Want to know what being a leader in Network Marketing is really like?

There’s a pretty awesome scene in Marvel’s Jessica Jones that really in my mind, sums up what it’s like, being a leader in network marketing or any other area of life. I’m actually a big fan of Marvel. I didn’t really read the comics as a kid but I did watch the Cartoons. Their story lines were always intriguing to me. Admittedly, Jessica Jones is not a ‘title’ I was too familiar with, like so many people out there. But I thoroughly enjoyed the series on Netflix.

That being said, if you have NOT seen Jessica Jones – and plan on seeing it, I will try to keep this ‘as spoiler free’ as possible; but there ‘may’ be Some spoilers about this part of the show. Because, I really do want to explain what being a leader feels like – and there really in my mind is No better way than this….

After an attempt to stop “the bad guy” from doing any more harm to others, Jessica Jones, her friend Trish Walker, and a ‘cop’ named Simpson – are all licking their wounds AFTER the attempt goes south. The bad guy gets away … and Trish, comes over to Jessica, and starts talking …





Excuse my language but, when Jessica turns to Trish and says that …. “I can’t do that thing where I make you feel better. I don’t know how” … I fucking loved it!

That’s it right there folks.

That’s what being a leader in network marketing is really like.

People come to you with THEIR problems, as if YOU do not have problems; and then they expect YOU to make THEM feel better………

It’s not our job though!

Being a leader in network marketing –  for some odd reason, comes with the expectation that YOU are a super hero. That’s sorta what I like most about Jessica Jones. she is sort of a departure from most ‘super heroes’, like Captain America or Luke Cage who have ‘super strength’ – and are ‘super-human’ … she seems to be a bit more relate-able to the average human being. She seems to second guess and doubt her abilities. She doesn’t seem to have full control over all of her abilities because right when she was getting ready to USE them for the good of mankind, she ran into Killgrave – or, perhaps … Killgrave ran into her …

It’s her driving motivation to stop Killgrave in this show – because of all the damage he did to her. She wants to stop him from derailing others.

But that doesn’t mean she’s figured out how …

In network marketing, most leaders will come up against villains. You’ll meet people along the way who just want to control you and your ‘powers’ (skills, talents) for their own self centered interests. They have no real desire to help you do, what you are here to do.  So while you’re fighting battles against folks like that, you come to realize that this same kind of person is attacking others as well.

So, you all decide to go after Killgrave – to stop him; and along the way you take more hits; and yet, folks come to you and make the fight even harder – they expect you to make them feel better, and don’t stop to realize that perhaps you could use some upliftment too.

Early in my Career, one of my uplines was talking about the responsibility that comes with being an upline.

We all want the money that comes from building a big organization but far too often, we end up having to be psychologists for other people and their problems.

While being a leader in network marketing can be rewarding, we don’t always have a shoulder to lean on; or to tell about the challenges we are facing.

So, most leaders train “when you’re down, go up; when you’re up, go down” – Being a leader means you can’t always tell your team that you’re feeling down; or else they’ll give up for sure. Imagine if Jessica turns to Trish in this moment and says “yea… I feel pretty useless too” …….

Imagine what she’s experiencing in that moment; Super powers and all, and this Killgrave dude KEEPS besting her every time …

But, she can’t really Tell that to anyone.

This is really what being a leader is like – in so many areas; and it’s why leaders need other Leaders who they can talk to.

That’s what I like about her developing relationship with Luke Cage – someone else who she can ‘relate to’ and share some of these troubles with; a shoulder ..

In spite of the challenges that come from being a leader – you should still strive to be one anyways.

Not for what you’ll ‘get’ from it; but for what you’ll become, on your way to it.

And if by chance, you’ve found yourself following the wrong leaders – today is a new day.

You can choose to be the kind of leader you wished you’d had.

Because it’s worth it.

You’ll beat the Killgraves of the world one day, and when you do … You can smile.

being a leader is worth it

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