I just got Paid!

A few weeks ago, a gentleman who I network with quite often, sent me an urgent message. I only entertained it, because we have spent time talking with one another over the past year, about different ways to make money. When he shared ThatFreeThing with me, I did what I normally do, when I receive information on a way to make money …. I checked it out.

It was FREE to sign up, so I did.

Lots of people did in fact – and then, LOTS of people began upgrading.

In the first 3 hours after I signed up, it became evident that people were taking a liking to this one; and were signing up in droves; So I did what I normally do, when the timing is right – I Positioned myself.

By doing so, I upgraded and was eligible to get ‘spillover’ – then I realized, I should probably promote it; and still have not done MUCH promoting, just some – enough to have had 3 people sign up, and upgrade (personally sponsored)  .. and a handful of what they call, Free Loaders.

ThatFreeThing recently reported having 34,000+ FreeLoaders, who they will begin Marketing to, this weekend – Many of them, WILL upgrade as well – and more and more upgrade every single day.

So – Today I got Paid. ThatFreeThing sent me …. $40 – I made more than that, and left some on the books to pay for Next Month. For me – it’s  FREE – and I’m in position to profit each and every single month – from making a quick decision, to get involved, and by paying attention to what was happening around me.

Here’s why I’m posting this today – I think it’s worth it, to take $25 to secure a SPOT in a matrix that is continuing to fill up; BUT – Make sure to Promote it as well, Do Not Just Wait for Spillover!!!

That Lazy approach to business, will never give you the results you are looking for. Get in, Upgrade, and do so BEFORE others do – this one is affordable, and it’s really Paying Out.

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