Hello and thank you for stopping by… I have some thoughts for 2014 (on TopNetworkersGroup) that I’d like to share and am excited to share them with you …

I started Topnetworkersgroup in 2010, when I got fed up with working with non-professionals.  I wanted to create a system that would be simple for others to follow, that included using free and affordable programs to Make Money, while building “a network”.

This term, ‘network’ is rarely understood by those of us in the industry of network marketing.

There’s a reason they call it Reading “AND” Comprehension.

I think back on what Jim Rohn had to say, about Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount – how Several people in the Crowd heard the exact same Sermon and yet, there were different Reactions – Some Mocked; Some Laughed; Some took the information to heart – and applied it. Through those people, the entire Christianity “movement” was born.

The late Jim Rohn said not to question it… no need in asking Why it happens – this is just how it happens. We just need to Understand it. So, Over the past 3 years we’ve come across some Mockers, some Laughers, and a handful of people to take our information to heart; and apply it. Doubt eventually overcame most of them, and yet They all have served a purpose – in putting together our System.

We’ve come to find out that we absolutely do not have the right people ‘yet’  – However the people who’ve come through our doors have helped shape the Right System – to build an Organization that can truly Make the ‘dream’ of Network Marketing a reality for far more people than it’s currently doing.

The key begins in changing and reshaping the mindset that most networkers have – and yet that’s the very idea that’s going to be mocked, and laughed at, and so The Right People MUST be in place who will overcome the obstacles, and the doubts that may try to creep in – So stay Committed to the goal, of Creating something that is truly special.


New Updates and Thoughts for 2014 –

We’ve added Ranks to TopNetworkersGroup – allowing us to use our One MLM System (to rule Them All) as a way of identifying who’s a Leader within our Organization, and who’s truly committed to our team.

New Plans to Finish our Matrix Presentation “Free Your Mind” – by March of 2014  have been announced – and new ‘banners’ have been created to help promote and market this special presentation, blending the Matrix Trilogy Films with the Truth of Network Marketing vs. everything else – Many of these ‘banners’ will soon be available in the members area of our 1mlmsystem websiteMake sure you’re working with our team in 2014!

thoughts for 2014 - 1mlmsystem matrix logo

I just shared a few thoughts for 2014 today on Having The Right People – and tied it into our Sports and Business Conversation that we’ve been having here at “It’s All of It” – the Official Blog of Topnetworkersgroup — Role Players are just as important as the Stars; however it doesn’t hurt to have a few stars coming together.

An Update from August 31, 2016 – We’ve recently added more to our Team Building Series of blogs and articles, that reflect the consistency of our thoughts for 2014, which have only improved over the past 2 years – check out the latest one: Intelligent Marketers Wanted.

It’s even more clear now what kinds of people will fit into our organization as we move to the next phase! Are you qualified?