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Crazygood Work-a-rounds

Discussing Work-arounds for Crazygood – by Al King, CEO and Founder of TopNetworkersgroup Crazygood is a private social network that rolled out in November of 2010. It was a very promising website at the time, due to it’s affordable cost and lucrative compensation plan. Lots of people signed up during the first six months, and […]

Maybe it’s You, and Not Crazygood

*Update 2/25/2015 ::: Crazygood Went out of Business – and you can read MUCH more about it in this article, which discusses how We ended up Replacing Crazygood with GDI in our One MLM System — This article includes our official video with thoughts on why CG was unable to make it past 3 years […]

Steve Harvey Joins

Lots of people have already heard about this … … and yet some of you have not. While ON, a lady who I won’t name here, posted a comment on Steve Harvey’s Profile stating that there is No Way this could be the real Steve Harvey.  Apparently she does not believe that he’s even […]

Swom vs. Crazygood :: which is better?

As one of the proponents of SWOM for several months, some things have come to light, recent changes, that have Changed my feelings about this network. It’s getting worse, not better. As a leader in the network marketing industry, many people trust my business decisions; When SWOM originally came out, the opportunity was new, a […]

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