Targeted Advertising is a self explanatory word. I’ve been in the business world since 1999, and even have been marketing online since that time. You would be surprised at how many people never sit down and figure out who they are Targeting.

Not knowing your target audience is a major mistake. If you’ve made this mistake, the good news is, it’s easy to turn around starting today. Targeted Advertising allows you to focus your advertising efforts on the people who are most likely to buy. Everyone does not ‘need’ every product or service that is offered in the marketplace. So it’s vital to figure out who wants what you have before you do anything.

Enter Google Adwords. For many years now, they have been a staple of online advertising and, specifically, Targeted Advertising. The tools provided by google adwords really give business people an advantage – but this approach is very Costly.

This is why I’m so excited about running into a real SEO Training Course just over a year ago. This SEO Training course showed me how to use the google Adwords tools, to target my audience – without having to Pay for Advertising.

Imagine, targeted advertising that reaches your niche market, without having to pay the kind of money most people are paying? Wouldn’t that benefit you?

Granted, SEO and Targeted Advertising (for Free) is a lot of work…

It’s absolutely going to be a turn off to 100% of the lazy people that land in our line of work – most marketers want to press a button and make 5 figures per month. This is nothing new. Many of us have to overcome the flaws we bring with us – and overcoming lazy habits and ideas is where so many of us begin.

YES You want o blog but, you want to have a real understanding of how what you say, when you say it, and even where you say it, can all work together to help you Reach your target audience – which Gets More Web traffic than randomly writing about what you want to write about – BLINDLY.

blind marketers

most marketers are blindly doing what they feel like doing instead of learning to do what works –

Either you want to be an Educated Online Marketer, or you want to build in the Blind.

The choice, as always is up to you.

Get your hands on this REAL Seo Training Course Now

But again, Real WORK is required – I’m tired of scams and go out of my way to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Anything worth doing is worth working hard at. So, So Tired of Scams – Getting Around The Hype

If anyone tells you that learning a new skill is easy to do, they are not being honest. Learning a new skill is hard. But marketing online without skills is harder.

If you don’t really understand what you are doing, paying someone else to do it is a sure fire way to throw away your money. You don’t really know what you are paying for!

For example – Today, Google Adwords Livestream was introduced to the world – BUT if you don’t really understand how beneficial these tools are, will this HUGE announcement really mean anything to you? Of course not. We call this, Ignorance.

But Wait! Do not be offended – we are ALL Ignorant about something, and often a great many things, especially when we just start to learn a Skill. I was SO ignorant about html, php, css, js, and other Scripting/Coding languages before I started my Web Design Company in 2004.

However, as I slowly learned how to walk, eventually I was able to Run.

Do not be afraid of the Unknown.

Step into it.

Something AWESOME is just on the other side, and YOU are the reason why!

Thanks for reading!

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Keep improving and growing!!