This is a leadership test, because right now I am sorting for leaders.

I am looking for people that think  the same way I think.

MOST people do not and are not on my ‘level’ and it’s important for me to work with people that have the same understanding as I do; so that together we can do some special things, which will include but won’t be limited to, Free’ing people’s minds and Financially blessing the masses ……….. see, I’ve eliminated several people already.

I have 2 videos, MOST people will not watch them. They are too long.

The first is 45 minutes. The second is over 2 hours; in all close to 3 hours that I’m asking you to watch – Knowing most will make up excuses.

Most will claim they don’t see the Value.

The first video is about Goal Achievements – something leaders always ‘say’ they want; they say they value that but, they will Not watch 45 minutes of information – shared by someone who’s already achieved their goals, while helping thousands of others realize theirs as well.  But most of these ‘leaders’ are too busy with everything else – and won’t take the time to watch this in its entirety.

The Second one, is a Break Down of The Matrix Trilogy – perhaps one of the best I’ve seen, and I’m actually an Expert – I even have my “own presentation” that is unfinished at this time but, absolutely is part of our 1mlmsystem – a training site to USE this awesome movie to explain to people how We have been Born into Mental Slavery.

People say they want freedom – but 2 hours is too much time to find out how we are enslaved; how can we ‘escape’ if we don’t even understand the bondage that we are in? ….. More importantly; how can you Lead anyone else out of it – without understanding it.

So most won’t watch this information because they like Calling themselves a Leader; but they have no Real interest in BEING ONE.

The First Video:: Pasha Oliver-Carter on Goal Achievement.

Double Platinum SVP (mlm Rank) from 5linx — and more importantly, this is the first person to help ME understand Residual Income. I saw my ‘first company’ on a Thursday night… and she was flying in to train on Saturday; in what we called “Super Saturday Events” …… she gave the Same Presentation I heard on Thursday; but in the Training they told me some “new stuff” ……. including – what it means to earn Residual Income.

That was the moment that I could Visualize Financial Freedom for myself. That is the moment that leaders have a responsibility to take other people to – and she came back to California several times to train, and share wisdom; always a top producer at the time in that company; and she went on to marry one of the Other top producers, and trainers – Mr. Steve Carter.  In this video, she shares a ‘little bit’ of that wisdom I was so blessed to receive – and I share this here knowing that only a ‘few’ will actually watch it.

The rest will find “more important” things to do ………. smh

Ok …….. So hopefully you’re not one of those ‘fake leaders’ that decided NOT to watch that video and ‘skip down’ and start reading more ……. to see ‘if’ you really want to make that commitment or not. That means you already do not Trust me. Never mind that I learned this Game from people like Pasha Oliver-Carter, and her husband Steve Carter – who’s massive success over the past 15+ years speaks volumes – nevermind that I’ve got 15 years of learning from several Other Heavyweights like this and ‘might’ know a thing or two ……..

The thing is, I really only want to work with people that Think like me. So if you watched THAT First Video ……… I do wonder ‘if’ you’ll take this Next Leap of Faith (Literally) – to watch a Breakdown of, one of my favorite movies of all time; The Matrix Trilogy…..

Wow ……… So much of what you learn when you enter into the world of MLM can be compared to NEO’s experience throughout this entire film; in fact, when you come to the point I am standing at; understanding that MLM is a way to do More than just make ‘money’ for ourselves ……. Especially if you JUST watched what Pasha had to say about “WHY” we are in this industry to begin with :::  You’ll Notice that same THEME is found in this trilogy; “Understanding Why” ……… and SOO Much more.

Seriously – JUMP into this information and LET’s talk ‘after’ … I’d love to talk to people that actually Invested 3 hours into this information and can view the world; from the same place on the ledge as I’m on; Now…. for what we’re doing we are using Multiple Streams of Income; which does ‘slightly’ go against what Pasha discussed; so please do not be confused about what I want you to understand —-> in fact, that’s one way I’ll KNOW you watched BOTH of these.

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded By Mark Passio

Ok … So there it is.

IF i hear from you then you are a real leader and you Belong on my Ship; you belong on my Nebachunezzar – you’re my NEO and together we can help FREE people from the nightmare/dreamworld most are locked into.

MOST people are keeping “The System” going; and there is so much WE could do, as a people – and as a society – IF we ‘WakeUpNow’ …….. no pun intended. but that is one of several Solid Opportunities that would create financial freedom in the lives of people BUT … most will not even take the time to look.

They’ll talk against it – they’ll support ‘the system’ that is in place – Never understanding anything about Goal Achievement. Instead many people give up on Goal achievement and settle for ‘whatever comes their way’ – fully giving control up, to others. Naturally these are not leaders. However, many ‘leaders’ are self motivated and driven, and yet lack Information. A leader who lacks knowledge is a blind man.

People who follow blind men, end up in the darkness – and naturally I’m only interested in working with those who are Interested in the Light – the Knowledge of Goal Achievement; how to get it for self, and how to Help others as well; in fact, much to the message spread by the late Zig Ziglar, goal achievement has a TON to do with helping others ‘get what they want’ … first and foremost.

That’s the beauty of MLM.

No one makes money without helping others make money … that is, with the exception of the people at the VERY TOP ______ the truth is, many of them will make money whether anyone else makes money or not; and yet – They are still helping others; other leaders who are ‘near the top’ – and the Truth is, if you hang in there long enough – go to enough events, put in enough time studying this Game; you will learn it; and you’ll win while you play it.

That’s when you’re ready to Lead others.

And I’m looking for leaders to work with ::: But the truth is, most of you are not qualified to work with me. IF you spent 3 hours on this information; let’s have a conversation.

Put your Name and Number in the box on THIS page – and let’s discuss what you’ve just watched on this page, concerning Goal achievement.

Impossible is Nothing, it (goal achievement) IS possible

… and here’s a Bonus – Zig Ziglar, r.i.p.

How to Set them, How to Reach them

I look forward to talking to Real Leaders.
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