Growing Your Business With or Without Money by TNG – (with resources included below – audios and videos and Opportunities as well…)

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s pretty important to understand the basics of growing your business with or without money?  If you need money to make money, then 99% of us are S.O.L. from the start. That’s where I was in 1998 when thinking about starting a business. All I could think of is that saying, “it takes money to make money” … and so I was looking at bank loans, and not too excited about having to pay back the interest…. because that would mean DEBT ………..

growing a business with debt from loans

That’s when I backed into Network Marketing.

This seemed like the perfect way to begin growing a business. I figured I could easily get customers using the training they were giving me. This turned out to be true. Since I knew how to get customers, I could teach others how to get customers. Doing and Teaching are vital when it comes to growing a business. As well as the basic understanding that a business, .. must be grown.

It must be ‘cultivated’ …

It’s like a plant – that’s why we use terminology like, ‘planting the seed’ – ‘growing the tree’ – Growing your business is very much along the same lines of thinking. This is why the people who give up look like bafoons … because they expect a plant which takes 6 months to grow, to blossom in 5 days.

I mean only a bafoon would expect to Plant a Seed and have a full Grown Plant in 5 days, or even 5 weeks; and yet people do this with business, all the time. That being said, if we don’t have money, we don’t want to allow the lack of money to keep us from Making money.

So this is where “Creativity” comes into play – check out a few helpful audios :

How To use The Internet To Grow Your Home Business

Build A Business While Broke

The first audio (video) features John Milton Fogg. The discussoion is going to be very important to your goals of growing your business – any kind of business – while applying the fundamental skills we learn in network marketing. The internet allows us to meet and get to know more people than ever before. The process of ‘relationship building’ is possible, like never before; and all the awesome and incredible tools at our finger tips are no use, if we do not understand what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing with them.

The second link there, features a very FRANK discussion concerning growing (building) a business while Flat broke. This is super important information. How we think determines absolutely everything about where we end up with our business. Are you growing a business? Do you have a large budget to work with? Even so, what good is a large budget if you lack the knowledge of what is a good buy, vs what is a waste of your investment.

This I feel, is the real benefit of embracing the “Free techniques” and the basics of networking – because you find out right away how possible it is to GROW a business with, or without money; If you can grow it without money; Imagine what you’ll be doing once your checks start rollllling in….

Thanks for Stopping By. While Growing your business you’re going to go through ups and downs; all of it will serve a purpose and bring you closer to your goals. Take all of this information in. Let it serve you well.

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