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Lebron James Goes Back To Cleveland : Sports and Business

The news is everywhere today and there is nonstop discussion on all social media; over The Decision part II – Lebron James Goes Back to Cleveland, truly shocking the world!

It was a Class Act from Miami Heat Owner Mickey Arison – tweeting out the following:

Shock but, appreciation and understanding for the decision that was made. As Lebron James goes back to Cleveland he is doing so in spite of the disrespectful letters and statements made by Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Also, let us not forget about all those fans burning Lebron James Jersey’s. However today, all of those fans are rejoicing.

The King has come back home!

Should he have chosen to go back to a team, owned by a guy who literally bashed him for all the world to hear? Should he return to a city who’s fans talked about him as if they owned his very life? I don’t mean to defend Lebron but, how many of us grew up in a city, and went ‘away’ for 4 years to college and got to experience what it is like to be away from home; only to discover how much you really wanted to be in the city where you were born?


Today, Lebron James goes back to Cleveland with a totally different mindset and mentality. He has experienced things; Won Championships. Lost in the Finals. Without a doubt, his return to Cleveland makes them instantly better. As his story continues to unfold, we will all continue to Witness. Primarily because he is in the spotlight, and that is what we do in this society. We watch other people pursue and live out their dreams.

While you and I watch Lebron make Millions of dollars; while we witness his Million Dollar life-changing Decisions; what lessons are we learning about our own lives?

Here at TopNetworkersGroup we are having an ongoing discussion under the theme of Sports and Business. Sports is a microcosm of life, and especially business. Even more especially sports relates to much, to the network marketing industry, which is a Team Sport. What lessons are we picking up here once again as we see examples of business decisions, over emotional ones?

We hear so often about how Sports is a Business. Professional teams have traded players for years, regardless of how much of a contribution they made to the team; or how much the fan base liked or loved them. While several people were outspoken about their displeasure of his original decision to leave the Cavaliers; few people examined it from a Business Decision point of view.

Not only is playing in Miami more profitable – Winning Championships ensures a long term career around the game of basketball. Lebron will always be talked about for the rest of his life and will make several paid appearances. He will be paid more too, because he’s a 2-time champion; and if he happens to tack on an extra ring or a few more – all of it ultimately is good for business.

Lebron James is one of our modern day athletes who’s had the benefit of watching several others make poor business decisions; It’s similar to what we talk about here at TopNetworkersGroup, when it comes to learning from the mistakes others are making; and then avoid making those mistakes. I recently heard that, a smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again; but a Wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether!

Do you want to be smart, or wise?

Silly question I suppose.

perhaps when it’s all said and done we’ll look back on Lebron’s “decisions” as smart moves; and Wise players will follow that path; and restore a bit of order to the NBA; who honestly, does have far too many owners, with ‘plantation mentality’. Rather than viewing their players as, ‘business partners’, and taking a real concern in the best for each player; often NBA teams simply use money as a Carrot of Performance; caring not what they do off the court; so long as they show up to games and perform …. OR ELSE!

… because there are plenty more where you came from …

This is sorta how Dan Gilbert talked about Lebron James.

This is how, reportedly, Donald Sterling addressed his own players; for Years.

Pieces of property; rather than, People.

Honestly this is how I’ve begun to see the MLM Industry as well. At the same time I understand the unique position companies find themselves in. If you have a top earner making $100,000 per year; you want to do all you can, to keep that top earner from endorsing ‘competition’ —

Honestly, I feel too many networkers are Unwise, in that they are not learning from the mistakes of others who’ve been doing the same mistake over and over for years now.

They’re building their network based on a company; instead of basing it around the team. Then again, how would they know any better when, most of the people ‘new people’ are meeting, are following the advice of others who are stuck; unable to promote anything but a company; which may or may not be in business 2-5 years from that point in time.

Anything can happen in our business – and especially with so many companies coming and going; we never truly know what the future holds. This is why the decision to build your network – is going to be a lightbulb business decision moment for you. Just like the decision part 2, as Lebron James goes back to Cleveland to finish out his career.

He says something similar about his decision to return home; sounds like he’d want his children to have the same experiences he had, growing up as a kid in Ohio. It sounds like he wants to live in the community he is from; and contribute to it directly; having a real pulse for what’s happening there by being there.

It’s a decision, sorta like his decision to leave; that is unlike what most people have done before; and probably goes against the grain of what most people feel he should have done. Even I questioned going back, to play for an owner that said those kinds of things; and yet, He says all is forgiven; that the two of them talked, and got over it – putting the past behind them to pursue a greater future. I think that people will always question the decisions you make, but you have to make the decision that is right for you.

What’s right for you may not be right for someone else; but if it’s right for you; then stick with your decision. He signed a contract with Miami with an option to re-evaluate the relationship in 4 years; that’s what he did. Yet another lesson; Lebron didn’t go back to Cleveland after they lost the first championship to the Mavericks; and I don’t think he is going back just because of the recent loss to the Spurs.

He gave it 4 years.

How many of you can give a business 4 years?

How many of you can go through some Losses, especially in the championship – and then come back focused with your head down, committed to the team .. in order to win TWO times – back to back?  Most of you quit in fa few days, or a few weeks; very few of you make it to the end of the year. Those are all very poor business decisions.

Too bad many of you can’t see how its turning out. However … perhaps even you can think hard about coming back home; to where you belong – With the Team…


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork in All Areas of Life, Sports and Business

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Teams Win Championships (Does Lebron Have enough Team to Overcome The Hawks?)

Business Decisions for Business People

I started TopNetworkersgroup for several reasons, but the lack of business decisions from business people had to be one of the major reasons.  The MLM industry is very interestingly diverse. The vast majority of people in MLM have no experience running a business. Most of the people making money in MLM either have experience with making business decisions or, they learned the difference.

Business Decisions are Logical Decisions. They involve math, and other calculations. A business decision is usually well thought out, planned, and orchestrated to bring about a certain result. The opposite of these logical decisions are emotional decisions.

As a business man or woman, you will learn about acquiring customers. A good teacher will instruct you on how to make a customer buy your product or service. You do it, by avoiding all of the logical reasons, and instead you focus on the emotional reasons.

I started out in business selling phone service. My phone company was cheaper. But many people have a loyalty to big name brands. So it’s not possible to approach someone to change their phone service to a company they have never heard of, even if it will save them money. People just don’t make logical decisions like that.

We live in a fantasy world, most of us, forever wishing people made logical decisions but the reality is, most people do not.  If we were a society of logical decision making people we wouldn’t have so many of the problems we have – like war, poverty, famine.

This explains it all.

You would see far more people making money in MLM, if more of the people joining MLM would simply make business decisions.But this is not what people do. People do not take math into account at all. They join a company that runs them $100/mo – and don’t have $200 of ‘disposable income’ coming in to run their $100/mo business.

I just lost 50% of the people reading now – because I used some math.

Numbers really cause emotional reactions in people – I was a math major in College. Oh how the eyes roll whenever I tell people that. 99% of the time, folks would react with saying “Math? I Hate math!”

You can’t be successful in business and hate math.

If you hate math, you need to come to a realization that hate is an emotion; Emotional decisions are the main reason the 99% are broke; the 1% make business decisions; often with no emotion. Many would argue the decisions they are making are leading us all in the wrong direction on this planet. But, they don’t seem to care.

So clearly there is a line …  having NO emotion at all can lead to some devastating results. Too much emotion does too. Once again we find ourselves where so many cultures have recommended we be at, for centuries – We need to find Balance.

We need to make Intelligent Business Moves – that’s what a Business Decision is.

A Business Decision is not ‘personal’ – but that does not mean we should not consider the relationship, and the people who are involved in our business decisions. In network marketing there is a no-no called Crossline recruiting. This is a practice that is done by weak unskilled network marketers. They will make ‘business decisions’ to grow their organizations by seeking to Poach People from other networks.

This is an example of a business decision that takes into account no care, or any consideration for others. It’s our believe that whenever possible, networks should be kept together. The relationships are what pull networks together in the first place. Building networks is what TopnetworkersGroup is and always has been about.

And we teach our members to make intelligent moves – to use a business strategy that is not going to harm; but will Help them – absolutely – over time; with consistent effort – No Hype, No Scams Here – Just the hardcore truth. You should get positioned in a network and start building your network for Free. You should start making money from building your network; positioning others. Then you should reinvest the money you make, so you can earn More money; to reinvest, to earn even More Money.

We call this, being intelligent.

Risking rent, missing a car payment, all because you believe you’re going to get rich in 90 days with a company you can barely afford, is an emotional decision.

Having a real way to show people how to get started with a low investment, make money, grow it, as they grow their organization – That’s a business decision.

It’s what we recommend, for all business people.

Take a look at a recent video from the CEO and founder of TopNetworkersGroup; talking about one of the opportunities we are now endorsing; and WHY –

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So, So Tired of Scams – Getting Around The Hype

I don’t know about you, but I am so, So tired of scams.

I’m tired of watching people fall for scams. I’m tired of people promoting scams. I’m tired of people in my downline quitting a good opportunity for a scam. I’m tired of scams.

That’s one of the driving factors that motivated me to launch topnetworkersgroup. I was so tired of scams in 2010 that I felt the industry needed guidance. I felt like if a handful of us would come together we could help people avoid scams, and make real money. But so many of the people I attempted to start this movement with, fell for a scam.

I’m sick and tired of scams.


They are unavoidable. I just wish there was a way to keep people from falling for these and yet, even I had to fall for a few myself to know what a scam looks like. Are you tired of scams? That seemed to be the Theme behind the video for the Hyper VSP; a system which supposedly gets you more traffic.

See my problem? My Scam alert went off right away. NOTHING is going to get traffic for you but you. I don’t wanna lead you on or disappoint you. I do not want to lie to you or sell you a dream. Getting WebTraffic takes hard work. If you want to get more web traffic, you’re very intelligent. If you want to get more web traffic with an automated autopilot system – You’re lacking the intelligence you will need to achieve success.

While going over a few ‘websites’ I came across The Hyper VSP video; I loved the first 2 minutes of it and THEN suddenty I had a huge Problem. I made a video which Explains the problem I have. I highly recommend you Take a look at it as soon as possible. It is everything WRONG with our industry today. TOO Many people are taken advantage of simply because they do not know what is good, and what is hype.

Avoid the hype – whenever you see it.

There is no magic button. There is no shortcut to success.

The road to success leads through the dumpster. It’s a tough road but if you stay on the path, no matter what you come across while traveling, you WILL REACH Your destination.

Check out these Resources from TopNetworkersGroup to help you Avoid Scams!

Learn Real Internet Marketing Skills – What LevelOneNetwork is really All About


Training, also known as Education is the real key to avoid scams. I’m So Sick and Tired of Scams but without people who are willing to Go Pro and be real Professionals; people will continue to fall for scams. YOU can help – become a Network Marketing Professional as a member of TopNetworkersGroup. Help us create a well trained team, and shut down scams everywhere!

Check out this Audio – Go Pro by Eric Worre (full Version) @

The Frustration Fighter with Bishop TD Jakes

So … right after I got done expressing myself in my Open Letter to Black Home Business Owners, I come across “The Fight with Frustration” From Bishop T.D. Jakes.

It was, literally right on time…..

So here we have it – the real frustration fighter – prayer. Speaking to ‘the rock’ – Going inside and simply, letting it work itself out. Really? I can absolutely see how this would relieve the stress that is easy to arise; due to how frustration works; because … of the Investment, that Bishop Jakes speaks on on the first part, of the message. … about Speaking to the Rock; while Feeding the People.

The Frustration fighter, is to VENT it to Jesus; not to the person we are upset with.

Simply, to “go to the Rock” …. here’s Part 2, which really brings it home.

(quick note, some of this WAS in part 1; hey it’s how they cut these videos right? Taped live from TV to you via YouTube – Listen)

Regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are you have to admit the ‘timing’ is incredible. Right as I finish sharing my frustration with my own people – and our inability to work together, using a model that would create real freedom financially for all involved – I see this. A sermon on … patience. A message about dealing with ignorant people, who murmur and doubt, and question.

Funny right?

See, I’m not here to ‘push’ my ideas on you but I will comment on the remarkable timing of this message; Quick Screen shot evidence too …

quick FB-proof

This blog is set up to post on my wall when I publish new content; So you see the Open Letter to Black Home Business owners there (2 hours) – and you see, almost immediately (as I just said) – I shared a link from TD Jakes; which was right there on my Timeline.

“When you are frustrated with people you love, the conflict is overwhelming” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Please listen to that Video above to UNDERSTAND The context of that quote – as he speaks loudly about how people Don’t know anything about Leadership; the Reality is, God will use anyone – ANYONE – Even someone you may not ‘think’ would be called to lead; and because the people have such a hard time recognizing who’s ‘called to lead’ … they murmur …

“Long as the manna was falling He was cool – When people get frustrated with the leader, they murmur against him. ”

Interesting too how this message seems to …. Speak to why even “I” had to express myself; because, “Frustration Has to Express itself” —– I love how in this sermon he talks about how God commands Moses to speak to the rock; but instead – with Frustration; speaks to the people.

See …

Gotta love the Message. I love how just as I get done expressing my frustration, to the people, about the people, about my own people – a Timely message floats my way;

Shout out to Robert Fraser too – Up and coming Leader in the MLM Industry; Check out his channel on YouTube Here.

Back to this message though from Bishop Jakes…  about he real frustration fighter, clearly this message was For me; and as Bishop explains … “I had a right to be frustrated, I have invested in it ….. If the Stock market crashes and You have no investment, Do you care? No you do not – but when you INVEST you now have Expectation…. and when people do not Deliver on what you expect; Frustration is natural”

… Perhaps, I should’ve spoke to the Rock 🙂

Perhaps some of you, reading this now, perhaps you relate to another spiritual energy – some other supernatural force; a creator – a master teacher – whomever you believe in; even if it’s just the ‘law of attraction’ that you feel is real – Look at it, in action …

Perhaps if you too are frustrated – Perhaps this message is for you too! Perhaps that’s what ‘drew’ you to it ….  Perhaps like those who practice yoga, or those who meditate, have had it right all along – the answer is to go to that ‘still quiet place’ – To go “inside” – to get silent and just ‘allow’ things to work themselves out –

Listen to a strong message from Mr. Robert Fraser as he speaks about that in this video –

Click here to register for the One MLM System to rule them all with Rob Fraser – follow this leader to the ‘promised land’ –

Sometimes we Absolutely do need to just “let go and Let God” —- Or simply LET things happen on their own; ignore the ‘situations’ (which may include People!!) that frustrate us. Perhaps if we simply, UNPLUG and go drink a ‘spoofy drink on the beach‘ – Things will unfold, while we’re on that break.

Then go back at it … As Mr. Fraser says – I remembered watching this video (and commenting on it) a month or so ago; and funny how it just came back to me; funny how it fits in – But, that is usually how it works.

If you’re FIGHTING with Frustration; My hope is that these messages – fit together right on time, for you – wherever you are – whenever you read this. Together, let’s speak to the rock; (instead of the people), even though we have the right to be frustrated due to all the time, love, money, and care we have invested … – unplug and let these situations work themselves out; knowing they will – because, they already have.

We are simply working to arrive at that moment.

Here’s to the Journey ….

To Success!

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee, the Write Offs, the Vacations, the Lifestyle

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!!

Always loved that saying, and due to both of my parents being coffee drinkers some how I found myself enjoying the taste of coffee too. But also, having been involved in network Marketing for so long, I can vouch for the industry when I say that I’ve never seen this happen before – Too many people are making money here – and too many ‘veterans’ of MLM are distracted with company hopping to notice – Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I have recently updated our WakeUpNow Presentation page over @ – who recently added Coffee to their collection of products and services… Take a look at the awesome Promo Video From WakeUpNow – and their Awaken Coffee Brand – which you can try out now as a FREE preferred customer of WakeUpNow – (you also get huge discounts on our other products and services –)

The Coffee Industry is one of the largest industries in the entire World.

I was recently reading a report on the Coffee Market which stated that currently the U.S. spends around $26 Billion Per Year on Coffee – and it’s expected we’ll be spending just under $34 Billion by 2018 – Naturally, MLM companies see the emmense value of getting a small % of that market. Think about it — If you got 1% of a $34 Billion Market; YOU would be making $3.4 BILLION per year — So what if you got a 1/2%? … or even a Smaller slice of that HUGE pie; Do you see how there’s quite a bit of money in it for you as a business person to Sell Coffee?

This is why you now see So Many MLM Companies selling Coffee –

Truth is, WakeUpNow is going to make MORE money from selling the Coffee than you are as the Distributor – which is why We continue to SOUND THE ALARM To everyone in MLM, that OUR team as a ‘better way’ – WakeupNow is our Highest Paying Affiliate program within our One MLM System “to rule them all” – because we FOCUS on our Team first; We want our team to make money selling Several Brands of coffee; not just one.

And yet, if you and I are going to participate in an MLM that is selling coffee, we might as well Make GOOD money for it; and frankly NO company in the industry can match what WakeUpNow is doing, as far as how they are compensating the field.

The President of WakeUpNow, Jason Elrod, who recently spoke at the California Culture Conference in Newport Beach, California – said that he and CEO Kirby Cochran set out to FIX what they felt was WRONG with network marketing – such as the field not making enough money; and also, companies not truly offering Value in the products they’re asking the field to market.

So Far I’ve spoke about Coffee – but I’ve hinted at the other awesome services provided through WakeUpNow; including Taxbot – the app from Sandy Botkin, that I have seen a handful of MLM companies offer to their members – because it helps us track the Deductions that are owed to us, as business owners.

So far in the month of January – I’ve personally Deducted over $400 – and I Didn’t start ‘using’ the app properly, till about the 3rd Week of this month.

Here’s a quick Screen shot.


Imagine how much money I would’ve saved by now had I been using the app all month? As a business owner I’ve always known about my write-off rights! I’ve used as many of them as I could keep track of, but truthfully I needed a better method. This app gives me a better method; and I don’t have to Pay ‘extra’ for it, like other MLM companies – which often DO require their reps pay for this awesome tool. I’m looking forward to all the money I’ll be saving in February, and beyond.

Then there’s the Vacations – so many people join MLM companies to improve their lifestyle; Going on Vacations is a huge part of those plans; and since the Vacation (Traveling) Industry is so Huge as well, MLM companies have sprang into action to get a piece of that pie as well. Not only do we have a wya to save money on vacations we’d like to take with our loved ones, or even by ourselves – we can also WIN points to take FREE Trips, based on our production as a Serious Founder5 and Beyond – with WakeUpNow – Are you still asleep?

How does earning $2,000 per month with a team of less than 200 people sound to you?

How about earning $600 per month with a team of 12 people???

Do I really need to say more?

If you need help, if you need training – that’s what I’m here for. The only thing I ask is that you do what I ask you to do. I cannot stand people who sign up with me and then question me on how to go about getting sign ups. If I was able to make you want to partner with me, don’t you think you can learn a few things from me? Don’t you think it would benefit you to try some of the suggestions I make to you? When you consider that I only make money by helping others make money, wouldn’t it make sense not to argue?

Common sense is not common; and there are a lot of ignorant people in the MLM industry; especially those of you who are new; All I ask, is that you have ‘enough sense’ to know that you do not need to be talking when Class is in Session; Take notes, learn from those who’ve been at this for a while; so you can follow in our footsteps; rather than trying to figure these things out on your own. Get Signed Up and WAKE UP … right Now.

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