Response to Angry Solavei Members Over New Rate Plans

I just read an article written about 4 days prior to this one, talking about the Angry Solavei Members who are lashing out over the new rate plans.

The article was misinformed.

This is usually the case when people outside of Solavei write articles – where as often the people Inside of Solavei write biased ones. It can be difficult to sort out the truth sometimes; and so that is why I hope you’ve come to realize that through TNG, you’ll get the real story, even if we are involved.

SO here is the real story; which we mentioned in our previous post about the NEW Solavei Rates – Solavei has been throttling the speeds of customers who go over 2Gb’s of data usage, the entire time. There’s an entire FORUM about it, where you’ll notice the dates are PRE new rates; not after the new rates. The change Solavei made, simply addresses an issue that was happening; with some customers using way more Data than others. Now, those users can simply Pay a little more money; and get way more data; Meanwhile other users never use 1gb of data – and a plan to lower their bill by $10 is a GREAT idea.

For people who are seeking to make money with solavei, they’ve simply made the opportunity more flexible and more affordable for more people.

IF you are able to get MORE customers, as a business owner – will your business results get better or worse?

Its a no brainer right?

Sadly, often people join businesses, who do not have a brain.

The angry Solavei members are no different from angry Members of other MLM’s, Network Marketing Companies, or small start up companies – There are always disgruntled people who seem to enjoy complaining; and aren’t into listening to anyone else’s opinion. These people are just part of our society. There is no way to avoid them. So when they show up in Solavei, it does not surprise me. These people are not intelligent and will voice their ignorant opinions all day and night; This is one of the issues I’ve always had with the Internet.

People voicing ignorant opinions; and other people backing those Ignorant opinions up; which is the case with the Article I just read.

Some random person who’s not a member of Solavei and is probably upset that average people are making money on something SO simple, is looking for a reason to say negative things about this company. SO they love it when angry solavei members spout off at the mouth; Whether what they’re saying is true, or worth reporting is of no concern.

Truth just does not matter to some people, and sadly it seems like that trend is getting popular more and more.

Truth USED to matter though…

and the TRUTH is, there are NO Companies in the wireless industry doing what Solavei is doing.

That is making people upset.

No one likes to see the little guy win; I just read an article earlier today on, suggesting that 99%’ers are better off than 1%’ers – because the 99% still have their youth.

These are the kinds of silly debates that are taking place in our society today; and when a company like Solavei comes along and decides to Share its profits with the members; that idea goes against the suppressive ideas of the 1% – which are all about more profits for CEO’s and less for the employees; Less benefits for their customers; MORE yatchs and Mansions for them.

When I find articles that are bashing Solavei, I look at who wrote them; and it all makes sense.

Corporate Types who do not want to see the little guy win, or have a better life – should be TUNED OUT by you and I; stop listening to those people. YES I have a bias but, unlike many people in Solavei I”ll be honest about their flaws. The problem is, I’m a businessman and what YOU may see as a flaw, I do not.

I look at what a company says they are going to do, and whether or not they Did it.

Companies that under promise and over deliver are always winner; and that’s all Solavei has done.  They never told us it would be perfect; They told us some things would come later. They’ve been open and upfront, and honest all the way; They’ve done nothing but gain my trust; and they’ll gain yours too, as long as you do not sign up with unrealistic expectations.

More importantly, Solavei will pay you money when you refer friends.

Ongoing money, not just a one time bonus. If solavei is going to earn ongoing money from your network of referrals, they feel its only right to pay YOU ongoing income.

THIS goes against everything OTHER companies are doing.

Meanwhile, there has been plenty bitching and moaning on the Solavei forums; in spite of it all, Solavei continues to grow AND improve; they actually take into account the whinners and work to address their complaints; even That flies in the face of the current corporate business models; where nearly all of our complaints are nodded at but ignored.

At least with Solavei you know you can complain, and be angry about something – and in a few months, Your concern just may be addressed.

Bravo to Solavei for doing what they said they would do.

If you’re not already a member, get started today!



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