If you’ve ever been in network marketing, the first thing you come to find out is a lot of people have negative views of network marketing – most think it’s a pyramid – that it’s either not legal, or not going to work out – because it requires having too many people to really make money.

But none of these are the REAL reasons they don’t join.

Most of these ideas people have about network marketing are completely wrong. Everyone who has taken the time to examine the claims of people who say these things, will find their claims are uninformed, uneducated, and far from the truth.

The truth is that since 1945, The Network Marketing industry has been a very successful business model for a company to move a product or a service. It has also been a proven method for average people to go from average income, to above average monthly, and yearly earnings.

Several people earn Full time incomes in this industry, and a handful have even gotten wealthy. In spite of this, large numbers of people still refuse to join – they still have doubt and skepticism in their hearts and minds – mostly agonizing over whether or not the same success that some have attained could ever happen for them too – or would they end up like all the other people who just never made anything at all – or worse – LOST money in a business that didn’t stay in business.

However, the real reason that STOPS them and that even Causes the doubt and skepticism … is something most people may not really suspect.

The Reason people don’t join network marketing companies and opportunities is, fear.

Fear stops people in their tracks.

Fear makes people hesitate to join.

Fear makes people hesitate to talk to anyone about the business they joined, after they join.

Fear makes people worry about what others may think, if they approach them about selling something, or making money in a “pyramid”.

Fear … based mostly in ignorance, misinformation, and lack of an education.

People like to be accepted. We live in a society that does not endorse the Network Marketing industry; Even today as I was driving to a destination I was listening to some local Sports Talk Radio.

There is quite a fuss going on in the NBA over soon to be free agent, Dwight Howard. He is most likely going to leave his team, the Orlando Magic, who happen to be owned by Rich Devos, founder of Amway – one of the first Network Marketing companies ever, and also considered to be the grandfather of the industry.

The radio hosts, were even poking fun at Amway – in spite of the reality that the owner has made so much money, he was able to Buy an NBA franchise – In a nation that is all about ‘brands’ – where Companies like Staples buy Arenas mostly so that people can see their names on everytime the Lakers or Clippers play a game in Los Angeles, just as companies are always ‘marketing their brands’ via sports – here is Amway, a network marketing company, who’s name is on the arena and the floor the Orlando Magic play in – and yet even still, the radio hosts were poking fun at the company, calling it a pyramid …

I could not help but think of how ignorant these otherwise, very knowledgeable people are.

Then it hit me …

They are like so many people in our society, very educated, very knowledgeable in several subjects, and yet when it comes to network marketing – they’ve missed the boat; they do not want to stand out from the crowd and be the sole voice talking positively about this business model – when its easier to call it a pyramid, and  get in a few good laughs.

Why would these people with so much ‘power and influence’ who are in a perfect position to help change some of the negative views of this industry, poke fun at it instead?

Fear …

They wouldn’t want to lose their jobs … what would management think – their bosses think – if they were on the air recommending the people’s franchise?

What would fans of their show think?

Fear is what keeps people from doing things that would positively impact their lives for the better – and if you think about it, isn’t that sad?

Fear stops people from pursuing their dreams; out of the fear they won’t ever make it – OR worse, the fear that people will not LIKE Them anymore – Let’s face it, there are several ways to make money; but people do put limits and limitations on what they are willing to do, to make it – and for now, that kind of thinking is the #1 reason that 90% of people in network marketing, never make money – Fear.

If you want to improve your life you must be willing to not only face fear, but overcome fear.

Is Fear holding you back from doing something?

Has Fear stopped you from joining Network Marketing?

Has Fear stopped you from putting your ALL into a company or opportunity you got into?

How long are YOU going to continue to LET Fear hold you back?

With a proper Education, that we offer via TopNetworkersGroup – we can HELP you with overcoming your fears; but you must be willing to face them – and defeat them.

If you are, I look foward to meeting and working with you.