Al King is not big on Hype — so when I read something, I’ll make sure to share My view point as well.

September 1st is HERE – lots of people who have been promoting FantaZ logged onto the site, to see …. nothing.

So I checked their facebook feed, and saw some interestingly exciting news — but again, it looks like we’re actually still “waiting” — which I am ok with; it’s better to take your time and get it right, than worry about meeting a deadline.

So here is the Latest NEWS Release from’s Facebook Wall.

FantaZ is unlike any company you have encountered in the past. It aims for achieving a brand new paradigm in gaming, business and entertainment and will achieve that in spades. In the course of making this product, we have created tremendous synergies between many bright minds from many companies to achieve what we are about to roll out. In our review today we have determined that our very best next move is to work through a few more of the site integration details we are encountering as we incorporate very complicated software from multiple vendors. Then as soon as is possible, we will provide all of our early registrants with free FAKE MONEY accounts so that you may go onto the site and beta test with us. We are aware of some of the beta fixes yet to be done and with your help, we will learn of the others as well. We welcome our early FantaZ Pioneers to come to the site and play our introductory games and get a feeling of how the site will operate. But this is only just the beginning. We are still incorporating our FantaZLive Sports games that will come online in the near future, along with full season FantaZSports and FantaZ Fashion Divaz. In addition, we have countless new games that are coming to us from developers around the world that are going to be rolling out on our platform just as fast as we can intelligently integrate them into our tournament programs. We are very excited to be working with you in this project and hugely appreciative of your energy and enthusiasm for FantaZ. We can clearly tell you that the very best has yet to begin. In the interim, we are not charging anyone to join or to play games until we are ready to play for money. Then everyone will be sent their full registration package and your credit cards will be charged at that time. Please use this interim opportunity to continue to introduce your friends around the world to our platform and to see how you can grow your downline and set yourself up for fast start bonuses by signing up 5 Commission Qualified ZBOs in your first 30 days…. plus an additional $25 per each Commission Qualified ZBO you sign thereafter. We recognize that everyone wants to make everything happen yesterday. But greatness is not achieved through those methods. It is achieved by taking the time to do everything right. The nature of genius is to grasp the knowable, even when no one else recognizes that it is present. We will keep you updated at every opportunity. Welcome to the world of FantaZ… Where Skill Pays.

Sounds interesting – and plausible as well — this is how business goes folks; with anything NEW there will be hiccups along the way. When making a decision as a business owner to get involved with a NEW company, these are the types of things to keep in mind.

For some people, they do not want to deal with the headaches involved with a startup company. Others however, will hang on due to the tremendous benefits that come with positioning yourself ahead of a trend; that is what we are looking at here, as Onling Gaming is HUGE and there are no signs of it slowing down — if this company is going to PAY People to play games, then you should get positioned NOW.