If you have not caught the bug yet … perhaps it’s just because you have not SEEN these in action.

I plan on sharing a few Google Hangout ‘recordings’ with you, just so you can get an idea – BUT I wanna start from the top.

I recently re-opened my blog with a company that pays me to post what’s on my mind — which is one of the original reasons I began blogging back in 2006 – I’ve always liked/loved this platform as a way to share information, send traffic to a website, or just simply connect with like minded people.

One of the main tools the leaders of the ‘get paid to blog’ company use, is Google Hangouts – I remember seeing the commercial during the NBA Playoffs last year and it looked pretty cool; But to watch others apply it to business has been amazing!

Here’s the Official “how to use Google Hangouts” video that you need to see, featuring programmers and developers that have played a vital role in making this technology available, and useful for us all — especially those of us in business!

See the original here.

Pretty Amazing stuff right?

Now you know HOW to use Google Hangouts, if you have not already been testing this out for your self. I for one am looking forward to what my team and I can do together, using this platform to discuss business ideas, share presentations, and So Much more.

Have YOU Tried using this technology at all yet??

Here’s a Recorded hangout from a couple days ago – but be warned, they are talking about “Making Money” …  and here’s one more …. (do not click this link, if you do not want to hear people who make money, talking about how they made it…)

This Google Hangout’s thing… is a movement that cannot be stopped, and it’s already almost everywhere – I have seen people do some incredible things with this; Including several top money earners in my industry all sitting down to discuss their success stories; Clearly this one has “just” gotten started, and where we can go from here … is going to be something to see!

My team and I are going to start using them as well – There are some plans I cannot speak about publicly and, we’ll be using the hangouts to record some Powerful information that everyone will want to see; Stay tuned for the announcement coming soon.