY are paying attention.

Choose wisely!


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