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June 2015 – TopNetworkersGroup Updates

This is a blog afterall, so it’s time for some TopNetworkersGroup Updates!

This one is going to be much less about making a nice entertaining article for you to read and so much more about telling you where we are at this very moment in time.

To help you Catch Up with a FEW important things …

Read these previously written articles – with valuable updates in much more detail than I plan on going into here –

These are just a few of the blogs written over the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2015. Everything is absolutely on path. When Topnetworkersgroup was created in 2010, I knew it was going to be a journey. That is why I filmed that video … “Welcome to Success!”

Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve set out to create a SYSTEM That will help me build the kind of MLM organization that makes a real difference – not only in our industry; but in society. An mlm that operates without awareness of the conditions in society, is as harmful as a corporate organization which does the same.

Let me state that another way.

MLM is not corporate America – an industry that has caused great destruction to society – and continues to do so all the way up to this very day. Corporations do what they want, when they want, at the expense of others. They do it for a dollar.  They ignore morals and doing ‘the right thing’ in order to do what makes them happy.

If you and I are going to help remove the negative stigma that is present in our industry, we must make every attempt to distinguish ourselves from Corporate America.

However, Corporate America has a huge advantage over us.

They have leverage over people that we do not have in our industry – these corporate organizations offer to ‘pay people for their time’ – people are surprisingly more than willing to exchange their free time, for that money.

They’ll do just about any ‘job’ for money – regardless of the harm that organization may be doing to society.

Through MLM we have an opportunity to create an economy that is fair and balanced. Especially in today’s world that has high speed internet and streaming video. So long as you and I know ‘how’ to go about sharing information with others, we can actually bring more people to our cause and show people ‘the right way’ to do things.

That is what is taught to all members of our organization – the right way to network; the right way to approach people about working together in this industry – and even the right way to align ourselves with one another in an industry with companies that may, or may not be around 10 years from now.

The real question becomes, will YOU be here 10 years from now?

Will WE still be earning money together 10 years from now?

Or – will YOU quit?

Check out these Videos at The Black Folder – of the 1mlmsystem

The Black Folder is a tool – if you are a professional network marketer then you already know ‘how’ to use a tool like this one. A professional who uses ‘internet marketing’ knows how to use a tool like this one. Because professionals know how to do Two things very well. They know how to gather leads; and they know what to share with those leads as well as When to share it – a blog like this one, is a perfect example of ‘where/when’ to share information.

What you’ll notice about clues is often they’re hiding in plain sight.


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No attention, No Retention: Meetings still have Value.

Welcome back to the world of Network Marketing Al, you’ve been away for 4 years and a LOT has changed – there are now, TONS of companies that people can join for LESS than $100 and even Some that have No Cost at all! Unlike the way it was so many years ago, these FREE Businesses have Value :: and there are tons of automated, automatic online businesses, that are telling people how much easier it is to build ONLINE entirely, with no hassle, no meetings, no friends and family to ‘bother/bugg/annoy’

Sounds pretty attractive New world of Network Marketing :: wow, so much has changed – and yet, so much has remained the same.

After coming back to this world, and initially building ‘entirely’ with webinars and websites, i must say – there is Something to the Old school way of Physical meetings – especially on a weekly basis.

Sure, I see the value of Using the internet to Enhance everything we do : but all this talk of building Without the Old school methods, are simply ploys to take advantage of people who don’t know any better – OR – are looking for shortcuts to success.

Let me explain : With a Webinar, or a Teleconference of any kind, there is no way to see for yourself if new distributors are paying attention.

No attention = No retention.

After a year of giving it a shot, I can say without a doubt, the BEST way to build success with your network marketing business, is to do it OFFLINE.

Also, friends and family …. make good customers; not always good business partners.

What needs to happen is, new distributors need better training and instruction as to NOT bug, bother, or annoy their friends and family about joining their business, or getting rich from selling their products or services; Asking them to TRY what you are selling however – well come on, who else are you gonna ask that question of?  If someone is a friend of mine, and I have a business that sells what they like buying, why shouldn’t they buy it from me?

And while there are so many tools, blogs, websites, videos, and ways to share this information with people :: nothing beats a Home Party :: inviting friends over to SEE what I am selling, to feel it, to ask questions about it, and to consider Purchasing my product from me ::: it’s Duplicatable too – because not everyone can HOST and CONDUCT a Webinar.

But, Everyone can invite people over to hear about a business, and consider improving their lives together :: with people they already know and (hopefully) Love.

With a meeting, I can SEE who’s paying attention, who’s taking notes, who’s seriously considering the information being shared :: and because of the way Human Beings naturally are, if a guest of mine, or a new business partner attends a meeting, and EVERYONE is paying attention, are they going to be the stand out, who’s not? Conformity is Comfortable.

When people are in an evironment of success, they will conform to successful ways of thinking, speaking, believing, and doing.

It’s difficult to create an Environment of Success, when we do not ask people to ever Leave their Environment of Failure.

Yes the couch is cozy and comfortable ::: but what kind of Confort is that? What kind of Environment is it in?

We NEED to ask people to Leave their homes sometimes, full of turmoil, stress, and challenges – to attend a Place that is full of hopes, dreams, and positive assertions of ones ability to go from where they are, to where they see themselves being.

The Meeting still has Value – I believe, with all the Tools that have emerged the meeting still holds the MOST Value.

If you are building a business Online, that’s great – BUT – make sure that you and your teams are making the effort to build Locally as well. Or else, you may not have a business that lasts very long, as many will quit – from never truly zoning in, and learning HOW to improve their lives, with that Great and Awesome business you helped them sign up for, over the internet.  Now they are blaming you, and your business, and network marketing :: instead of themselves – They didn’t watch the videos you told them to watch, not all the way at least – they are too embarrassed to tell you that.  They’d rather make you feel bad, so they don’t have to dislike themselves and their own lack of work ethic.

And yet, some of the problem is – they never got OUT of the house; they stayed around the same people, the same ideas, the same tv playing the same garbage in the background, with the same people calling them on the phone with the same gossip, and toxic thinking continually polluting their lives.

If you are leading, you need to meet with your people – and encourage them to do the same with theirs.