Gary Vaynerchuk mentions White Male Privilege in an interview with Chase Jarvis and it’s an amazing moment.

“If you’re a White Man, Stop Complaining” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Love it.

gary vaynerchuk and white male privilege

I just shared a video that I LOVE from Professor Devin, responding to comments made by Gary V on the Breakfast Club; contradicting his point that there are No Gatekeepers; That being said, when you are Black; if you say something that is meant to be Empowering to YOU and your people; OTHERS may take offense; even if NO offense was meant; They may take action; and because we are out numbered, and often out organized; We are usually the first ones to get taken down on Social media for Free Expression.

*Update May 22, 2017 – TopnetworkersGroup which was started to help all network marketers in 2010; but in 2012 began to focus on helping black network marketers understand the importance of working together – was Deleted From Facebook (a Gatekeeper); when the account I ran on FB was shut down; because I was very outspoken on The issues Professor Devin speaks about in the video linked up above; Also – This article apparently got the attention of a white man who doesn’t feel like he has an advantage; although it’s unlikely his Facebook will ever be disabled – as he’s not seeking to HELP a community of people who’ve historically been disenfranchised aka left OUT of the system. So to his ‘followers’ – welcome and thanks for stopping by.

This article is about how black people must not get too comfortable with the talking points society sends out. The truth is that we’re still very much in a bad situation, economically, numerically, mentally, from an organizational standpoint and lots of forces are working against us. Black people have more obstacles in place, and need to be realistic; “We cannot ignore the 800lb gorilla in the room” — The original article (published May 19th, 2016) is below – also wanted to include the ORIGINAL interview that ‘sparked’ this entire discussion for me and others I wrote this article for.

Life is still different for us; EVEN if it’s not ‘as bad’ as it used to be; It’s still bad; its just different; and so we have to RESPOND intelligently; which is the point Professor Devin was making. The video actually gets cut off, and in part 2 he mentions how many of these, Master teachers are actually teaching M-Z (skipping lessons A-L). Well intended, and accurate in their teachings, they are just failing to address the uneven playing field that still exists.

However, I found this interview with Gary Vaynerchuk and Chase Jarvis; 16 minutes in, after some real good talking points; HE Admits that if you are WHITE and Male you are BORN with advantages that others just do not have ::: and if you are WHITE and complaining; You should STOP right now; you’re not maximizing your potential as a white man. I’m glad he said it too.

Because it’s true.

In a way, without the two of them sitting down with the intent of doing so; Gary V is admitting that his message ‘mostly fits’ a white Male audience. Not that what he’s saying does not apply to black people and other ethnic groups as well. (Again, that is why I enjoyed Professor Devin’s response so much) – It’s just that the paths are a bit different; even so much of what he says, does not ‘fit’ the ‘white woman’ – because he himself, speaks from the life experience of a white American male – who’s parents owned a business that they passed down to him; his mindset is naturally going to differ from MOST – (who don’t come from that same background/upbringing) — which is always where the rubber meets the road.

One of my favorite books from one of my favorite authors, John C. Maxwell is all about the differences in mindset between Successful and Unsuccessful people.

The book is titled “Failing Forward” – and his theory is that the biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they respond to failure. Then he goes on to cite several different real examples of success stories and stories of failure. So many of the people we know of today, would be no one if they gave up. But in some of those stories, it did not ‘hurt’ that the men overcoming those failures, were white males. In a society that views and receives messages from white males in an almost reverence based way, I absolutely agree with what Gary says, about white male privilege.

In fact, let me let you listen to the Interview: Gary Vaynerchuk and Chase Jarvis – this video is marked to begin at 16 minutes in; but PLEASE go back to the beginning and listen to it all!

I’ve wanted to say to several white men who I’ve sponsored into MLM that they are wasting their white male privilege.

However, coming from me, it most likely would sound a bit racist. It probably would sound like I’m making excuses for why I am not more successful. This is the ‘trap’ that so many black men in business often find ourselves in. We feel like admitting that we have a different path, means we actually are inferior – and less likely to succeed. None of that is true, and yet when we fail to speak honestly about these issues, we end up being lost and confused. In other words, this lack of honesty makes our path, even more difficult in ‘this society’.

With no offense to the great master teachers who are white; If you’re in business while being black; YOU need to be looking for black business mentors to guide your path.  Many of them have overcome obstacles that only black people face. Their knowledge will help you too.

What this honesty from Gary V means about White Male Privilege is that yes – it’s easier for white men to succeed.

It does not say that it’s impossible for black people to succeed also!

We as black people in business DO need to do a much better job of working together because we Lack the same Infrastructure our white counterparts already have in place. We do not have the same foundation to work with. (Both of which are the components of white male privilege) We don’t have the same ways of thought as we need to have, in order to put those infrastructures in place. We have much work to do. While we can take some good ideas from others, we cannot also ignore the messages about HOW we get to where WE want to be.

We can have real complaints that we don’t have the same advantages as those born with white male privilege.  But that does not mean we cannot still Create new success and even create a better future. It’s just going to take some time. Perhaps, that’s what you are here for.  Perhaps that’s your purpose in life;  The baton was passed to you – it’s your leg to run; When you pass the baton to the next leg, will we be in First Place? …. Second or Third??

Or will we be lagging behind?

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