It’s about 40 minutes long, but it’s full of several reasons for why So many people are taking a serious look at PennyMatrix.

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I just came across this recording which features several top money earners from PennyMatrix, discussing why it’s not a pyramid, and why the e-book store may be one of the next Biggest things; according to people on the outside looking in.

We’re huge fans of affordable Affiliate Plans. I just saw an awesome Video from Tony Robbins on “Business Mastery” and in it he shares a quote that I’m going to live off for the next year – by Peter Drucker. Do you know either of these awesome business leaders?

If not you SHOULD – So that you’ll understand the power of WHO the advice is coming from; That always matters. Here is what Peter Drucker Said, about success in business – it comes down to 2 factors – Business Innovation and Marketing.

The innovation refers to having the Best product. Tony asks the question “does the best product always win?” —- The answer to this question is obviously – NO – and he uses McDonalds to drive that point home.  Clearly what makes the most money, is the one that is marketed the best. So when we consider PennyMatrix don’t get caught up on if it’s the best product in the world or not; Instead, focus ON How to market it BETER than others; that’s your secret tip to making money 😉

As usual we do not recommend placing all your eggs in one basket – diversity allows you to have something to offer to a wider range of customers – the e-books on PennyMatrix give you material that you can use in several ways to boost leads and sales – especially if you know what you are doing.

Sadly, most have NO IDEA what they could be doing with these e-books; so they miss out on the TRUE value, thinking it’s only $7 – the fact that it’s only $7 is what makes the opportunity so powerful. They could charge much more – but they’ve chosen not to.

So now, it’s up to use to CHOOSE to get a piece of this pie – or watch others do it instead.

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