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Will Ong.Social Be The Next Facebook Or The Next TSU?

The other day on our YouTube channel we released a brief overview of Ong.Social which is a brand new social network. Unlike several others this one is ‘built on the blockchain’, and has plans to begin paying out in cryptocurrency.  In fact, OnG is a cryptocurrency itself and over the weekend their ICO for this coin launched.

Exciting times lay ahead! Specifically for Ong.Social, which potentially could become the Next Facebook.

Then Again, will Ong.Social be the Next TSU?

TSU was an exciting social network that launched about two years ago, but went out of business. We attached ourselves to that network, and believed in the vision. However, there are plenty of reasons for why TSU didn’t make it. So many of these reasons stand as valuable lessons, that Ong.Social will want to avoid if it wants to become the Next Facebook.

That was TSU’s mission afterall, just like so many social networks. They are the granddaddy and so, naturally they are the goal as well.  If you’re running a social network and don’t want to become as big as facebook, then what are you doing?  Why are you even in the space for, if you aren’t striving to be the best!?

TSU took it’s jab, and did so unsuccessfully. I’ll give you a few reasons why right now.

The $100 minimum payout that TSU established was just far too high!   When earnings are based on views, and the value your profile is bringing to the network then those earnings are sure to vary. The way the business model was set up for TSU gave people with the ability to refer others, an advantage over others. It also made it much easier for some to reach the payout, than it did for others.

Being paid in ‘fiat dollars’ may also be a strategy that has exhausted itself.  Right alongside the idea of asking people to ‘pay to use a social network’, we have come to discover that no one really wants to be paid in dollars. Getting paid in cryptocurrency though? That’s a much more exciting proposition.

TSU also had too many changes to their compensation model, which I feel was  a reaction to yet another failure on their part. They added a report button, and that’s always a huge risk.   Whenever websites give the power to the community to regulate others on the community it’s problematic.  False flagging is a real challenge in the social network universe, and some companies handle these ‘reports’ better than others. The simple fact is, TSU was not ready to properly handle reports, which often led to people losing their social profiles and all accumulated earnings.

Once the word spread that people were losing their accounts on TSU, activity dropped.  With a business model who’s income is based on ads, which are tied to activity, it was a formula for failure. This led to changing the platform several times, and it simply never caught up!

If OnG.Social wants to be the Next Facebook, and avoid being the Next TSU, this is what they’ll want to do.


the ongcoin from

Don’t change anything from how it is right now.

That’s a major one… because eventually change will have to occur. Nothing ever stays the same and if it does, it usually falls behind the times. But OnG.Social has something good on it’s hands right now.   The plans for their future, that I have seen so far look great to me.

Currently you can request a payout whenever you’re ready. They are giving you a $10 bonus just to sign up, an then your earnings are based on ‘views and clicks’ from there on out. Currently you can be paid via paypal or request a check. However, in the future you’ll be able to cash out to multiple cryptocurrency wallets (BTC, ETH or WAVES)

A few more articles and conversations about Ong.Social from around the web

If you’ve followed TopnetworkersGroup for a while then you’re aware that we’ve been out in front of these social networks.  We aligned ourselves with Crazygood, and put a decent sized team into that opportunity.  Through TSU, we also had a large network of referrals who we hoped would benefit greatly.  Unfortunately those sites went out of business. That’s all part of business however. Risk comes with anything we attempt to do. As business men and women, we have to ask ourselves if simply using Facebook is good enough for us.  OneNameGlobal (ongCoin) has a vision for us that goes beyond facebook marketing ….

Do we want to be more than ‘just another marketer on facebook‘?  That’s the question for today …

You’re invited to check out the new social network here – be sure to add me when you get there.




United Games TNG Review: Worth It or Not?

Our TNG Review of United Games ( – is going to take you to a level that many marketers are not prepared for. That was your warning. Let’s dive in.

Many marketers are looking through the internet right now to find out if United Games is a scam or a legit business opportunity. The biggest problem with this is, smart marketers like myself and others are going to write articles from our perspectives. If marketers read the wrong articles, their view of United Games may be ruined forever. Chances are, this is one of those articles. That isn’t ever really my goal though. I want business people to make business decisions. To do that, requires using the noggin.

Not everyone wants to use their Noggin.  They prefer simply following others around instead.

To me, that’s where United Games comes in. They have no app (yet) – the app is coming. That is a red-flag for me; Just like the ones the rippln Opportunity raised because there was just so much hype involved. Promises are being made of an app to rule all apps. But when the app finally launches will it deliver?

The answer is we really do not know. No one can know that answer.

Until United Games gives us their app we can only speculate as to whether or not it will be well received by the masses.  Recent FTP Rulings on Herbalife and other mlm’s are making it clear that real Customers are still a requirement. So building your incomes entirely on the backs of affiliates (business owners) is just not going to fly. This may end up being the case when United Games finally releases their app. Not because I want it to be the case.

It may be the case, because the world of apps is a VERY competitive market.

Phones come with limited space and for a lot of people, the decision to install a new app means deciding to remove one.  Marketers who have invested so much time into building teams, I hope have a back up plan in mind already. Here’s what I suggest!

If they do not have a plan in place, we’re going to see what we’ve been seeing for the past 5 years in Network Marketing. More people losing faith in the industry. More networks broken apart. More people disillusioned with the industry. I hope you’re reading this and starting to understand that – a lot of you are just making a poor decision.

Your poor decision is you’ve put all your eggs into the United Games basket.

You’re also not building a back up plan, with the current partners that you have.

You’re headed for the same ending that so many marketers have reached. This is why we want to learn from history and not repeat it.  You need to be Intelligent and prepare for ‘what might happen’ in business. You cannot just put blinders on and pretend.  Now if the app comes out, and it’s actually a great app – United Games may turn out to be a fantastic opportunity. Risk matters in business and risk is a constant. It was a risk to join, and it was also a risk to pass on the opportunity.

So I get that.

Which is why you should have a System in place that protects YOU and your partners from the volatility of our industry.

Any business can go out of business. This includes the businesses we promote now through Our system; and even United Games.

We hope it turns out to be a great deal for all involved. But there are fantasy sports opportunities we promote NOW that have already stood several tests, that United Game is yet to pass.

  • Both of our Daily Fantasy Sports Programs have been in business for over a year;
  • Both are paying out on weekly contests without any problems.
  • Both are paying On Multiple Levels.

But why aren’t they more popular?

Simple – because the industry is full of Uneducated marketers, who jump around MLM like the silly rabbits that they are.

Many are going to learn a lesson either way with United Games. Let’s all stay tuned, and see what pans out.

United Games Fantasy Sports app Review

Azealia Banks vs. The Business

The other day I was speaking about Azealia Banks on my Facebook …

I was reading more on that Azealia stuff this morning. As I stated the other day I really didn’t read what all she said before she got her twitter shut down. I was reading her responses To being suspended. She was saying she felt that white supremacy is what got her suspended from Twitter; that she had spoken badly about everyone; but when she started to talk badly about white folks, that’s when it was over for her. She has a point there.

You have to pick your battles in War.

While I get what she is saying, the words she chose are really what got her in trouble; and to a degree keep getting her in trouble; even if she does have a point. She mentioned that she’s very angry that her art keeps getting stolen by others; who then hide behind their fan base; and talk down to the people they stole their ideas from.

I started to think about the business world; Music, is def. part of the business world; and Business is cut throat. You think about the Wars between Apple and Microsoft which, started because Bill Gates stole ideas from Steve Jobs.

Stealing Ideas in business, is business.


When Nike signed athletes to market their shoes; Other shoe companies started doing the same thing too.

Real quick, here are my original thoughts on what happened to Azealia – via my FB page.

azealia banks thoughts on fb

In other words, I really do understand where she is coming from.

It’s frustrating to be talented and black in America. It really is. You end up dealing with so much; not only from those who are not black; but also black people who are caught up in seeking the approval of Non-black racial groups.

We are up against a lot, as black men and women in society.

This is especially the case in business; because – Business is part of society.

So many aspects of society cannot help but spill into business; and this is again, why the Network Marketing industry emphasizes Personal growth and Self development.

We really do not work hard to protect the “Group known as Blacks” – as hard as we work to protect other Groups in this nation.

We go all out to fight for women, for gays, for transgenders, for immigrants, and it seems like new groups are emerging each day, with stories of oppression and unfair treatment.  Our society hears their cries, and we tend to their wounds. Our society looks out for these groups – often using the struggle of African Americans known as the Civil Rights Movement,  as a basis for their arguments. All while ignoring the cries within the black community.

I can see why she got frustrated; why she’s seemingly always frustrated – Then again, I’m not ready to say she was Right with all that she said.

What I do know is, we cannot do much about those who hate us; steal from us; talk down on us; but we can do a better job of loving one another.

To me, that’s the main objective we should be striving for.

While I’ve always been open to doing business with people regardless of their ethnic background; I’d be foolish to overlook the people who chose not to do business – because of mine.

This is however, what many black people in business are doing.

We are pretending that people really don’t care about our race – We just have to dress up. We just have to talk proper. We just have to stay away from talking about controversial subjects. We just have to ….. where does it end?  When are we going to just be okay with being ourselves??

While I feel sorry for the likes of Azealia Banks – as she is just one of several black artists who feel their art is not appreciated on the same level as their white counterparts. Ultimately she and others like her need to come to the same realization I came to. It’s more important how we feel about each other, than how others feel about us.

Read other related articles :

What are YOUR thoughts on this latest Azealia Banks controversy?  Is stealing just part of being in business?  Can black people improve how black people view themselves and one another? Sound off in the comments below!  Thanks, as always for stopping by!

Let Em’ Sleep : Our 2016 Theme

You’ve heard it here – Our 2016 Theme – “Let Em’ Sleep” – begins in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ………..


Get ready …

I’ve gotten to the point where My disappointment with people in the MLM Industry, has made me more and more ‘reclusive‘ – it’s sad to say this but, The more I network with networkers, the more I find people who are … asleep.

I’ve had so many people come to me; Express great interest and fondness for Our One MLM System – who then go on to try and ‘make their own versions’ – without fully understanding any of the principles that it takes, to make something like this work. But, I guess that would require people being ‘awake’ in order to realize that they do not know, what they do not know.

Together Everyone Achieves More – but most networkers do not seem to know that.

If they did, more would be doing it. More of them would have decided to work ‘together’ under one banner; growing this organization together – so that we could all learn, and teach these principles; and create a large enough ‘team‘ – to where our Team Leaders could always branch Off later; create their ‘own systems’ – with their ‘own programs’ – because, by that time they’d already fully understand and embrace that, it’s Not About the Programs. The team really does matter more than the company. However, if these networkers knew this, they’d be doing this.

They are not.

So, We shall Let em’ Sleep …

Whoever decides not to roll with us; it’s whatever – Our system will simply continue to improve, get better, and We’ll attract more and more of the right people.

That’s how things go anyways.

The people who are supposed to be rolling with us – are.

The ones who were supposed to come, and compliment, only to go off and ‘do their own thing’ – did.

The ones who sign up as ‘leads’ and never unlock their systems, were always going to do that anyways….

There’s unlimited earning potential in the MLM opportunities On the planet today – and anyone saying that it’s not wise to develop Multiple Streams of MLM Income – is giving you Unwise counsel. Look around, and look into wealth. Study the subject – what you’ll find are countless examples of people who are making money in more than one place – OFTEN Within the same industry; In other words, there is a such thing as owning Two Hotel Chains, within the Hotel Industry; having Two Music Record companies, within the Music Record industry; there is a such thing as owning more than ONE house, with in the real Estate Industry – so anyone suggesting that you and I cannot earn money in MORE than one MLM company is not only uneducated about wealth; they are simply talking from an ‘agenda’.

And we shall Let em’ Sleep – they can continue to think that they can push that agenda on us….

We wouldn’t be ‘leaders’ though, if we followed that misdirected advice.

We are here, for the people ….

You’re either with that mission; or you’re not.

And the way we understand it, it always goes, the way it is supposed to go.

Want to see how DEEP this rabbit hole goes?

Watch our special presentation ‘ FREE YOUR MIND ‘ – for blue pills only ….

Check out our 3 year Anniversary Recap for the 1mlmsystem To Rule Them All  — lots of nuggets and Valuable information contained inside this Webinar; Take notes! Especially if you are one of our leaders, helping in the expansion and GROWTH of our movement; to help more people make more money in the MLM industry… Please understand, everything we’re doing here is ‘grass roots’ – and we are thankful for all who’ve come, who’ve gone, and especially who have stayed. We’re Excited about 2016 – and we have no problems with those who are Not part of what we are about to do. Let Em’ Sleep! – let’s get it!

Solutions For Problems

Click on this picture “Solutions for these Problems” – to see even more of what We’ve had to say about everything you’ve read about in this article. We Do have solutions but, we’re not going to try to talk people into doing anything they do not want to do. We’re going to go ahead, and Let em’ sleep in 2016 …

Daily Fantasy Sports: Was John Oliver Right?

Let’s talk about Daily Fantasy Sports Websites. (*2/22/19 – quick update on this article, before we get into the content below, originally penned in 2015. Lots has happened in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry – including a couple of the programs we recommended initially below, going out of business. Big name companies we talekd about, have since been bought out by bigger sports betting companies; so they can offer daily fantasy sports to their audiences. From 2017, to 2018 the DFS industry only saw about a 2.4% growth; bringing in over $3 billion in ‘entry fees’.  The net profits, are still under $400 Million dollars.  That’s OPPORTUNITY to a business minded professional. Are you interested in taking Advantage of an opportunity? Those who ‘help’ the industry grow, will partake in the profits…. * Original content below; was John Oliver right about Daily Fantasy sports?)

If you’re new to our website, TopNetworkersGroup has been talking about the Huge and Expanding industry of Daily Fantasy Sports for several months now.  In a nutshell, Daily Fantasy Sports has literally changed just about everything in the Fantasy Sports landscape. I have been playing fantasy sports for more than 10 years now; and when new sites sprang up giving people a way to Play fantasy sports without the year long commitment I knew they were onto something hot!

Time has proven that to be true. The daily fantasy sports industry is now bringing in so much money that it’s getting a lot of attention. Recently on Last Week Tonight (a show on HBO) John Oliver ripped into the industry – mostly by going after it’s two biggest names: DraftKings and FanDuel. The question John Oliver and several others are raising, including states like Nevada and New York which recently banned these kinds of websites from operating in their states, is whether or not it’s gambling.

Here’s a clip from the show; John Oliver going IN on Daily fantasy sports

Is he, and others who are raising this question right?


Personally I’m on the fence and have to say that I am somewhat swayed by the bias thinking that it’s absolutely a game of skill, more so than a game of random chance. You really do have to know something about the sports you’re choosing lineups for, otherwise you’re going to get killed by those who do.  It’s one of the things you notice from playing fantasy sports for 10 years. You end up in leagues with people who really don’t know much about the sport, whether it’s football or basketball. I never really played other sports, but can only imagine the same applies there also.

That being said, if you really don’t know what you’re doing, the ‘odds’ of you winning money is against you. It’s not in your favor.

Which is why if you’re going to do it, you have to have ‘control’ – which even I will admit is not something that most people with Gambling Addiction have, when it comes to gambling.

If you are not the kind of person who can put yourself on a Budget; and Only play ‘so much money’ at a time; whether its’ a month, or a week; whatever you decide – if you cannot stick to your own plan then absolutely, you should stay away from anything remotely close to gambling. And, it IS a gamble, that your line up will beat the next man’s line up. It’s one thing to be in fantasy sports leagues for a year where each ‘team manager’ chooses from a pool of players, but no two teams are the same. It’s entirely something else when you’re playing in these daily fantasy sports competitions with others who have several of the same players that you have; With a few variations.

They might pick up a Guard that you don’t go with; and that Guard makes all the difference on that night.

But, that’s just the ‘luck of the draw’ …

Right now, my Los Angeles Lakers are having a tough start to the NBA Season and several people are raising the question of whether or not they chose the right player at the second Pick. The guy they skipped over is off to a Monster career already. He’s averaging a double double and looks like he’s going to be around for years to come. The point guard the Lakers chose, however – in stark contrast seems to be anywhere from having a slow start; to struggling.  That’s entirely separate from another ‘issue’ in Lakerland. Was Julius Randle the right choice in the previous draft? Several questions are also being raised there too. Because, that’s how it goes in sports. You never really know who’s going to perform.

This is why sports betting is such a major industry – and absolutely, placing a ‘wager’ on who’s fantasy team is going to do better on a night to night basis, is a gamble.

And yet even this practice is part of playing fantasy sports.

Traditionally, everyone puts money into a pot; and it’s usually enough to award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Depending on the ‘pool’ it may even reward more places than that. That’s just how it’s always been. What Daily fantasy sports has done, is build on that idea, and take it up to a whole new level, where people have a chance to win money, every single day; Not just at the End of the season.

Is it gambling though? …. is John Oliver right about daily fantasy sports?


If you have issues with gambling, be sure to seek help. stay far away from Daily fantasy sports if you feel it’s going to lead to you making poor decisions with your money.

That being said, that’s where WE come in.

Through Topnetworkersgroup, and primarily THROUGH our 1 mlm system – you ‘should’ be learning some financial literacy.

You should be working on your ability to control what you can control.

If there was a way to get a piece of this pie – this huge and expanding market – WOULD you want to?

Would you be willing to build a ‘network of players’ to take advantage of an Opportunity?

For us, that answer is yes, especially if the timing is right. We added One of the daily fantasy sports programs we backed into about 6 months ago, to all levels of our system. We feel that it’s an excellent affiliate program that allows you to get started FOR free; refer others; build up that ‘network of players’ – and since these sites are paying us for what that network does, we saw the Opportunity to get a piece of a rapidly expanding industry. Several of our key leaders got positioned and if you have not done so by now, perhaps it’s because you’re just not working with our team…  yet.  (Change that mistake. Get started with our Team here)

We feel that if you and others were to simply Play $10/mo – not only do you have the chance to win; from $1-$5 contests, you also will earn money from all the Players in your network.

We felt that if you were actually following our system, and utilizing our additional streams of income to generate money WITH The network we are helping you build, that eventually you could afford $50/mo – and so will others in your network. You can play in way more $1-$5 contests, and if you want you can even jump in the contests with higher entries. Usually the cash prizes are bigger. But ultimately it’s a win win because your network of Players, are generating income which UNLIKE OTHER Daily Fantasy Sports Sites – This one is sharing a piece with you!

Just last month (as of me writing this) – we backed into yet another daily fantasy sports competition website, with an even better referral plan.

Again, we recommend this same ‘controlled spending’ approach. Figure out what’s a comfortable range for you – and build a network that is able to do the same thing. Together you’re going to generate MONEY; while giving yourselves a chance to win too. Of course, the more you know about the sports you’re picking lineups for, the better you’re going to do.

Ok … It’s gambling.

But hey, that’s life … it’s a gamble. That’s business, full of RISK. It’s a risk to take a risk; It’s often a risk NOT to.

So let me be a little less Vague.

The first site we started talking to you about, is – Sign up for free; start playing for free; Feel free to load up $10 – and just make sure you CONTROL yourself! Good luck!

The second site, is pretty awesome – Just got an email from the CEO this morning … I want to share ‘part’ of that with you real quick. (*edited out; this company went out of business)

For those of you who are reading this… Yea, John Oliver may be right.  Eventually more and more states may decide to shut these kinds of daily fantasy sports websites down. But there’s too much money going through this industry to think that decision will be temporary.  It’s business. The states want a cut.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Don’t you? Get started with  FantasyDraft HERE – (Update 12/28/16 – it appears DraftFury could not stay in business as we initially updated you on below, a few months ago; which proves ‘why’ we endorse multiple streams of income all the time; because Any business can go out of business …. )

Be sure to also sign up to work WITH ME for Support with growing a network of players; who share the same goal as WE do. (That goal. To take the ‘gamble’ out of making money with daily fantasy sports websites – by playing and working as a team)

Important Update; 8/1/16 – involving news on DraftFury AND our other recommended DFS website; Read Multiple Streams Matter: A DFS Report right now!!! :: Click here to Learn MORE about the DFS Industry and See how YOU Can Help GROW the industry; and PROFIT from it!

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