In typical white supremacist fashion, the same bullies I called out last week are now pretending it’s “Unfair” when it happens to them.  That’s right, the same bullies who ran me off Twitter by Mass Flagging my tweets, and triggering the Twitter False Flags Flaw algorithm, got a taste of Karma!

how Karma taste?

Apparently ‘one of their’ lead Troll Bullies was suspended or banned off Facebook.

LOOK at the irony of the Same people who MASS reported me last week, saying it’s unfair that these sites do this. It was all good when these losers did it to me …. suddenly it’s not ok. Just like our current white supremacist president. He insults people on twitter all day long, but the moment Jemelle Hill insults him, he wants her to be fired. These kinds of people, as I pointed out last time, are indecent human beings. We live among them and tolerate them. Sadly they are allowed to vote in our elections, and they can use social media as well.

These vile human beings (If that is what they are) are the main reason we do not have peace on earth. Because not one of them realizes that what happened to their guy, is what they go around doing to other people. Then again perhaps they do realize it. They just wanna pretend it’s only okay when THEY are the ones doing it….

The following rant is priceless. When this person talks of ‘support given to others’ what they mean is, they’ve gone around and Trolled people together. They’ve mass reported people and got folks booted off social media sites…. but now it’s unfair when it happens to one of hteir own.

Remember this soulless animal who helped troll me?

White supremacists say Donald Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Even though he selected an entirely white cabinet, and several had ties to white supremacist organizations. Same exact kinda people folks. That is why they don’t make money in MLM. It’s not because MLM’s are bad, these people are bad. (A running theme I’ve been talking about for several years.) – Sadly the quality of people joining MLM has been going downhill for some time.

Social media gives these people who decided not to develop themselves, a platform to yell and whine and pull other people into their misery. Afterall, misery loves company.

Here’s the gem …

Yep, they know all about those flaws. They use them to target others. Huge shout outs to all our readers and followers who helped One of these social media outlets ‘get it right’ this time. @Timelessvie and @ElleBeauBlog, and the entire Troll Gang they have – are NOT good people. They are using social media to harm others, and not to help. It’s good to see someone putting a stop to what they are doing, finally.