Solavei 2013 All In Bash ReCaps

I’m still hunting down a re-cap from last nights All In Bash for Solavei – as Solavei officially celebrated one full year in business. One year ago, they launched their vision for a NEW company in the wireless industry that would shake things up a bit.

That’s exactly what They’ve done.

The Vision of CEO Ryan Wuerch has panned out to be more than even HE expected it to be.

After just ONE year in Business, this is what Solavei has done…

  • $70+ million of revenue in year one….
  • $14.4 million paid out to members.
  • Almost 300,000 members.
  • Strong leadership team.
  • Creating Thousandaires &
  • Giving folks more time freedom to live the life they were supposed to.

THROUGH Their CELL PHONES! ……….. that’s amazing all by itself.

As for my personal story with Solavei, I cannot pretend to be making a lot of money. But I have truly enjoyed my One Year With This company – for so many reasons which are too numerous to list here.  I’m even more thankful for the ‘experience’ – as that often is even more useful, and required BEFORE making big money; as to be able to handle making big money – with anything.

MOST of the people I shared Solavei with initially were in contracts. BUT since I started writing through LevelOneNetwork and learning ‘how’ to get my articles seen on the first pages of google, I’ve gotten several more leads in the past few months; Also a handful of the people I approached a year ago, who were in contracts are NOW using Solavei as their cell phone provider.

I’m no where where I’d like to be yet – but the seeds planted are starting to grow – positioning myself in this opportunity has been a great decision; Staying with it over this year has proven to be great as well; because when people are THINKING of Solavei; they’re thinking of me.  Will people think of YOU when it comes to saving money on their cell phone service?

I can teach you how to Get YOU into other people’s minds – through our training system, which also provides support for Solavei – our 1mlmsystem – Take a look here. As for me, I really did sign up to SAVE MONEY on my cell phone so whether I’m making a lot of money or not, this has been a great decision for me. However, slowly but surely, each month what I earn through Solavei is going up; Eventually I’ll be in that Thousandaire club and YOU could be there with me.

Make the decision, Join the Social Revolution with Solavei Now


Stay tuned for an UPDATE to this post – soon as I Track down a recording of the LIVE Solavei All in Bash for 2013.