Facebook is Dead for network marketing, and has been for quite some time now.   I first started to recognize this with facebook groups.  I predicted it would happen and it did, when auto-posting software became popular. Sites like Hootesuite and other similar offerings made it possible for marketers to share links without logging into facebook themselves.

Convenience isn’t always a good thing though.

shortcuts ruin network marketers

The result of mlm’ers searching for shortcuts ended up killing facebook groups.  The network marketing discussion group on Facebook is dead.  The group for mlm’ers to share what business they are in on Facebook is dead too.  Oh they’re active and full of new content posted daily but who’s reading the posts?

With so much information the web today the Smart Networkers are looking for better ways to connect, share, and grow relationships.   Here at TopNetworkersGroup we have always advised our team members to be on multiple social networking platforms. In fact, back in January of 2017 I shared a video on Dr. Boyce Watkins being banned from Facebook. Ironically about a month after that recording I too, was banned. In fact my account was entirely disabled.

In this video I mentioned how his being on multiple platforms did not impact his ‘audience’ when he was banned.  How are you positioning your business now? Are you in danger of being deleted some day too, out of the blue, like I was? As a network marketer is this a situation you want to find yourself in?

Several reasons were listed which included one about how we’re not supposed to use facebook for self promotion.

Really and truly while there are several people doing that very thing on facebook, some of us are more controversial than others. The fact that we created The Black Folder and openly discuss the need for black people to form networks and practice group economics was a threat. Messages that speak to the empowerment of black people are always viewed through a negative lens. When we also consider just how political things got, it’s easy to understand why Facebook is dead for marketers.

facebook is dead for network marketers

Our messages are being ignored, because the people using facebook are more than happy with working a 9 to 5. With thousands of people claiming they too can help them leave that job behind, almost everyone is being tuned out.  So for networkers who have not been practicing the lessons we teach (social networking for money) – they are totally limited to one network. They’re not getting any results on that one network and are often frustrated.  If that’s you, when are you going to stop doing this to yourself?

We highly recommend all social networks inside of our system; and also platfroms like twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumbler, google plus; Be on Linked in; Be where the people are!

Comment below, and let us know what platforms you’re using to reach your audience.

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