You can create an Income with a Solid Product – that’s good for your skin. Through “the Secret FREE Home business” – you can get started in your very own business, that allows you to Sell products, and services – in multiple industries; We of course will train you on How to do so; But – if all you did was Purchase this product below every month, which is only $15 – and is something you, hopefully Use anyway … and you would immediately begin earning Residual Income in your business.

If you know other people who shower … you could Give your bottle of Soap away to them to try for a month – and if they Enjoy showering with it they can purchase it from you for .. just $15 – how Soon would YOU go out and get yourself 10 customers on this affordable product?

The sooner you did that, you’d generate a total of $150 in your business; of course your % of this would be lower – at our starting position its 2% – you’d make just over $3/mo … which certainly is not a lot of money.

But, could you show 10 people how to do the same thing You just did? Invest just $15/mo into their business … eventually build a customer base that is spending a grand total of $150/mo – and earning each of your 10 business partners $3/mo each — ?

If you can… you would generate an extra $30/mo for yourself  – which I know is not a lot of money; BUT something powerful will happen when your 10 business partners, Duplicate your efforts in showing 10 people each, how to do the same; They generate an extra $30/mo in Residual Income for themselves by doing so – generating for you (their teacher, who first led the way…) – an extra $300/mo in Residual Income … and NOW we’re starting to talk right?

Can you see how simple this process is? It may take some Time for YOU to generate $150/mo in Sales; Or you may be HUNGRY and will not sleep until you find 10 people to Try your Total Body Wash soap and Support your business; each person will move at their own pace.

But if you were to Follow that Simple Game plan, when those 100 New business partners of yours bring 10 partners each on; you’ll have 1,000 people bringing you an extra $3/mo … each – or in other ‘dollar figures’ … you’d be making $3,000/mo on your 4th Level in our Powerful Compensation Plan.

2% … compared to a lot of companies out there, is a Lot of money at our First earned position. Naturally if we can help YOU make an extra $300/mo in the next few months; You, and your Team will be able to generate more Sales from Customers trying your products; and your incomes will grow much faster; Especially if you all Continue to go out, and get customers For these products.

The Opportunity is there for you to seize – the Decision is yours to make….

Total Body Wash (7.5 fl oz) – $15.00

This re-energizing, all-over face and body cleanser dissolves dirt and excess oils, leaving skin clean without drying. Includes saw palmetto extract and the moisturizing goodness of aloe vera.

With just $15/mo invested into THIS Product – You can generate over $8,000/mo in Residual Income – by finding Just 3 Business partners to do the same as you; Invest $15/mo into THIS product and find 3 Each – willing to do the same; When This process duplicates through our 9 level Pay plan – with Each person ONLY investing $15/mo into THIS product; You will be earning an excess of $8,000 per Month.

This will not happen over night and will take Training for you, and many of your people to learn Methods that work in Finding those 3 individuals; who like you will stay committed to the goal at hand; people join Network Marketing companies every day; why are they not joining yours?

Too hard to make money with your company? Too much to Join your business? Products too high?

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