No this is not a tricky headline … when I joined LevelOneNetwork I shared privately with a handful of people that I’ve really grown tired of people in MLM – it’s true.

Most people who are in MLM today started getting on my nerves a long time ago.

I’ll explain. I know MLM so well that I can diagnose my own challenges today – Over the past 3 years I’ve sponsored several people in what seems to be a revolving door, all because of a few simple things that would keep them in place, but just have not been in place.

Starting with Edification.

Without proper edification an upline cannot do their job – of helping a prospect get in front of the information about our business And make a decision on joining up.

Without Edification a prospect will look at someone and think… “Who is this person? and Why should I listen to them?” – that’s what GOOD edification does; it answers those two important questions for a prospect before they get into a conversation with this expert.

Without the edification, it’s just another dude.

So that explains where TopnetworkersGroup is – there aren’t 100’s of people edifying what we’re doing over here; So when people see it, they leave for something else that has more ‘edification’ …….. I can understand that.

However, at what point are these people going to stop falling for that?

When you and I were prospects, sure the edification trick works wonders but, once we’ve been in for a while, we should have a different way to define who we ‘show respect’ to – in fact, if we’ve been around, why not show respect to just about everyone?

What a novel idea.

But respect is MISSING in MLM Today.

I get 10 NEW people adding me on social media sites each week that want to Teach me how to do MLM. They joined 6 months to a year ago – I joined in 1998 – but they want to teach ME something.

Worse yet, you have leaders that show no respect for other leaders. They want to sign other leaders up into ‘their business’ – but don’t wanna sign up with those leaders in what they’re already doing.

They wanna make money OFF of other leaders, but don’t really wanna make money WITH other leaders; the people making all the money in MLM are the same ones who always made money in MLM; the ones who ‘team up’ – but people in MLM seem to be too stupid to realize that.

While I am thankful for the people I’ve sponsored who stuck around; most are not really working on the businesses WE are together in; and the rest are jumping from one thing to another. They see me getting checks for the things WE came together for.

They continue to struggle jumping around – One guy is doing pretty well right now; truth is he made good money before he came into MLM; he found a company he likes – shared it with a guy that went ‘thousandaire’ – guess the dude gave up on all that talk about helping more people benefit from opportunities; and decided to kick back and enjoy overriding a producer.

That’s people in MLM – most of them talk one way and do something else.

They say yea we should all team up; but when you put things together so everyone can, they go find some other team to team up with instead.

The truth is, I set up TNG to help other people in MLM out; but the more I deal with people in MLM, the less I want to help any of them.

Most of them are too idiotic to help – the truth is, if I make videos throwing Money up and Rent a BMW and pretend it’s mine, I’d sign up DROVES of people – and would make a ton of money off of them – whether I teach them anything or not; MOST will quit, but droves more will join me, b/c they’re making ’emotional decisions’ – not business decisions.

Most will say I’m a scam artist, and I can call them losers who need to take responsibility for their own business; and others will come to my defense; all because I threw up money and pretended to have a BMW – or a Bentley –

These people call themselves professionals – no wonder our industry gets a bad reputation; look at the folks joining – and look at how they treat one another within it.

All of these ‘reasons’ are why I created the 1mlmsystem – to teach people ‘the right way’ to play this game; but to be honest with everyone reading this – I’m at a point where I’ll only be working with a very ‘limited’ number of people over the next few months; and if they don’t pan out; hey that’s just how it goes.

It’s that time – gonna start ignoring a lot of emails and letting a lot of people drown – because these people in MLM Today, wanna question what kinda life vest you’re giving them, while the water is rising all around them – then, they wanna teach me on what life vest I should have given them, and how I need to get one myself – even though I’m not the one drowning….