Recently a new video was released …

It discusses WHEN We will start getting paid from iLA and HOW we will recieve our money from iLA.

BUT this information is NOT new to anyone that has been around iLA from day one.

What I’ve seen so far is that this company tells us what they are seeking to do; and so far … They do it.

Believe for Great Things,

Today I put together a video discussing My Thoughts on this opportunity.

I absolutely feel you should be positioned with iLA to benefit ‘just in case’

– and that it’s worth taking a look at the application itself, to judge for yourself, if this is a product you would share with Other people … or not.

Too many of us allow others to make our minds up for us; At some point WE must learn how to make business decisions, for our selves.

At some point, we must Learn to Become The System, so to speak; and move from Dependent, to Independent; Which, as you can tell from watching my video, is something I personally feel, iLA will help people with.

Those are my personal feelings though.

Yes, i look through educated business man glasses, BUT, it’s still my view and my perspective; YOU must look at things for your self; and determine what feels right, to you; If you need education, we offer it here.

We also recommend MORE education here!

And here’s, our advice – GET positioned with iLA – and find OUT if they pay in April, like they’ve been telling us they would, all along… I’ll see you, on the inside!