The following message was recently included in an email to consultants with Crowd Sourcing International

MEDIA RESPONSE FROM CSI NEXT WEEK: :: visit :: now to see the Fox News Report!

Next Week we will be Addressing The Media Head On with the Fox Network in regards to our Opportunity. We will make sure we set the record straight on who we are, the legitimacy of our company and PROTECTING YOUR OPPORTUNITY  FOR PROSPERITY FOR GENERATIONS TO COME!

Finally, we want to thank all of you for your continuous Vision and Hardwork in pursuing your Dreams and Goals with this Amazing Business Opportunity. We are attracting all walks of life from Firefighters, Policeman, Athletes, Dr.s , Attorneys and even Judges to the Fabulous CSI Business Opportunity. Success is a Journey and we look forward in taking the journey with you in this new decade, thanks!

Thank You,

Jacques Johnson




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