Solavei Marketplace BigCrumbs and the 1mlmsystem

Let’s talk about something real.

Online shopping. The idea of the one stop shopping portal is here to stay; and the industry is growing every single year.

Let me start by telling you WHY I’m looking forward to Cyber Monday this year.

I’m well positioned to offer a free website to people, that are interested in not only shopping online but, earning cash back shopping at stores they love and trust. The current mall that I use and recommend is BigCrumbs. My business partner, Cheif Vision Officer of the 1mlmsystem from Topnetworkersgroup introduced me to this shopping portal as well as it’s competitor, Ebates.

We’ve combined them as part of our free level, through the 1mlmsystem to help teach Our Team a fundamental principle of Network Marketing, and Business.

Buy From Your Network.

Keep your money Circulating within Your network.

Through our system, our aim is mainly to help people build, and maintain a healthy, Growing network, for this is the ONLY way to attain financial freedom.

Then the exciting news broke during Ryan Wuerch’s Solavei Vision Webinar for 2013 – highlighting what ELSE he’s got in store for all of us Solavei members. The Solavei opportunity was added to our system after giving the company a few months. We wanted to make sure this would not be a here today, gone tomorrow kind of company. It looked good. It sounded good. We’ve heard and seen it all before.

Solavei has delivered on their Vision; and continue to do that month after month (Recently Paying out $12 Million to its Members!!) —

So the Vision of Solavei Marketplace, aligns with what we’re already doing. Everything about Solavei aligns with our mission and our Vision.

Even their slogan of, “Share and Earn” – is similar to OUR slogan, coined by the CVO – “Connect, Learn, Share and Earn” — we feel this is the formula for successful building; and that if you follow those steps; in that order – you cannot help but to be successful in this industry.

Would you Rather shop like this?

Shopping In Line at a Mall instead of Online Shopping at home

Or like This??

Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

The online shopping industry is growing, because this truly is a No Brainer. We’d all rather sit at home, save money on gas – and the time that it takes to drive to the store. We can have it shipped to our house in a matter of minutes!

Check out MORE –

This truly is the future.

I recently bought headphones online; they arrived in just a few days – I needed to replace the ones that came with my HTC Sensation Phone; I really like the headphones; they’re far better than the bluetooths; I love the placement of a mic on them – making them super convenient to use while talking on the phone, driving or doing tasks with your hands. Much like what makes it better to shop online; Having earphones is so much better than using the blue tooth; and of course – holding your phone to your ear.

I also Recently considered a trip – and saw the amount of cashback I’d earn by booking through a Big Name site, – but We’ll have to see what I decide to do as it’s pretty expensive. I’m sure my partner would love for me to make that trip – since he’ll earn cash back on My purchase. (gotta love that)

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