Would you like to know how to Add Javascript Code to your WordPress Blog?

For me, this question came to mind because I was interested in adding Adzly Code to my EmpowerNetwork Blog, which uses wordpress as it’s blogging platform.

That last sentence was Loaded….

Ever heard of Adzly? – it’s similar to Adwords – but in my opinion, slightly better – take a look.

THe other part I mentioned, was EmpowerNetwork – it’s possible you’ve never heard of it either – People are getting “paid to blog” and starting today, you could be one of them. (see the prroof here) – Using the wordpress platform, they’ve created a real opportunity for you and I to get paid … for blogging.

So that brings me back to where I was – wanting to add my Adzly Code – and to do this would require adding a “widget” that accepts Javascript.

This is something I am sure others are seeking to do too.

I have been blogging for Several Years – I started with “ThaShow” — and eventually moved away from blogging, and got into the “Social Mediaverse” – aka Facebook. Most people do not realize facebook IS a blog. That is why they call twitter a “micro-blog” ……. make sense yet?

A blog is short for Web-Log – hope that helps everyone!

Anyways I found a pretty awesome video that shows the Best Plug-in to use, to add Javascript Code Snippets to your wordpress blog

Cool video right?

I’m using this plug in now, and you can see the adzly advertisement area (on our home page) to the right! Thanks for dropping in and I hope this information has been Helpful for you, as it was right on time for me.

I was not able to use it for my other blog though …

I recently Re-opened my blog at EmpowerNetwork – They had lots of bugs initially. One of those bugs perhaps was caused by giving too many ‘options’ to the members, which may have caused the platform to become unstable. They’ve got much more control over the platform now, and part of that meant limited our ability to download plug ins.

I’m ok with that though.

I can still blog here, as I intended to do anyway – while sharing awesome information that people will need via my Empower Blog. While there are several ways to earn income from blogging, make sure you don’t miss out on the most lucrative blogging ‘money making’ system that we’ve seen, in the past few years.

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