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What Happened to Solavei?

*Updating This article as of January 28th, 2016. More happened to Solavei since I originally wrote this. They have actually gone out of business. Much of what I allude to in the article below, explains why. Too many people in MLM brought the current mentality that is far too common these days. People join MLM […] Full story →

New Solavei Rates Means More Affordable Cell Phone Plans

Solavei just keeps getting better and better. Recently I put together a graphic to pass around sharing the good news about The NEW Solavei Rates. Just Keeps getting Better http://t.co/bzDWApqzfP pic.twitter.com/XkCZ17ySfV — al king (@topnetworkeral) December 2, 2013 These new rates spell out nothing but great things for the next year of operation for this […] Full story →