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#ThisIsAPyramidScheme – John Oliver Attacks the MLM Industry

#ThisIsAPyramidScheme  is trending on Twitter as I type this.

I knew that would be the case though, because I watch HBO. I’m a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones. I love Veep, Silicon Valley, Bill Maher, Vice, and some of their new stuff like Westworld, and Insecure.

One of my personal Favorite shows however, is HBO’s Last Week Tonight hosted by comedian John Oliver. I’ve featured some of John Oliver’s commentary on the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry right here on this blog. I have also talked, at length about problems within the MLM (or network marketing) industry, right here on this blog. I’ve written about the Vemma issues that led to their being shut down by the FTC and how the Herbalife Investigations would have an impact on the rest of us – if we don’t change our approach to making money.

In 2012, Myself and a business partner rolled out The One MLM System, To rule them all. One of the taglines on that site, reads “A better approach to Network Marketing” – because it is. I’m following actual business principles that guide fortune 500 companies; lessons taught in books that we recommend through our bookstore. I don’t want this to sound like an ‘ad’ – I just want to point out, that I’ve been sounding the alarm, for quite some time. I’ve been showing my fellow industry mates ‘the way’ – but many have tuned me out. It’s not about ‘me’ though. They also tuned out my business partners who joined with me to show others a better way to do business.

The way we’ve been doing business, has led to John Oliver going absolutely ‘HAM’ on the MLMindustry in his latest monologue – and he encouraged his audience to basically, attack the MLM Industry with him, using the Hashtag #ThisIsAPyramidScheme – and yes; It’s already trending on Twitter. It’s unfortunate really.

#ThisIsAPyramidScheme starts out by diving into the cases of Herbalife and Vemma… then dives into several more companies and their claims. (Full Video below)

Again these are two companies I already spoke about.

He uses a ‘hidden video’ that pretty much shows a poor presentation being given. The person doing the presentation misrepresents the company, and how earnings go. So while bringing people in ‘improperly’ – that harms us ALL as an industry. But this is what happens with (there being) so many companies and so much Division within the industry of network marketing. It allows the companies to push ‘us’ around, and dismantles our power. The ‘training’ and the ‘education’ is being watered down. We’re begging to be Ridiculed and Regulated, at this rate!

Watch as John Oliver attacks the MLM Industry – #ThisIsAPyramidScheme (Official Video FROM last Week Tonight)

There is so much that he gets ‘wrong’ while talking about the industry. But, a lot of the criticism he’s lobbying is fair – including the over-inflated Ego’s of many CEO’s of MLM companies.

That being said, John Oliver Is a comedian.

Please keep in mind that, when the “CEO yelling at the headstone” is discussed in a ‘joking’ manner, most of you watching won’t understand what’s going on. Did he look crazy? Yes he did. The novice watching will actually not realize that the CEO is doing a training on why you should not try to ‘raise the dead’ – an old saying in the company. When a person quits your company, don’t go back to them and try to ‘get them’ …. they have ‘basically’ died. They no longer want to participate so, let them go.

When you think of that person in an MLM who pesters you all the time after you’ve said no, that is a network marketer who is Ignoring the Training in their company.  Most companies like that one, a very old school company, train people to go find people who WANT to be part of what’s going on.

You never want to “Get people” – and that’s what yelling at the headstone represents in that #ThisIsAPyramidScheme clip; which again, I must remind you, is comedy.

Even the clip of the lady from the health and wellness company, who DID say #ThisIsAPyramidScheme in her ‘talk’ – that too, is a clip, from a training taken ‘out of context’ for comedic purposes. Folks, please understand if you’ve lost money in Network Marketing, it could be for various reasons. I’ll get to those in just a moment. But, let me explain why she said #ThisIsAPyramidScheme ….

Because she was ‘telling a story’ of how you (a network marketer) will experience sarcasm. You will face people who say, your ‘business’ is NOT a business; that it is a scam; (she was not actually saying it IS a pyramid scheme … lol)

It very well ‘could be’ a scam though. If your network marketing company is pushing garbage, and if it is not really ‘worth’ the money people pay for it, it can absolutely fall under the scam category. This is one of many reasons that ‘service based companies’ is what we recommend at TopnetworkersGroup, over product based companies. Products are way too competitive. Weight loss products for example, can be found for much cheaper in stores than they can access at any time they want to. That’s a better option, usually, than ‘helping out a friend’, spending more on a product they can only get when that friend is available.  Also, the ‘garage-qualified’ topic in #ThisIsAPyramidScheme has to do with Autoships.

That also can become dangerous for all the reasons John Oliver mentioned.

It’s also important to pay attention to what He mentions about what makes an MLM legitimate vs what makes them not.

When the bulk of the money comes from ‘actual customers’ – it’s legitimate.

ThisIsAPyramidScheme - people at the top make all the money

But, as ‘we’ have pointed out since 2010, and especially since we rolled out our MLM System in 2012 – most of these companies are not paying distributors enough!

We can’t really ‘do’ anything about that, when we have divided ourselves, into 2,000 different MLM companies. We’ve watered down our Power. As network marketers, the real value is what we show OUR team; and often people do not want to look, because they’re following ‘big names’ in the industry. They’re listening to people who tell them NOT to ‘pursue’ more than One mlm company at a time; So when they see our stuff, it’s already ‘going against’ what people with Much more influence than our team ever had ‘in this industry’ – have, in this industry.

Again, all documented here already.

So when I’m watching one of my favorite shows it was Not really a surprise to me.

Just last week, MLM attorney Kevin Thompson spoke about – Some more big news. Edith Ramirez, chair of the FTC spoke out, about possible, forthcoming Regulations FOR the MLM industry. This is not what we want to happen. But, because ‘we’ have not decided to regulate ourselves, the Government just may step in and regulate For us. Again, that is not what we want. This would drastically change the industry,  and the ‘real opportunity’ that  the MLM business model provides to the average person.

Then again, it may actually push people to understanding what we have been telling you all along.

We have to follow ‘actual business principles’ – like Scaling.

Starting out with an ‘affordable’ entry level, so that we can work together to actually assemble a network first. Then, once the network is making money from affordable opportunities, that network can start investing in more. Again this is basic business principles; The book Multiple Streams of Income talks about it; lots of people want to be in that situation but haven’t read the book!

The end result of a “lack of Intelligent Network Marketers” – has brought our entire industry under the Gaze of HBO – and I just want to congratulate all the ‘top earners” I’ve met along the way, with too much EGO to listen to what I’ve been telling them, for years now. We should have partnered up years ago, and started working to show networks ‘the right way’ to do things. We should have gone ahead and been ‘sticklers’ for the details. And as I’ve stated in several team training videos, we should go ahead and have “respect” for our network, so that the ‘Training” is actually duplicating. We cannot ‘afford’ to have representatives, in coffee shops doing POOR presentations!!!

Like … that ‘small thing’ – really matters!

NOT building a network properly, is a big deal; and So many people are building IMPROPERLY!!!!

This is NOT a sales pitch!

WE know the ‘right way’ — but … just as Morpheus told Neo; we can only show you the Door; You must Decide to walk through it.

Check out “The Myth: People at the Top make All the Money”

also get MORE education With Tim Sales on “who’s Getting Rich in MLM” – thanks for dropping by!

The Parable of The Symphony by Robert W. Gunn

I couldn’t find this anyone online so, I was faced with a tough decision. Do I take a photo of it or … re-type it?

Tough decision made. You can probably see what I’ve decided on by now.

I am about to type this parable of the symphony out. It’s truly that awesome.

We’ve been talking about how Network Marketing is an unstable industry where not enough of us are making money. We’ve been very clear about how we feel that coming together will solve so many problems that our industry faces.  By coming together we make ourselves stronger. We make our industry more stable. We want have created a real financial opportunity for the masses, and this parable of the symphony really backs up why that is true.

We’ve already featured Voltron on our Programs Page for the 1mlmsystem.  Because the message of this popular 80’s cartoon rings true for all of us in the network marketing industry today.

Just last night I shared this on Tumblr (check us out!) – following this is the story that’s so awesome I cannot believe it’s not already online!


The Parable of The Symphony
by Robert W. Gunn

At a meeting of the musical instruments a rather interesting discussion developed.  The more vocal trumpet had called the meeting to see if there was any way for the instrument community to get together to form a symphony orchestra.  It was his idea that all these great instruments individually could produce some rather impressive music but think about the magnificent sound that could come from a combined thrust.  He presented this idea to the gathered instruments.

The violin speaks: “Well, I think this entire discussion is ridiculous.  Rather proudly I can tell you that it will be impossible for the violin to unite.  you see, we are actually the only pure musical instrument. If you really want the perfect musical sound, you will just have to become a violin.”

“I disagree”, trilled the clarinet.  “I like the way the clarinet does things.  I like having a reed and lots of keys.  We do things differently from the trombones. Do you know they have to decide where that slide has to be placed to get a certain note? Boy, when we press down a certain key ,we’re going to get a certain note.”

“Wait a second,” banged the tympani.  “I think people ought to have a choice.  They should be able to choose the instrument with the sound they like best.  If we become one symphony , there won’t be but one sound, and they would not get to make up their minds.”

We hear the high-pitched voice of the piccolo: “I’m totally against all this symphony talk.  I just don’t like it a little bit.  Do you know what will happen if the flutes and tubas and bells and all the instruments come together under one orchestra?   I’ll tell you what will happen; they’ll put us all under the direction of a symphony conductor. Oh How terrible!”

The viola made his plea: “Me join with those liberal snare drums?  Never!  They’re so liberal I heard one play hard rock. We must play proper music.”

The grand piano had been listening to all the conversation.  Slowly he came to his feet.  Everyone listened intently:  “I am deeply disturbed by the conversation of this meeting.  Every instrument has only seen the good qualities of itself.  We have only wanted to tell others how musically superior we are.  Why are we so afraid of each other?  We’re all musical instruments.  We have music in common, and one thing the world needs to hear now is music.  I have been trying to answer a question for myself concerning a symphony. What did the master artist who created us have in mind?  What does he expect of us? Does he only expect us to play our notes and our tunes? ” He sat down. There was quiet.”

Very softly there came a middle C from a trumpet.  Such a pure, beautiful honest note reaching out to the others.  What is that? Why it’s an E from the clarinets. In unison the violins enter with a marvelously rich-sounding G, and a C from the flutes. What a sound!  If we can sound that good on one chord – Well!  One chord led to another, each time the violin marveling that he and the trumpet blended so well.  Oh, what an addition that French horn makes! Why haven’t we done this before?

But just playing chords wasn’t enough. Why not put those chords together and make a song?

And they did.

  • Robert W. Gunn

(From The Ministers Manual for 1978, p 100-101)

The Parable of The Symphony photo by TopNetworkersGroup

POWERFUL Story right?

My pastor shared this message with me and the timing was perfect.

On the heels of the FTC Ruling on Vemma, I made some comments on my social media about how our lack of unity and our ‘focus on one company’ mantra is damaging our industry.

Another MLM leader took exception to my comments; primarily because she is one of the people who tells people to focus on One company.  She is one of the people who’s fostered in a ‘my company is better than your company’ mentality; that far too many leaders have.  Just like these instruments. She was so busy trying to argue with me that her instrument is better than my instrument that she missed my Whole message entirely.  She though I was doing a haha, I told you so, to all the Vemma reps who suddenly lost their incomes.

She didn’t realize what i was saying is ‘Listen MLM, I’ve been telling you since 2010 that if we don’t come together, MORE of this will continue to happen.”

We must form a symphony.

When we look at our world, and understand the bigger picture of what WE can do under the banner of ONE team; ONE network marketing organization; we are what the world needs right now.

They need us so much.

But first, we must realize how much we need each other; and how much better we could be together!