If you’ve ever owned and/or operated a website – nothing is worse than finding out your site has been listed by Google as a Dangerous Site. This drives customers away faster than a roach in a restaurant …

Recently GVO was DDOs’ed — or so they are saying. They’re claiming that malware was inserted into their site during this time. This is actually not how it happens – I’ve actually been a victim of this myself; It happens when we do not update our Databases – especially WordPress – Hackers with nothing else to do in life love spending their time causing problems for companies.


So why attack GVO?

Perhaps some people are upset over what’s happening with PureLeverage.

They were promised a blog; Most have paid for a blog; Several months later – they have no blog. This actually upset me because several people I know and network with went into PureLeverage instead of LevelOneNetwork – because ‘bigger names‘ were endorsing PureLeverage. I doubt any of them really LOOKED at what was being shown to them.

Instead they said “SO in So is joining so I’m joining too….”

I get so sick of networking with people like that; following the crowd and ignoring what else is out there; feeling like there is just TOO Much to see; Folks it takes 15 minutes to Watch a Presentation; 15 Minutes. That’s not a lot of time. In a Week a person could literally Review 50 MLM Business Opportunities if they really wanted to do that. It doesn’t take That Long. SOME presentations Might be 30 minutes; SOME might be an Hour.

That’s still NOT a long time – to be able to get INFORMED so you can make INFORMED Decisions. I don’t think people did that with PL – or perhaps people looked at how well GVO was going and figured PL would be a good idea; The problem however is that when PL was released, GVO changed.

But this is why (i think) GVO got attacked – because this Over Hyped Program is not delivering on the several promises they have made. … AND Joel is no longer treating GVO the way it deserves to be treated; as an opportunity to grow GVO…. instead, he uses it to blast PL and promote PL – and perhaps he pissed off some GVO members who were being ignored, and know how to start DDOS attacks.

Which brings to mind my Real Problem with GVO – a few months ago I made the decision to add GVO to our One MLM System – feeling it was a good Alternative to Stiforp; our “list building opportunity” – which is $40 to join, and $10/mo after – where as GVO is just $10/mo – I added them because they had been operating successfully for a while; Most of the people I talked to had good things to say.

This was all before PureLeverage was released.

I guess I signed up for GVO too late – because clearly, Joel Therien is ONLY interested in promoting PureLeverage; this is a huge issue for me though; I do not want to promote GVO, just so my downline can be Upsold and pass me up, joining a program I do not support or believe in.

Because of this – GVO is actually about to be REMOVED from our System.

This will also be the last time a Program is added to our system before “I get to test it out” myself. That’s usually what I do; However this time I made the mistake of trusting some of my partners’ points of view; partners who are NOT currently signed up for our system either – learning lessons abound.

All of what’s happening with PureLeverage and GVO, reminds me of  Other Related Articles that Speak on HYPED up PROGRAMS that are Not Delivering, such as RippLn

I Just wrote about how rippLN simply saw an Idea that ILA already started; and have been unable to Deliver on that promise — meanwhile, people have ignored iLA which has proven to pay out several times; and continues to deliver quality content on their app.

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The simple fact is – all of this proves, most people in the MLM Industry are too lazy to think for themselves; and just as they blindly Followed others into the Employee Mentality Reality; They’re blindly allowing themselves to be taken advantage of, in the MLM Industry – rather than taking advantage OF the MLM Industry; by educating themselves, to make Business Decisions, rather than Emotional Decisions.

>>>>> here’s the Email I got from Joel


Hey al,

Just wanted to let you know that google listed us as possibly having
a malware code injection on our main site gogvo.com

Alot if this came from the DDos stuff yesterday.

We found the injection and quickly removed it so we re submitted our
site to google for review.

What can you do?

1. If you visit www.gogvo.com you can now ignore the warning as we have
cleaned our code, which means you can safely use the members area with no

2. It will take google up to 24 hours to remove the warning so I will keep you
updated for sure.

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

P.S. My apologies on this, the site is safe to use.. Have a Happy Fathers Day to all
the dads out there!


I hope they got to the bottom of this; and Will have this fixed — HOWEVER – if they continue to do business the way they’ve been doing it, you can expect more of this to happen in the future. I for one, and getting OFF the boat –

Now A LOT of people continue to Support Pureleverage in spite of the Glaring fact that this one has NOT turned out to be what it was promised to be. SEVERAL People are still promoting RippLN in spite of them having NO app whatsoever… Why IS that?

The simple fact may be that people are afraid to go against the crowd. Since the crowd is supporting them, they wanna be in the crowd too.

Sometimes though, it’s better to go Against the Crowd – I went with my Gut when I joined LevelOneNetwork – I saw a presentation that made sense to me; where as pureLeverage just sounded like hype. It’s turned out my Gut Feeling was right.

If you’re sick and tired of falling into the wrong companies, perhaps it’s time you examine WHO you are following and WHY. Perhaps it’s time for You to change, in order for your results in business to change – for the better.

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