Spend a few moments with me, so that you can come to understand why Branding yourself backfired in MLM and Network Marketing. I’ll get right to it because MLM’ers are very impatient.  We’re going to talk about 3 basic reasons, for why Branding yourself Backfired in MLM. The first reason is that its’ a “New Strategy”.  I’ll explain more about why each of these reasons have harmed network marketers more than helped them in a moment.  The other two reasons are that branding yourself is ‘based in Ego’, which never works in MLM. Lastly, ‘branding yourself’ is a pure Misunderstanding of the ancient MLM teaching “Act As If.”

Let’s go from the last one and work our way around as we discuss why Branding yourself backfired in MLM and Network marketing.

Some of you might read this and say to yourself, what do you mean ‘backfired’ …  network marketers are still doing this. But haven’t you noticed it isn’t working?

Chances are high that you haven’t, if you happen to think Branding yourself is a good idea. Network Marketing is a different animal from other forms of ‘marketing’.  This strategy is great when you own the product that you’re selling. Most of you in MLM do not own anything. You’re a distributor, and a representative of a ‘company’. Sadly, there are so-called leaders in many companies that have actually taught you that branding yourself is a good idea.

You saw the house, the cars, the pool behind them in their videos and figured they knew what they were talking about.

branding yourself poolside

That’s really too bad.  You got conned by a con artist that understands how to use conversation and props to move their audience into action.  Unfortunately some of them aren’t really doing this on purpose, because they also learned it from someone else. Over the last 5 years, it’s starting to become apparent that this tactic is backfiring. Several TOP income earners in MLM 3 years ago, are no where to be found today. It’ snot because they’re on an Island counting up their riches.

They’ve quit the industry entirely because they really don’t know how to make money in it.

Branding Yourself Backfired because it’s a Misunderstanding of “Act As If” –

Act as If is an ancient lesson in the world of sales, business and marketing. Most of you come to MLM From the employee world.  So as people start introducing concepts like these it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Acting like you own the company does not mean you go and pose on a Luxury Jet.  When is the last time you saw Bill Gates getting off his personal Jet?  No, instead what we see is Bil Gates acting like a business owner when he’s on camera.

That means when you are using your social media, you want to ‘act like a business owner’.  This can be difficult, if you’re not doing business owner related things.  None of that includes misrepresenting yourself or your income.   You can ‘act’ like a Millionaire without actually showing off millions of dollars.  You can buy a suit that ‘looks’ more expensive than it is, or simply keep yourself sharp intellectually by reading books, and gathering information others aren’t.  You have to ‘shed the world of the employee’, which has a negative mindset towards work, and self improvement.

Millionaires think differently from the rest of society, and that is a mentality you’ll need to adopt.  You may have to ‘fake it till you make it’, which means yea, fake the attitude. But don’t flat out lie about how much you’re making.  Even when you start making money keep in mind that others have to do ‘what works’.

What works in MLM is teamwork.  Being an individual never works in MLM.

So when you have a person who’s interested in the business venture, you actually DO need business partners to help close that sale.  It paints the picture of teamwork to that prospect and lets them know they are joining a team. The more people who have that mindset in your organization, the more successful the organization (and all members in it) will be.

This is why network marketers must remove their ego.  Success in MLM is never about you, but your team. It’s always your business partnerships that make or break your income in this field.  How teams work together and stick together sends a message to others.  This is where ‘branding yourself’ is undoing the cohesion that teams need to succeed.  The Ego keeps network marketers from reaching their financial goals through MLM.  That’s one of the biggest reasons that Branding yourself backfired for so many.

They should have been branding their Team, the Industry, or this business model of network marketing.

Instead, many attacked the model and even it’s old effective methods.   They’ve told people “You don’t need to attend weekly meetings or get on conference calls and webinars.  You don’t need to edify your uplines, or do 3-way calls.  You don’t need to read books, or learn from mentors…. You just need to start branding yourself, writing blogs and making videos. All you gotta do is sit in front of a pool, or a greenscreen and pretend you’re on an island.  Show people cash stacks that you just pulled out of the ATM, or make videos like you just made a fat withdrawal. Focus on branding yourself, by telling everyone how great you are and how they can be just like you by signing up for your system….”

And this is what people have been peddling for the last 5 years in Network Marketing.  It’s killing the industry.