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MLM is just a business model

MLM is just a business model.

However the ‘way’ you and I Apply that model – that makes all the difference.

I’ve been building and sorting; and some people fall out – because they’re selfish – I’m talking about loyalty to the team; and most of these people only have loyalty to themselves. They simply have not reached that level of understanding yet, that team really does matter. They don’t seem to understand yet that we have to have loyalty to one another; before our ‘businesses’ can explode. So they fall out.

Because they place their loyalty in ‘a company’ – or ‘a program’ – they burn bridges with people who aren’t doing what they are doing; and so they fall out of the loop.

The One MLM System is the perfect sorting system.

Only the people who are really and truly about team; will take time out of ‘their schedule’ – to see what they must do to align themselves with Me; and My Group;

Real leaders can follow leaders.

I’ve worked with a lot of people who saw what I was doing; and then decided ‘they’ could go and do it too. Their version can’t touch mine; But I try not to hurt their feelings by telling them directly. That Ego is major – people feel like since ‘they’ didn’t come up with it – they can’t follow it; and it’s too bad really – because they’re only hurting themselves.

They’re also telling me, they are not ready for this.

Only people who can follow are ready.

Only people who can read, are ready.

Only people who can trust, are ready.

I understand; we live in this world full of crooks and shady people; and how do you know that spending 2 hours watching videos; following directions; doing what someone else is telling you; how do you know it will WORK?

The answer is the same every single time — but it’s not what most of you think.

Ready for the answer?

“You have to KNOW what to look for….”

Which raises another question.

“What Do I Look For?” or … “How Will I Know What To Look For?”

— the answer is; Experience. You have to Experience.

When you Experience; You ‘should’ be Learning FROM the Experience.

What should you be learning?

… What to look for.

Anyone with enough experience; can listen to what I’m talking about and understand immediately; because they have Experience. Sadly; those without experience are often confused – because I’m speaking an entirely different language. Experience taught it to me.

Experience taught me that when it’s about the company; the team always breaks apart. Experience taught me, that any business CAN go out of business; Experience taught me that really, MLM is a starting block; it’s a place to learn business; that there is SO MUCH money outside of MLM; but to even be able to grasp HOW to get that money; a person really does NEED the lessons that MLM will teach;

because… MLM is just a business model.

HOW people apply it; makes all the difference.

— I am watching a video on Understanding People and Business, with Simon Sinek — this talk really and truly inspired what I just had to say.  Is your business model about yourself, or it is about others?  Is your approach to building your business about team, or is it about the company, product, or service?

More about Team over Company – the goal of TNG has always been about others. We are looking for those rare people who understand – from experience – that all other approaches to the MLM business model; will not work as we move forward; into the future.

The 5th Wave of Network Marketing by TopNetworkersGroup

Ello NSFW Email Is Big News – TSU Better Listen

(The ello nsfw email is big news and TSU better listen)

Ello 🙂

Seriously I’ve been waiting for the right moment to do that lol.

But let me not waste any of your time – as you have a LOT To sift through here. I will be as brief as possible in my pre-amble. Although it’s very necessary that I set this up for you.

Yesterday, I received an email from Ello – a new private social network that launched right around the same time as TSU; Both are invitation only – and naturally because of my network I got an invitation to both networks very early on. I joined both – and to this day I have only logged into Ello maybe 5 times total.

I signed up in November of 2014.

Around the same time I signed up for a new social network called TSU – a social network promising to pay it’s members for our posts. It was free, and I figured what the hell; worst case scenario it will be another source of traffic for me to use. Right from the start I liked TSU so much more than I liked Ello.

To be clear that is still my stance at the writing of this blog – However – ever since joining TSU There has been some bumps in the road; I mean that is always the case with anything new. So while I did expect the bumps, I cannot say I have been a fan of them all. Namely, what I will refer to as; Puritans and Quakers.

In the world of social networks most of the Puritans and Quakers hang out on what I like to call “Open Networks” – Sites like Google+ for example; where literally anyone can access anyone else on that network. This openness is also why there is a YouTube False Flagging problem  – because youTube is also an Open Network. Anyone with an account can log in and start posting comments on people’s videos. Anyone can give thumbs up, thumbs down; Or … flag your video.

I do not want to get into why that is a problem since I’ve already written about the problem twice now; (Also in this post about why Ray Higdon said bye bye to YouTube)

Please Listen.

I am about to share an email with you that I got from Ello – in this email you will see something that I feel the TSU community needs to listen to; and take heed – if they expect to survive the tumultuous nature of business. Any business can go out of business; and while I really love the TSU platform; if they allow what is happening on their network to continue; it will be the end of TSU.

The NSFW Policy must be changed.

the ello nsfw email

Here is the Ello NSFW email below ::

 NSFW Month on Ello.

Following Google’s decision to ban NSFW content from Blogger (followed by an awkward reversal), we decided to celebrate freedom of speech on Ello by naming March NSWF Month.

You can’t ban some content without seriously impacting freedom of speech for everyone.

The last people we want to dictate what we can’t say on the Internet are the advertisers that control big ad-based social networks. Ello doesn’t believe in censorship, and because Ello is ad-free, we will always be a dependable haven for free speech.

Help us celebrate NSFW Month on Ello by posting and discussing ideas about free speech, censorship, and why it’s important that Internet remain open and free.
Much Love,

PS. Some people love adult content. Other’s don’t. Ello is all about respecting each others’ point of view. You can always turn NSFW content on or off on your Ello settings page.

Read about Ello’s rules and NSFW policy here.

…. The TSU community MUST listen to what I am about to say.

Just because some people are offended by NSFW (Not safe for work) material, does not mean the person sharing it, has no right to share it. They can and will go to a different social network if they feel like TSU is jail. Censorship is not cool, and if TSU wants to be  a cool community, which Ello is so desperate to be – TSU must pay attention.

I had an incident on TSU early on that I never shared. I filmed it – and have the videos on ‘private’ in case I need to show them to people. Let me explain what happened and how it’s relevant to this Ello NSFW Email.

A gentleman opted into my email-list; and apparently it was his first time ever doing it because he thought the emails going out (automatically and pre-written I should add) – were specifically written to him. That’s a real good thing actually – and it’s one of my aims when I write emails to go out; I want the person reading it to feel like I am talking JUST to that person.

Apparently it worked too good with this guy.

He was already knit-picking at TSU (early on) – and had left comments on my wall outlining in great detail, why he felt Google+ was a better network than TSU; and why TSU wouldn’t last. So it was no surprise to me that he found flaws with me, after opting into my email list. Apparently the guys brother dies – a day or two after he gets on my email – and the message that goes out, reaches him at a bad time.

However his reaction was worse!

The guy starts slandering me on TSU; he shares the email that went out to over 1,000 people; and Inserts his Responses to what I wrote throughout; he even slips up and calls me a Monkey – and a Sub-Human Creature a couple of times.

I realize that’s ‘code language’ – for racial slurs – and while others may want to debate it; I know what I know – and I immediately Film and Document what has happened. Sadly I’m aware that other people will read what he writes; and will believe what he has to say; similar to how Officer Darren Wilson was believed – based entirely upon what he had to say – about that fateful day in Ferguson, MO.

It’s just one of the issues we all are forced to deal with while living in this kind of society; Now to tie this all in together.

The people who still practice racism in 2015 – are the same people who seek to control the freedoms of other people. The guy upset at an email i sent out, was attempting to get support – so that he could shut down my TSU account. Racist people have a big problem with educated black men. Any black man who dares talk in an intelligent manner is almost  immediately attacked with hate. However they will use words that ‘don’t sound as bad’ – in order to garner support for their darker agendas.

We need to know these things; as it will help us with deciding who’s leading us toward light; and who’s leading us away from light. People who want to oppress other people – are following dark masters; and we need to dis-empower those people; not empower them.

The Big News of this Ello NSFW email – is that they recognize how important it is to allow people to express themselves. Facebook and Twitter both have NSFW sections – Google+ and YouTube however; do not. They allow their members to act like cyber-police – reporting and flagging one another; They empower a cyber-kkk like collection of people, to decide who has the ‘right’ to express themselves; and who does not.

Declaring March NSFW Month, is going to send ripples through the Social Networking world; on the heels of the victory of Net Neutrality the TSU community must listen.

They (anyone) must overlook how they (infamous they) feel about a black man who speaks out about racism; whether they agree with what I have to say about that or not; and hear the clear message that it’s not okay for one human to attempt to silence another.

If TSU allows it; it will be the death of the network.

You read it here first.

TSU should embrace this moment; Change their NSFW Policy; add/or Create one; and let the members know that they will no longer be empowered to use TSU simply to go around tattling on other members.  The Ello NSFW email is a game changer – if only they were paying me to post; I’d immediately start using their network more.

Read more from outside outlets discussing the Ello NSFW Email: Declaring the month of March NSFW Month. Here’s to Freedom of Expression! To an Open Internet for all.

 *official disclaimer – we are not suggesting that you start sharing adult and NSFW material on your social media outlets. However this IS suggesting that we do not have a problem with people having the right to do so. Thanks for visiting;

*Update 12/18/2015 :: Did TSU ever Listen to what we had to say about the Ello NSFW approach?

I can’t really say for sure but, I’m still using the platform and so are millions of others. That’s my year review – which goes in depth on what I actually like about this platform. I also have to say that their handling of censorship issues has been pretty impressive as they use real Human beings for customer support. Where as the Ello NSFW approach sorta allows a hands off moderation for the people over at Ello, what TSU does by allowing people to report ‘possibly unsafe content’ works out, because actual people are handling the emails when Posts/Content is flagged and removed; Read more in the update. Meanwhile, in spite of the ello nsfw approach, I’m still barely ever using that site. It seems like they continue to improve but, I wouldn’t know!

TSU Social Network Review

Year End Thoughts from TopNetworkersGroup was created in August of 2010 – mostly as an Idea to make a ‘roadmap’ for my business partners at the time to follow, and teach to others. I wanted us to be able to grow a massive network marketing organization, that makes money from multiple places; not just one. I didn’t know what kind of journey I was in for, but I have to tell you that I’m glad I made the decision to start. It’s been an amazing journey, and the future is brighter now than ever before.

When I started TopNetworkersGroup it was on the heels of a decision to leave the team I had worked with for all of my MLM Industry career. I never really had the greatest experiences working with them but I can say that there were more positives than negatives. In fact, having great teachers helped me manage my perceptions. I took the negatives and looked for the positives within them. I found so many – and they’re all an integral part of what TopnetworkersGroup is about to this day.

The Very Core Idea of TopNetworkersGroup is respect.

After respect, is loyalty – not to a company – to a product or a service; but to one another; To The Team; To the Network. These two core principles are the guiding forces of our philosophy – that … It’s About The Team, Not the Company.

I’ve always felt, that when you and I have multiple streams of income tied to one company – what we really have is One stream of income. An MLM company with a diversified product/service line is not enough for you and I to achieve absolute financial freedom in what is currently the 5th Wave of the MLM Industry.

Let me slow down a moment for you to understand what the 5th Wave is – in my early days of my career in MLM I read books About MLM. This knowledge of my field has always given me a distinct advantage over other marketers. It has also caused several of them to be somewhat jealous.  Sadly where I thought my partners would be inspired by my knowledge, many felt threatened.  More negative experiences like these, helped reveal deeper issues within the MLM Industry, that bring me to another Core aspect of our Philosophy. Education.

I figure if I am on the same educational plane with my business partners, if we are all speaking the same language and have the same understanding of our profession, together We can accomplish things that other networks have not. We can accomplish goals that other network marketers, will never seek to achieve – goals many of them will believe are unreachable – a belief that stems from the very lack of education I encountered coming up in this industry. This lack of education has gotten worse in today’s age, where Opportunity is abundant and absolutely everywhere. Meanwhile, actual quality training is not.

Education in MLM – is the Training I’m speaking about. This is a skillset. You will always need a system that will train (educate) you and your business partners; and their business partners, and their business partners. This is the true purpose of National Conventions that most MLM Companies hold, 3-4 times per year. This gives the entire company a chance to come and get trained (educated) by the very people who are Leading the company. During the year, most of these companies also host special events for the top leadership ranks, and top producers.

This allows the Top Leaders to get personally trained by the people who are Leading the company, creating a unified message. This is important to every single company, because there is no other way to ensure duplication. There is a saying in MLM; it does not matter what works, what matters is what can be duplicated. The essence of MLM is found in it’s simplicity, that anyone can do it. You and I refer things to people every single day. We just don’t get paid for doing it. Unless you’re part of a MLM company and you are referring people to products that also provide you with a % of what those referrals spend.

It gets even better as others can also turn around and refer people; and Both of you earn a % from those sales. Several MLM companies pay a % out on several levels, or generations of referrals. I tell Sam, and he tells David, and David tells John. John Tells Sue, and she tells Robin. All of them go out and gather a handful of customers. And because I told Sam, I am going to get a % of it all. It’s a beautiful Business model, not only for me, but also for Sam – as he too is getting a % from all that production.

It’s a fair business model too. Sam can out earn me. Robin can earn more than Sam and I combined. It’s all about what each person does with their opportunity. TopNetworkersGroup recently released this training which explains how this is possible. So many people who have never been shown this before, believe that the people at the top of an MLM make all of the money. The truth is – you are at the top of your own company within a company; and what you do determines your success or your failure.

This saying of ‘your company’ within a company doesn’t always feel like it’s real; depending on the MLM company you are aligned with. This is one of the realities that comes with the 5th Wave I mentioned earlier. There are so many MLM companies out there and not all of them are alike. We started pointing several of these differences out in the very beginning of TopNetworkersGroup – and everything came together with our One MLM System to Teach, Train, and Educate our entire team.

With So many changes and so much that is new and still, so much that is old, like anything everyone of us could use some help. We began putting together ‘training areas’ all the way back in 2010 – here are a couple of screenshots below.

tng-training-cg tng-training-tba

Once again, these training sections were created to make sure that our business partners had everything they would need to be successful. It also gave my business partners and I a central location to get together and build our organization. Consider these ‘early, less sophisticated versions’ of our One MLM System; Both however, come from my training in this industry, starting with the very first company I joined.  This is where I learned how important it is, to create an environment where my people can win; giving them the support and training they need to succeed!

However, Training – like a good book, is only useful when the education is applied.

As we move forward into 2015, we are excited about what the next year holds in store. It will be a year where all of our ideas start to truly come into fruition. So much of what we have been doing, has been all part of a process. Things like this take time. We’re not like everybody else out there, and what we are doing is so unconventional. It’s taking time for our idea to really soak in, especially with leaders who are resistant to change.

However the turmoil of the MLM Industry continues; companies continue to go out of business. Company owners continue to sell their companies to Other companies. MLM organizations have a tough time staying together – as people jockey to be ‘first’ in pre-launch opportunities promising to be the next BIG thing. Everyone believes the people at the top make all the money, so naturally this is why they are not making money now. They got in too late.

So they figure ‘getting in early’ is the answer.

Over the years I’ve seen so many people get in early with a company that goes under pretty early. Those leaders end up floating around from one opportunity to the next after that happens. Many fade out completely. This is a tough industry to be in, when you’re loyal to a company, that is not loyal to you. The owner of that MLM company did not create the opportunity for you to get rich. They created it, to sell a product or a service that they came up with. They need customers for it. That’s where you and I come in.

If (and when) that company gets bought out; the other company may not need their MLM customer acquisition sales force anymore. I’ve seen so many people lose their incomes overnight. If no one is telling you this, then how are you going to actually be prepared for it when it happens to you?

Enter, TopNetworkersGroup – and everything that has unfolded for us so far. Catch up on everything we will do for you – by watching our 2 Year Anniversary 1mlmsystem Overview – right now! This takes you on a short journey from where we have been for the past couple of years with our Training System for our team; and also where We are going.

After Two years, I am here to report – that TopNetworkersGroup will change MLM forever, starting in 2015. Every single development has led up to this moment.  For those who have expected us to be a large organization by now, they simply have not been paying attention. Many people talk without knowledge; this never stops people from voicing their ideas. It never matters if those ideas are accurate, these days, most people just like to hear themselves talk. That’s not the case with me, even though I do put out several videos. I do it because I have to do it. But I am looking forward to the day where I am able to take a back seat, and allow the Leadership Team of TopNetworkersGroup to take the helm; to teach, train and educate the entire organization.

That day is soon approaching. The day of Network Marketers making Professional Money is soon approaching. The day of seeing a higher % of people making money – by following a systematic approach, is soon approaching. I am glad to have played a role in it. I hope you will look back on your role and be proud of where you stood. You will either be part of what we do, or you will wish you had been part of it.

I recently watched a documentary on The Rise of Amazon. It’s pretty inspirational, because like Amazon, TopNetworkersGroup is seeking to do something revolutionary. We too, are seeking to change the world. Thankfully we’ve had the ‘time’ to develop ourselves, our ideas, and our system.  Thankfully we’ve had time to sort for leaders – and we have figured out, what so many are yet to. That team must be the focus; never the company. That fundamentals matter, and can be duplicated. That Together, we can do so much more than ‘just’ get customers for others; We can get customers for our selves…

The future is bright – I’m ready for the New Year; I hope you are too!

The Story of Amazon from CNBC

Getting More People To Share your Social Media Posts

I want to take a few moments to discuss getting more people to share your social media posts. Recently I began using a new social network, TSU – the social network ‘that pays’ you and I for what we’ve been doing for free, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks. You and I are sharing content daily, in the form of pictures, videos, links to articles we liked online – thoughts and ideas – and all of our Willful Participation creates Billions of Dollars for Social Networking Sites.

Business people have gravitated to these platforms – and in the past 3-4 years we have witnessed people building entire organizations through Social Media – most are achieving this from building a very Large audience. Popular people on social media websites have influence, just like in real life. This is why growing your audience through social media is one of the most important things anyone in business should be doing.

Getting more people to share your social media posts is one of the quickest ways to grow your audience. When our content is shared on social media – we are exposed to more and more people; many will become fans, followers, or friends. They will contribute to sharing our content and will help us generate more fans, followers and friends.

However, while this is the idea – not all business people experience this. While putting together some thoughts On TSU – for the new community there, I decided to dig up some ‘back up’ information to go with what I wanted to share with them, and now you – reading this now. Back in 2010 we released a free training called Social Networking For Money – since joining the new TSU community, it’s never been more relevant than it is now.

As I mentioned earlier, TSU pays us for what we’ve been doing ‘for free’ on other social networks. However the people who make the most money on TSU, are the people who understand ‘good networking’ – which is a fundamental skill and is not something that happens by accident. Good networking is a result of purposely seeking to build new relationships with other people. It involves taking a genuine interest in other people.

But even that is just the beginning – having a ton of good relationships, does not mean that people will share your social media posts! However, if you watched our Training before, or watch our NEW training which is related to TSU; but … works for 100% of social networks out in the socialverse – then you would know that what you share on social media matters!

shit content will always be shit content

Is your Content good or not?

Lots of people are very dishonest when it comes to this question.  Content is King on the internet. It has always been that way and it will continue to be the #1 rule for the foreseeable future. If you want people to share your social media posts then, your posts need to be worth sharing. If no one is sharing your posts – that ‘could’ be the case!

However, there are other variables you’ll want to check first.

Starting with your Audience – How big is it?

Facebook lets you have up to 5,000 friends; TSU also let’s you have up to 5,000 friends – if you have less than 2,000 friends on one or both platforms; Your audience is limited. let’s say you had 5,000 friends on BOTH platforms; your audience is now at 10,000 – so whatever you share is SEEN by a much larger audience than before. You cannot be upset at your shares, when you are only SEEN by a limited audience. The bigger your audience .. the more ‘opportunity’ for other people to share your social media posts.

Build Your Audience Increase Views and Shares

Next, let’s discuss those relationships – How good are they?

Really good relationships take time to develop. You cannot be in a hurry with these – and you often have to spend a fair amount of time Giving – and not Getting anything in Return. I meet people all the time who are afraid to be givers – because they have had bad experiences in the past. I am not here to discount those experiences – not all people who Receive are grateful – and few return those favors; BUT …. it’s those few that you’re looking for. You see, you have to have the right perspective about these things…

When you’re a “Good Networker” – these perspectives come naturally to you. You’re already focused on what you can do for others; You’re not worried about what comes back to you – because it always comes. That’s just how it works – it is the rule; the universal law! What you and I do to and for others; they tend to do to and for us…. OR more accurately; What we do for others; “IT” is done for us; Not always by the person we did it For 😉 – and again, that is the whole point!

How often has someone… a stranger perhaps, offered you something – and you turned it down? Did you not realize it was your Return for what you Gave to Others??

Do you see where I’m getting at?

If you will Share Other people’s posts; other people, eventually, will share yours. Especially if you have good stuff. It’s natural – it is the law. The more you are sharing other people’s stuff, the more you are building relationships and expanding your audience; the better Your content is; the more people will share your social media posts

Below – the new TSU Social Networking For Money Video I alluded to above – a few more comments below.!

TSU For Money – Free Training from TopnetworkersGroup

Here’s some ‘back up’ – an article from Oracle; which also talks about the need for your content to be good; along with a few other factors that you will benefit from knowing!

Other Related Articles from TopNetworkersGroup!

Also enjoy this awesome Infographic on When/Where to Share Your Social Media Posts (click to see full view!)

Share Your Social Media Posts When and Where

Content is King

Use what we’ve shared here, to help you with ‘attracting people’ into wanting to share your social media posts on all of the various popular networks. Check out an update on The social network we mentioned in this article; Written on December 18th, 2015. After using TSU for an entire year, these are my thoughts!

TSU Social Network Review

1mlmsystem URL updates; New Logos; Big Picture Vision

This is a quick update on our 1mlmsystem URL’s – which in some cases may have changed depending on where you are. A while back we wrote this –

Both 1mlmsystem URL’s Now Working

Well – the ‘tngusername’ variable is no longer working on our  1mlmsystem Home Page.

In fact, the whole 1mlmsystem home page has been revamped. Where you used to see the system overview, and had to wait for the clock; We’re now giving people a bigger picture of what we are up to. We’ve added a navigation bar, which now links people to a quick launch video; our Free MLM Training Video Page; Our Free Your Mind Presentation (based on The Matrix Trilogy) – and also The Black Folder.

Coming soon will be a Programs Page, which will allow people to preview which programs are currently In our system; but also will STRESS our message, that it’s the team that matters; not the mlm affiliate program or company.

We all do the same things; and so it doesn’t matter what the company does; does not matter what they pay – if you and I have no network; we cannot make money in network marketing. Period.

This is and has been our message since we first formed TopNetworkersGroup in 2010. Most of the early people who helped create this idea, oddly enough, were not committed to the idea. Most left the partnership, over a company.

So, going forward, we wanted to make sure we are attracting the right kinds of people to grow our team with. Also, we want people to be exposed to all of what we have going on. This big picture vision is important for all of our prospects.

— We also have New Logos for the 1mlmsystem.

New One MLM System Logo

The new Logo incorporates ‘the strongest structure known to man’ – A pyramid.

Early on, there were some people who didn’t like the name for our 1mlmsystem, because of the word mlm in the title. There are so many people in MLM who are ashamed to be part of the MLM Industry. This to me, is a shame in and of itself. You and I should be proud to represent this industry – for all the wonderful things it can do (and has done) for so many people. So, the decision to include a pyramid is also all about taking Pride in what we do.

MLM’s are not pyramid schemes although that is part of the reputation that is out there.

The pyramid however, Is a structure that nearly all businesses operate on.  This structure can keep a corporation, or any organization in tact for years and years – withstanding the unpredictable weather; the storms of life and of business.

This is all at the very heart of our message to our industry – WE MUST build and MAINTAIN our networks. We must build on Loyalty to one another; not loyalty to a company….

We have also redesigned our Number One Logo – also to better reflect our vision for this team that we are building. We are Number One – and our Championship claim will rise out of our commitment and loyalty to one another; to our Foundation – which you will see represented in the new design.  Take a look at our One MLM System to Rule them all – which continues to grow, evolve and improve – JUST as each of us should be doing.

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