I’ve never really done this before so, sit back and get ready to enjoy as I compare My system; The 1mlmsystem – to MLM Lead system Pro.

I actually just got done writing up a ‘post’ on my social media outlets – here’s part of it via Twitter – but I wanted to give you the full text as well; along with a few more thoughts to go with it. I don’t want this to come off as bragging, but I honestly feel the 1mmlmsystem is better than what MLM Lead System Pro is offering.

That statement is in no way meant to come off as if MLMLSP is not worth your time; or meant to be any kind of slight to what they have over there. In fact, I give them props for beating me to the punch; doing what I should’ve done but didn’t have the desire to do.

Also, what we are doing with the 1mlmsystem is entirely different from what they do at MLM Lead System Pro.  Our MLM System is more aligned with our vision and goal to help more people make more money in MLM. There are some similarities, but like is the case so often in business; These are two very different animals.

The post on Twitter:

The Full Post:

Just FYI — I am not a Student of MLMLSP —- I’ve never used their system; Never used their funnel; and I have nothing against it. True story, when I ‘came back’ to MLM – a guy named Robert (my former upline from my first company) asked me to enroll and try it out; Out of respect for him I did.

However I never paid the $1, never upgraded; Unsubscribed eventually as well; here is why. When I worked with Rob back in my first company; He and his upline were Against My using the Internet; So i was already doing the stuff they were learning to do. I started doing it back in the day; They were against it when I was (in their downline) telling them about it; and how powerful of a tool the internet was.

I was tuned out.

When I stepped away from that first company; I started working on websites for my original Sponsor; who quit that first company 3 months after introducing me to it.

He was the one that showed me internet marketing; We started creating lead capture pages for his Real Estate company; I started using them for my needs. We were well-versed in Internet Marketing; by the time Rob discovered MLMLSP.

Truth Be Told – MLMLSP is everything ‘we’ talked about doing while on MLM Haitus; but never did. We (me and my original sponsor) were talking all the time about merging internet marketing with network marketing; We just never did it.

Saying this not to impress you 🙂


Just to Impress Upon you; that I am not a novice.

I’m an expert in my field.

You’re not going to be able to do what I do in a week, or two weeks; It’s taken me 15 years – and it’s going to take anyone else a number of years – so the sooner you get started; the better.

Just make sure you take the advice my mentors gave me.

Begin, with the End in mind.

SEE The end; Know it’s a long way off.

Start walking.


“A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

This is why I am not bragging. I’ve been on a journey and I know that things I’m doing now are the result of starting the journey when I did. You cannot afford to wait any longer. If you are not getting the results you want; or do not feel like you are making progress – please keep this in mind. Slow progress is still progress.

While the MLM Lead System Pro has been great for ‘beginners’ – for people who are just now starting to go on the journey of using the internet to find people for business partnership, I cannot help but feel our system is better.  You are looking for a good MLM System to use to build an organization; as well as a good team to be aligned with or else you wouldn’t be reading this now.

The reason I wrote it is to deal with the perceptions that are out there – based on responses I have gotten to our system. If you’ve already been exposed to MLM Lead System Pro or are currently using their system, a lot of what you have learned is going to harm you in network marketing. I’ve always felt like too much emphasis has been placed on things that just are not ‘easy to duplicate’ – and Duplication is a wealth principle.

How can any of us get wealthy if we’re not doing duplication?

… also if everyone is learning the wrong methods in network marketing, isn’t that going to have a negative impact on network marketing?

Well truth be told, that’s what has been duplicated. Lots of bad habits.

Please allow me to drive the nail home.

The Very Premise of MLM Lead System Pro is entirely wrong; it’s Self-Centered. It’s too much about you; when MLM is about others.

90% of people who use MLM Lead system pro use it to help themselves; not really to help other people. They are looking at the money THEY will make from selling people a system; they are looking at the money they’ll make from upgrades. They are looking at using the system JUST to bring them into “their company” – but even this premise is faulty.

Any Business can go OUT of business.

You and I do not OWN the MLM company.

So why is our focus on bringing people into MLM Companies?

.. and that my friends is where OUR One MLM System comes in.

We are correcting the ideas that Network Marketers have picked up; by way of following people who didn’t know better; into systems that were teaching concepts that are actually harming network marketers; rather than helping network marketers. Let me be clear. A Lot of what MLM Lead System Pro teaches is good; But there are also a lot of bad ideas that have been spread, primarily through this platform, and by the ‘leaders’ who have come out of their system. We are inviting you to join with us in making network marketing better.

To do that, we have to make you better.

We want to share better ideas with you that are closer to the foundation of MLM and what our industry is about. Our industry is about change, growth, improvement, empowerment and so much more. But our industry has become consumed with greed – selfishness – and ego.  Let us teach you the Right way!

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