Happy New Year everybody!

Welcome to 2013 – may this year be FULL of blessings for you and your families.

We have worked hard putting together a system to help Teach and Train people who want to make money, on how to do so, using the MLM Industry as a starting point.

MLM is not a destination, and several people have gone on to start successful businesses of their own, after working in a Good MLM Company for 3-5 years.

95% of people who join MLM however, are broke. Which means, they spend more than they make. It’s a statistic that bothers me. It says to me that in spite of how awesome the industry is, and how wide open the possibilities are, they are only attainable for 5% of people who join.

We wanted to create a system that changes this up; and elimiates the need to invest large amounts of money, to make money; You simply need to invest your Time, and commitment to be a Loyal Business partner, and Team Member.

We pre-launched our Training system in August, and Launched it officially opening its doors December 21, 2012 – and we saw right away that we needed to make a few more improvements, before this system could be embraced. I feel we have made and delivered those improvements.

Here is a quick preview of what we’ve Updated….

Simpler Registration Process.  Instead of requiring new members to sign up for every single free program we recommend; we will allow them to simply create a username, password, enter their best phone number, and email – and they’re in.

In order to Unlock our Training, they will need to register for our Recommended Affiliate Programs, and will have the option to “Max Out” or wait until later.

We are limiting access to Some Training and Some Tools; making them exclusive to Maxed Out Members; and we’ve added additional, optional free programs that also enhance our system – everything we do is designed to teach you how to get Leads, Traffic, and Sales. We’re transforming hobbyists into professionals, because hobbyist make hobby money – while professionals make professional money.

Do you want Hobby or Professional Money?

This is a No Brainer…

We’ve literally taken away ALL Excuses, and have cleared the way to make it even easier to add Proven Programs into our system, as our Team GROWS….
The NEW Improvements are almost done … Stay tuned for a VIDEO update, and much more from TopNetworkersGroup – Thanks for stopping in!