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WakeupNow drops WunLocal On the App World

Are you ready App World?

Wunlocal from Wakeupnow is here – it’s free to download and FREE to all platinum IBO members of WakeupNow.

Here’s my quick ‘video review’ of the new app –

I’m here to report, that I love this app already. Since cutting the video, I’ve downloaded it and found over 500 local deals in my area. I’ll be using the app and sharing screen shots of my savings. Stay tuned for that!

Get started with my Team in WakeUpNow today

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Don’t ask Stupid Questions like most People – wakeupnow is a legit opportunity run by legit people. I align myself with visionary leadership, and that’s really why I aligned TopNetworkersgroup with WakeupNow. I could see where they were heading; and had knowledge of where they had been.

You and I need to surround ourselves with people who are growing, improving, and getting better. Look at your current circle; if anyone in your circle is not adding value to themselves, how can they add value to you?  If they won’t allow you to add value to them, you must get around new people.

Not only will joining this opportunity benefit your life; but so will participating in events, online discussions, and other related activities; that plug you into your upline, your team; and new prospects; BE part of the excitement!

Check out some of the more recent Product Updates from WakeupNow:

The addition of WunLocal to an ever growing products and services line – simply bolsters the claim from president, Jason Elrod, that the goal is to become Iconic. I like working with people who think along those lines. you Should Too!

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Get a GoPro for Less than $300 through WakeUpNow

*Update May 9, 2016 –

The following article on the GoPro Camera was written back in 2014. The company referenced, ‘WakeUpNow’ is no longer in business. Please ignore all links on this page, and within the body of this article as almost none of them work. In fact, as of this update, many will be disabled – This article formerly contained links to a blog (LevelOneNetwork) which were removed because our account with that company is closed. Both opportunities failed to live up to their promises.  This happens in business. This is why we created the One MLM System (To Rule them all) – so that our income is no longer dependent upon the Whims of Corporate CEO’s in offices that we’re often not invited to. DO visit our link to the One MLM System; as well as the following Related Articles on the “Fall” of WakeupNow and the Decline of LevelOneNetwork

Original GoPro article below

I really want a GoPro Camera … I went to a meeting last night for WakeUpNow – the President of the company was in town. The meeting really made me wish I had a GoPro instead of the Everio JVC (gz-ex515) I have, even though it’s pretty awesome. I was set up in the back, and had to do it the old school way, with a “Camera Stand” and I was totally in the way. AND I had to stand in the back; because there’s no way to tape from the aisle at an Event like the one I attended. The GoPro would’ve been perfect!

goproCamIn fact, I saw a couple people using one to record the events that unfolded last night here in Los Angeles – If you’re looking for the RIGHT TEAM To work with in WakeUPNow here in Los Angeles, make sure to Join through Me Right Now – You do NOT want to work with another team in this opportunity because you may “not” get the proper Training you need to succeed with WakeUpNow – and MLM in general.  (We will teach you HOW To take full advantage of WakeUpNow – NO other teams are teaching the secret method WE are teaching to our Team Leaders and up – JOIN TopNetworkersGroup at the end of this article if you’re ready to end your financial worries (more on that later) …

Here are a couple of Video Clips from last nights WakeUpNow event (below), featuring the President of the company, Mr. Jason Elrod, who was a Millionaire by his mid 20’s. He and his business partners who were venture capitalists before starting an MLM Company, absolutely have a Vision that is laser focused on becoming an Iconic Company – and that’s exactly why I wanted to be in the building.

Whenever the President of your MLM Company is in town, you MUST be in the building – or else you’re not very serious about your desire to make money. Here are those clips I promised you – I have longer Clips I need to upload and will share those later –

Check out one more —

Get STARTED with WakeUpNow Today (sign up for FREE now and let’s talk on the PHONE – so you can decide about upgrading to an IBO — to start making $600/mo with our Team of Top Networkers —)


Yet another reason that WakeUpNow rules them all – Literally one of the best mlm companies of 2013 and as we look into the future of where they are GOING – they’re clearly ahead of the possible competition in the industry. Primarily because the founders are “fixing” what they feel is WRONG with Network Marketing – Starting with how much Distributors Earn – but extending to the Value it’s customers get from using the products, and services they provide. The Marketplace from WakeUpNow is powerful.

Check out this Deal on a GoPro for less than $300 – that is available through WakeUpNow Marketplace –


Check out a quick video on the GoPro Hero (in case you are not aware of what these are) —

I’ve been seeing several videos shot with a GoPro camera and have been inproessed ever since they originally launched. The PRICE however has been steep and yet, like most things that debut at a high price – eventually the price comes down. Finding more deals on the GoPro Camera is possible as well.

Truth is, as of now I have not looked that thoroughly yet – but I plan on doing that… If I can find a GoPro for less than $300, why not?

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TNG Tackles Coffee MLM Companies

I wanted to tackle Coffee MLM Companies for a moment.


*This Blog Post has been Updated as of 1/31/2016 – The Coffee MLM Companies hinted to and discussed below – are either in business OR out of business at this time! When I wrote this, I was part of a movement that fizzled out. There has already been much written about the closing down of WakeUpNow – which for a time, threw it’s hat into the discussion of making money, selling coffee, through MLM. There are many reasons for why this company did Not stay afloat – including outright theft by it’s owner and CEO. Many would also argue, that not enough of the distributors in Wakeupnow, truly understood how to go about recruiting for mlm. Several factors go into the success Or failure of all MLM companies.  The information shared in OUR blog, is here to help you navigate through the MLM wilderness.


Please bare with me as I need to set this up properly.

I read a book called Wave 4 that told me one day everything would be moved through the MLM business model some day. Even Coffee. It was no surprise to me to see coffee mlm companies when I returned to the industry in 2009.

It makes sense too – for all the reasons we’re familiar with, when it comes to the Coffee Industry. The MLM business model is so flexible that anything can be sold through it; if you have a product or service but do not have an idea of how to generate sales – using an MLM business model may be a good decision for you.

The Coffee industry is HUGE but not everyone can compete with the Starbucks and McDonald’s of the world (That’s right, McDonalds is the #1 Seller of Coffee in the World) – a lot can be learned from the lessons of Franchises though. Having a franchise located in several places gives a company like the two we mentioned, more opportunities to sell … coffee.

This is why MLM is the perfect model and why There are so many Coffee MLM Companies – business owners know this is a hot product, that lots of people love to buy; and know that MLM is the most cost effective way to distribute it.

The only thing is, with soooo many Coffee MLM Companies, hardly anyone is making any real money WITH the extremely lucrative coffee industry.  That’s where we come in …


Let me see if I can repeat some of that for you – The POINT is if you build a network you can sell anything, even Coffee.  Members of the MLM Industry need to stop fighting over who has the better brand of Coffee.

Wait a minute …. doesn’t WakeUpNow Sell coffee too?

YES – but you won’t see Professionals from TopNetworkersGroup acting like there is no other coffee in the market that other people would like. WE understand Consumers …

We are Professionals …

See, most of you are not professionals and don’t realize that your Coffee Customers will make an “emotional decision” while purchasing coffee, every single time. They will NOT make a logical one.

So trying to appeal to people’s logic while selling coffee is why YOU and so many others are NOT making money with your Coffee MLM Companies; most of you have NO IDEA how to sell coffee; because you’re not grasping (or not being taught) the basic Fundamentals of the MLM Industry.

Here is that Lesson …. “If you Build it, They Will come” –

What will come?



(Seemore Green in NYC with Cash IZ King showing off the NEW WakeUpNow all natural Energy drink – Awaken)

*update 1/31/16 – these two are still selling this product, through a different mlm company – proving that while any business can go out of business; what truly matters in the end, is the loyalty that business people show towards one another. While these two continue to make money together, ‘silly rabbits’ who jump around from company to company, program to program, team to team, … never truly learn how important loyalty is.

Are you Closing Your Leads?

I’m thankful that ACN was my ‘first MLM company” – I learned this lesson then. We sold long distance and local long distance; along with internet service and in ‘some market’ electricity and gas. I happened to live in a deregulated area, which had electricity. I was also Online early, recruiting people over the internet way back in 1999. I would meet people in areas that did not have electricity or gas yet, and they’d turn down ACN, telling me to notify them when it got to their market.

This was always the WRONG decision to make; I’d learn it later from attending trainings – that the time to build is NOW; not Later. If a product or service is ‘coming’ to your market you do not want to wait till it arrives to begin building a network to sell it.

Once you’ve built your network – now you and your network can sell ANYTHING through it. Literally; Even products and/or services that have not been Invented yet!

You see, WakeUpNow is selling Energy Drinks too – They’re providing several products and services under ONE roof (one WakeupNow Hub lol) – and that’s what we’re doing through TopNetworkersGroup with our ONE MLM SYSTEM – providing several ways for US to make money, while focusing on what truly matters most; BUILDING our network.

Keep that in mind, if you’re part of a Coffee MLM or looking for a good one to join; out of Several Coffee MLM Companies available today. The bottom line will always be, who’s in business with you; and who are you working with in business.

Read more from TopNetworkersGroup about doing this ‘the right way’ –

Finding Unlocked Cell Phones

Wanna find the best deals on Unlocked Cell Phones?

Of course you do – that’s why you are here. Now this is probably a blog post that is more appropriate for our Solavei blog – BUT in a way it also fits here, through TopnetworkersGroup – our special blog here, called ‘It’s All of It” speaks to the truth so many people in MLM run from.

Success in MLM is not about one or two things; It comes from a LOT Of things; and often; it’s all of those things, working together that produce the success most of us want.  Often we will have to do things we have never done, to get what we’ve never had…


So even, a topic like finding unlocked cell phones, especially IF You’re a member of Solavei becomes an important thing to know; and it can give you an edge over others in Solavei who do not know how to find unlocked cell phones; which will help you get more sales than the next person gets.

ALL OF that being said – We’re showing you a powerful, simple way to Find unlocked cell phones, WHILE working with our team; We put it ‘somewhere’ in this video; Watch It now.

HOpe you enjoyed that awesome tip on finding unlocked cell phones; which absolutely works; Also we’re about to include additional information that’s more specific to this topic through our System – the ONE Mlm system ‘to rule them all’ – as it really does rule over everything else you’ll find in our industry today.

THE companies ‘mentioned’ in this video have now been added to the 1mlm system; which allows us to grow our income in several programs, while focusing on growing ONE team. We DO encourage you to sign up for the program mentioned in THIS video and start searching for unlocked cell phones once you’re inside the members area.

Solavei is a huge part of our system, as it enables us to benefit from what is GOING To happen with, or without us; this company is for real and they continue to GROW and DELIVER; every promise they’ve made, they’ve come through on; Including (but not limited to) Solavei Marketplace.

This (Solavei Marketplace) gives you and I the option of making purchases for anything, including unlocked cell phones (if we need more than we have now) with our Solavei pay cards; So while we speak to you about “all of it” working together; we really do mean it; Imagine paying for an Unlocked Cell phone through the Marketplace on WakeUpNow’s Hub, while using your Solavei Pay Card to get double cash back…..

(Taking Cash Back Shopping to a whole ‘nother Level….)

They’ve even launched New Rate Plans over at Solavei making them more flexible for customers who are interested in participating in the ‘social revolution’ – which … like most revolutions, will not Be televised. Go ahead – Join our Team today – Work with the Group

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Wanted – 3 NEW Business Partners

I recently put together a ‘post’ on my Facebook, which explains something simple – the requirements to be my New Business Partner – not everyone understands what this means; so I wanna make sure I take a moment to explain it for you.

Recently, I had a car accident – Unfortunate; but thankfully I was not IN the car; However it presents an issue in my life, that more money WOULD help. If i had an extra $600 per month rolling in right now, I could pick up a new car and not worry about what’s going to happen with my Current one. The person that hit my car was most likely an illegal immigrant; because they had a scared look on their face when I asked for a drivers license and proof of insurance; As I started dialing the Police, he started up his Ice Cream Truck – and drove away.

So now, my Insurance company has to track down who owns the company; figure out if they have insurance; and I’m here waiting to find out what the news will be. I may end up having to pay money out of my own pocket to get my car fixed; and it’s a whole bunch of nonsense that I have to deal with, all because I am not making nearly as much money, as I would like to be making.

How many people reading this can relate???

The “good side” of this – is NOW I’m super motivated to HIT the position of Founder3, with WakeUpNow – simply because it WILL add needed additional income to my life; I need this to happen SOON; but do it, I need the right business partners who are As motivated, as I am.

From My Facebook:

The first crop of people That Joined me are not doing what I’d like. SO let me RUn down a LIST of what I NEED from you as a business ‘partner’


1. Weekly Communication – If we’re goinna make money together; we need to talk; I realize you got a wife, a girlfriend – and She’s not too sure about you spending Time on the PHone with other people — BUT do you wanna PROVIDE for her or not?


Then you are gonna have to Grow a Pair and Do what YOU Gotta Do as a MAN For the benefit of your Relationship with your Woman; Spending time ON the Couch with her, watching Reality TV Shows and going Shopping for her, is NOT providing; Making $10,000/mo Residually IS.


So BE MOTIVATED to make MONEY when you contact me;

2. The ability To Be Coached – IF you’re not able to sponsor people; I can help; BUT I can only hep if you “allow” me to help; Do not sign up and tell ME that You’re not gonna do this or that; UNLESS what you do Gets RESULTS; i don’t need you to tell ME how to do network marketing; Don’t tell me how You’re gonna buy leads, and buy ads. Come with your CUP empty, and let ME fill it up for you.


>>>> and that’s it.


If you’ll COMMUNICATE weekly and LET ME Tell you what to do; I’ll help you be successful.


THE MOMENT you tell me what you’re NOT gonna do – is the moment I cannot help you – and I might mess around and Disconnect from you for wasting my time.


WHO is motivated like ME to add an extra $600 per month to your life by the NOVEMBER 20th?


Inbox me RIGHT NOW; and get ready to be a “PARTNER” —-> which means, doing your PART.

We play the game the right way here at TNG; and I honestly feel bad for people I’ve sponsored who CHOSE not to listen to what I Teach them. In the process both of us end up losing in this ‘game’ we are playing; In the MLM Industry, either we get rich TOGETHER; or no one gets rich.

So, as I’ve stated in a few past posts, do not join me if you’re refusing to do things the right way.

If you are, Get signed up asap here –

THEN look for an email from me THIS week – as I’m looking for people I can talk to and work with on a WEEKLY basis; Check out some FREE training from My 1mlmsystem on “TRUST” – because this is all part of what it’ll take for you and ME to create the kind of income WE KNOW is possible for us to make; especially in an opportunity as Lucrative as WakeUpNow is.


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