Viewbix made an amazing and awesome announcement this morning that is SURE TO make some ‘waves’ once people find out.  I love how you can read an Email that makes the day start off right.  Usually those emails from from business opportunities I’ve signed up for. Like, the other morning, I was informed that yet another member has joined my Stiforp Downline; Paid his money and now I’m just waiting for them to get in touch, and get plugged in.

This is really a story for another time – BUT real quick I DO need to share this- If you join a program, contact your sponsor! This is a major flaw that many people have who join our industry, thinking that it’s all  about them. Success in our industry comes from teamwork.

The ‘industry’ I am referring to of course, is Network Marketing – which is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, though often confused with Internet Marketing.  They are two totally different industries; and it’s Important for YOU to know this if you want to make money in either of them. Now is not the time for me to go into those differences; but you can learn more as a member of our Team (Work With The Group!)

With that being said – Viewbix naturally falls into the “Internet Marketing” category – because up until now, it’s been a pure affiliate program where you make money One Upfront purchases; but that was all.

Keyword ‘was’ – This morning Viewbix sent me an email to inform me that from now on, they would not only be paying me an ongoing commission on sales I get; BUT … they will also pay me on 2 Tiers of Referral Sales as well!

This is where someone like me would LOVE TO USE “Internet Marketing” to grow a nice network of Viewbix affiliates who are both USING and PROMOTING the services they provide with their amazing Software.

In fact, the first time I saw this ‘software’ was through a pre-launch effort known as Fb-PostMagic – which I do not know if it’s still around. To me it was too expensive and did not have the FREE OPTION, which Viewbix offers – and that was the #1 thing that drew me in several months ago when I signed up.

Knowing I could both USE it for FREE; refer it to others and make a commission on Upgrades; and Upgrade MY own account when I felt like it – made Viewbix a hands down “good opportunity” to seize. I pride myself on being able to SPOT the good ones; and with the Email I got this morning; That Decision seems like it was “SPOT on”…

Here is a QUICK example of what you can do WITH Viewbix.

video seo marketing tools

Now, here’s where it gets better – I can actually share the LINK to this video on Facebook; and it’ll be ‘playable’ just like a YouTube or Vimeo Video is, allowing all those lazy friends of mine on Facebook to watch whatever video I include right there on my Wall. As you can also see this player ties directly into my Aweber, allowing me to share this video AND get leads for THIS actual opportunity; I can also embed this player on Twitter; and get the same results.

video seo marketing tools

Now for the Details on the NEW Compensation for Viewbix.

Recurring Commissions – 35-40% on all Sales; The two options are Gold and Platinum; gold is $10/mo and Platinum is $20/mo – So you could earn anywhere from 35% to 40% on all Gold and Platinum Sales you make; Next … Two Tier Commissions; which will allow you to get paid on sales made by Other Affiliates you refer to Viewbix; They’re paying 3% on those sales – which adds up to more money for those of us who are skilled in referring affiliates to income opportunities.

To JOIN the Two-Teir Program from Viewbix – Sign up here – offered through

IF you’re also interested in LEARNING more about how to use SEO as ‘part’ of your Internet Marketing strategies, I highly recommend taking a Course. The best Online Marketing Courses You’ll find :: LevelOneNetwork – which pays you to LEARN how to get yourself ranked; and how to USE the awesome tools of the internet to expose your business to The Right people. (Also check out info on our FREE online marketing courses through TNG)