MLM sucks right now.  There is no ‘nice’ way to put that. One of the main problems that is causing this situation is that Celebrity Worship has made its way into MLM.  Far too many network marketers are looking for a top earner to sponsor them, which hurts the industry overall. These people just do not understand the mlm model, and that is causing this scenario.

MLM Sucks right now – Because you’re not Getting better, or growing as a person or a business owner.

Are you a real leader, or a ‘so called leader’? – Leaders push the Right ideas.

They’re not just trying to make themselves wealthy, or ‘get along’. Leaders are more concerned with doing what is right. Having Integrity goes a long way, and used to seperate the MLM Industry from Corporate America. Is that the case now?  Are we, in our industry truly focused on growing?  The better the team is, the more money the entire team will make.  When you’re in a great MLM Company but you’re on a team that ‘sucks’, your results show.

Teams work together. They edify one another, do 3-way calls and hop on weekly conference calls, webinars and build through meetings.  Unfortunately too many people are in a rush to make money and feel like these ‘meetings’ take up their time. OH how wrong they are – most of them are spinning their wheels doing everything other than what actually works.  In this video I share a story of yet, another person who’s come to me for help that doesn’t know how to generate leads.

I told him to start talking to people.  I guess he was expecting more.

He thought he needed to write a great article, or an ad that would go viral. Like so many, he’s trying to hit a home-run, rather than going base by base.  This is why MLM Sucks. We have too many people in this industry in a ‘rush’ to make money, who aren’t learning the basics.  Network Marketers have literally ruined Facebook Groups, with too much reliance on Automation. I had a real conversation with another marketer the other day, about this very thing.

People can See Through You – You’re amateur status is showing!

Why MLM Sucks Right Now - See Through Marketers

Just like this ‘house’ people can look at you and see what you’re all about. They know your motives, your ‘why’ and can tell it’s pure selfishness. People can tell most of the ‘leaders’ do not care. As John Maxwell said, about Leadership and why people ‘follow people’ — People do not care what you know, until they know that you care.

Pushing high-entry level opportunities on people so you can make a quick bonus, and not putting an emphasis on Training & reading books is why MLM Sucks right now. It’s producing too many people who are willing to back stab, and scam their way into a few dollars.  People know that you’ll tell anyone a product is ‘life changing’ if you can make a few bucks.

But, it’s never worth it in the end. All of you are Hurting the MLM industry.

Help me make MLM better. I’m looking for people to help me build up TopNetworkersGroup.  You must be willing to grow, stretch and become better than you are right now. The Leadership Team must have a copy of the following books: “Multiple Streams of Income”, “Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century”, and “Cashflow Quadrant” – all of which are Available for purchase at our Bookstore – via the 1mlmsystem.

*Update 2/8/2018 – Since writing this my original Twitter was Suspended due to False Flagging: another Automation Issue that causes social media to suck. I was ironically attacked by a bunch of people who failed to get MLM to work for them – mostly because they Suck as people. They now go around the internet ‘trolling’ and mass reporting Pro-MLM accounts. Nothing good can come of that, and this is the world we have inhabited. MLM can only be ‘so much better’ than the society it is part of.  Change really does begin with you and me.