Quick Shout Out to David Wood – That had to be tough; losing his right hand man, and yet still having a movement to lead. No, I am not part of Empower Network – but I’m on the mailing list. This is just a shout out, an acknowledgement to LEADERS who have to do what they have to do; regardless of who comes with them. EN hit a dip in Mo; Lots of their Leaders have left. But David Wood responded with new emails going out to the list; New calls; Gonna be honest, I didn’t even look at the recordings – nor did I read most of the emails – but I recognize the Effort of a Leader.

I mean, that had to be tough when Dave’s partner quit; They set out to do something; ‘together’ – and one of them had to go a different way. But, like a real leader, David Wood has remained with the ship; like a real captain – The ship will sink or swim; with him on board.

I respect that.

Since launching the 1mlmsystem in 2012, I too have been confronted with these kinds of decisions. Even before we launched, my co-founder was focused on programs over the team; In the past 2 years I’ve had several people sign up with me, claim they understand the vision; and once again were more about the programs; than the team.

In spite of me saying, over and over and over “it’s about the team, not the company” – or “loyalty to team over company” – person after person has continued to Place Company; over Team. Today, I ran into an awesome Video/Sermon from Bishop T.D. Jakes – his stuff seemingly is always on time for me.

He spoke on many things, namely leadership and the kinds of things leaders deal with. Take a few moments and listen to it here :: Leadership: T.D. Jakes On Doing Something New – Whenever we are doing something new; we will be met with challenges; like the very ones I’ve faced over the past 2 years. We will have people on our teams who are not there for the same reasons we are there. It is all part of the process – and as a leader we MUST embrace that. We must realize that leadership involves conflict – it involves moments where you must say things that others may not like. I like what Bishop T.D. Jakes says here; We must build and battle.

Leading a 5th Wave Organization is New – It’s not something other people even understand for the most part. So the challenges we’ve faced; I’ve expected them; There will be more around the corner as we move forward. I say … BRING THEM ON!

In 2015, I am not playing games – I’m ready to battle; while I continue to build!

I did Fire a Warning Shot – Some of you have already found out; Al King is not playing games in 2015. TNG is the way – those who are working with the team, but are not FOLLOWING the directions are always more than allowed to do as they would like to do. In fact, that’s always what I say.

I lead leaders.


Leaders are ok with following other Leaders though…. (David Sharp was absolutely following David Wood; which you’d know had you watched my video “Did David Sharpe Steal EmpowerNetwork From TopNetworkersGroup?“) –

If a person cannot follow a leader; they are not ready for TNG.

As We teach – leaders are followers first!  Business Partnerships include one leader and one follower. The follower must learn how to lead from the leader. This is not up for debate. This is how things go….

Just as David Wood needs ‘leaders’ to follow his lead to make EN Successful, TNG also needs leaders to follow, to make our movement a success.

When I first set up the one mlm system; a lady named Jackie signed up early. She praised me, the system, the calls – told me about her history – how she joined too many programs in the past; was all over the place; never really followed through; and that now She was ready ……… then about a month later she ran into Ocean Avenue.

In 30 days she went from Loving the One MLM System to declaring that O.A. was the truth; and she would be focused on that; b/c the One MLM System was ‘too much” – So ……. I tested her to see if she was learning; asked her to break down the recruiting process; She did not know step One.

Rather than admit she was lazy; and was not learning – she blamed the system.

I called her on it; She got mad; and called me Names.

This comes with leadership though; this is what David Wood has experienced; David Sharpe too; This is the message T.D. Jakes had for me; and other leaders – that not everyone is with us for the same reasons; that we must be ready for conflict – to even be attacked and insulted by the very ones we are seeking to help.

—————— Sadly people are often immature in MLM; because the world we live in does not prepare people for MLM; We live in a society that creates immature people:  this is why our politicians are so childish; This is why so many marriages end in divorce; This is why we can’t end racism; We are spinning on a ball full of Childish people; who point fingers and blame ———–

Well none of that will be tolerated in 2015 with TNG.

If you get on the ship; Decide NOT to follow what we teach; You’re welcome to get off the Ship; Just keep your mouth closed about how The Ship doesn’t work. It works. It works for those who DO 100% of what they are asked to do.

MOST people do 1% … or 5% …. or 10%

That won’t work here.

I will be following David Wood’s lead – sending out a bunch of new emails; We already have redesigned the homepage for the One MLM System; a new homepage is coming for TopNetworkersGroup; I will continue to do what Bishop T.D. Jakes suggested in his sermon on leadership; I will build with one hand; and battle with the other.

Learn more about  The 5th Wave in this Educational Video from TNG