Have you seen this one yet?

Looks interesting, so I decided to give it a shot; I’m going to keep you all in the LOOP to see how this goes; so far, since it is free, it’s worth signing up – if you see value in it as I did. They provide some nice marketing banners such as the one above, and below this message…

Here’s how you Make MONEY

When a local shop spends money to send a marketing text, 49% of the profit is returned to the member base in the form of affiliate commissions. This is to reward members for telling friends and local shops about TurboTycoon.com.

* 5% Msg Delivery Commission when a business sends you a msg. *
* 4% Override Msg Delivery Commission on msgs received by members in your network
* 20% Msg Sales Commission when a personally sponsored business sends a text message
* 20% Subscription Sales Commission when a personally sponsored business pays thier subscription fee
* 4% Override Subscription Sales Commission on business subscription payments in your network.

* This is a commission when you receive a message. Members get 5% of the fee charged to an advertiser to market to your cell. This is a great way to reward our members for receiving offers!

5% of what … we’ll have to find out; but I got this from a GOOD source, go ahead and give it a test run along with me; OR wait for me to report on all the money I’m making 😉

As always, the choice is yours