Why Vitel Leaders are Scared of Solavei

When you look at the quality of the website …. Solavei looks better.

When you look at the leadership team who put Solavei together …. Solavei looks better.

When you see the Vision of the founder and all that the company is Doing .. clearly Solavei looks better.

A company where people can achieve financial freedom at $49/mo .. scares people in a company that asks people to pay $100 per month on TOP of the other bills they already have.

My decision to join Solavei was simple. I was paying $100 per month to At&T, and I was NOT getting Unlimited Talk… I had to wait until 9pm PST to make unlimited calls; If I were using Sprint I’d have to wait till 7pm, which means I had to really wait until Weekends to enjoy using my cellphone. Now … Paying half as much, I talk when ever I want to.  I did not have Unlimited Text and Data, up to a certain point usage fees would apply.

For me it was common sense, and to anyone who joins Vitel in hopes of getting their bills paid, they quickly find out Vitel does not pay all of their bills JUST for signing up….

So a person with $500/mo in bills, NOW has $600/mo in bills until they’re able to sign up some people for Vitel …

When a person decides to go with Solavei, they can cut their bills down to $450 rather than $500 … and whether they sign someone up or NOT … they have saved themselves some money.

Leaders with Vitel are afraid of this reality, because they make the mistake of “comparing’ Solavei with Vitel – when the two companies literally have NOTHING in common.

The fear they have has been sending several people FROM Vitel, TO The ranks of leaders with Solavei, and on behalf of those leaders, I thank you for the additional traffic; Curious networkers wondering what Vitel leaders are so afraid of are finding out, in droves, as they review the Information shared on blogs like mine, and several others across the World Wide Web…

Because VItel leaders have created a “Vitel vs. Solavei” conversation … people are looking and deciding which is ‘better’ …

The answer is obvious to all who’s curiosity causes them to look.

Check out the latest update from CEO Ryan Wuerch, as he discusses what is coming up in the month of November

I Am Solavei Tour: CEO Update from Atlanta – 10.23.12 from Solavei on Vimeo.

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*There really is no comparison. Vitel is a great opportunity,and so is Solavei; The two SHOULD not be compared. One is not ‘better’ than the other; Each is unique and different and should be approached as such; If you want to cut your cell phone bill down like I did, the decision is simple. If you want to pay an extra $100/mo for the abilty to earn money with the Vitel plan by all means you should pursue that inclination. If anyone tells you to make a choice between one or the other, make sure you examine that persons motives. Make the right decision for YOU, not for other people’s satisfaction.
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