Our TNG Review of United Games (unitedgames.com) – is going to take you to a level that many marketers are not prepared for. That was your warning. Let’s dive in.

Many marketers are looking through the internet right now to find out if United Games is a scam or a legit business opportunity. The biggest problem with this is, smart marketers like myself and others are going to write articles from our perspectives. If marketers read the wrong articles, their view of United Games may be ruined forever. Chances are, this is one of those articles. That isn’t ever really my goal though. I want business people to make business decisions. To do that, requires using the noggin.

Not everyone wants to use their Noggin.  They prefer simply following others around instead.

To me, that’s where United Games comes in. They have no app (yet) – the app is coming. That is a red-flag for me; Just like the ones the rippln Opportunity raised because there was just so much hype involved. Promises are being made of an app to rule all apps. But when the app finally launches will it deliver?

The answer is we really do not know. No one can know that answer.

Until United Games gives us their app we can only speculate as to whether or not it will be well received by the masses.  Recent FTP Rulings on Herbalife and other mlm’s are making it clear that real Customers are still a requirement. So building your incomes entirely on the backs of affiliates (business owners) is just not going to fly. This may end up being the case when United Games finally releases their app. Not because I want it to be the case.

It may be the case, because the world of apps is a VERY competitive market.

Phones come with limited space and for a lot of people, the decision to install a new app means deciding to remove one.  Marketers who have invested so much time into building teams, I hope have a back up plan in mind already. Here’s what I suggest!

If they do not have a plan in place, we’re going to see what we’ve been seeing for the past 5 years in Network Marketing. More people losing faith in the industry. More networks broken apart. More people disillusioned with the industry. I hope you’re reading this and starting to understand that – a lot of you are just making a poor decision.

Your poor decision is you’ve put all your eggs into the United Games basket.

You’re also not building a back up plan, with the current partners that you have.

You’re headed for the same ending that so many marketers have reached. This is why we want to learn from history and not repeat it.  You need to be Intelligent and prepare for ‘what might happen’ in business. You cannot just put blinders on and pretend.  Now if the app comes out, and it’s actually a great app – United Games may turn out to be a fantastic opportunity. Risk matters in business and risk is a constant. It was a risk to join, and it was also a risk to pass on the opportunity.

So I get that.

Which is why you should have a System in place that protects YOU and your partners from the volatility of our industry.

Any business can go out of business. This includes the businesses we promote now through Our system; and even United Games.

We hope it turns out to be a great deal for all involved. But there are fantasy sports opportunities we promote NOW that have already stood several tests, that United Game is yet to pass.

  • Both of our Daily Fantasy Sports Programs have been in business for over a year;
  • Both are paying out on weekly contests without any problems.
  • Both are paying On Multiple Levels.

But why aren’t they more popular?

Simple – because the industry is full of Uneducated marketers, who jump around MLM like the silly rabbits that they are.

Many are going to learn a lesson either way with United Games. Let’s all stay tuned, and see what pans out.

United Games Fantasy Sports app Review