Like any networker, I have pet peeves. Things that rub me wrong about the networking industry that I love. I want to take a few moments to share a Huge Pet Peeve about Networkers with you, that drives me up a wall. It’s so frustrating only because it is so common. For “Team Members” of Topnetworkersgroup – they get access to a special restricted Training video that I call “Networking with Networkers” – and In it, I really go into tips and strategies that work.

I was driving home last night in fact and thought about how often people are being Mislead in this industry.

So many people are hearing that Networkers are better leads. This could not be further from the truth. Usually this is because other networkers, have products and services that they are trying to sell. They are looking for partners to help them sell their stuff. They’re typically not looking to Buy anyone else’s stuff.  Which is why this is SUCH a huge pet peeve about networkers for me. So many of them, are trying to PUSH Their stuff on people who do not want their stuff.

That’s the real problem with family and friends ‘as leads’ – it’s not that they are ‘bad leads’ …

The problem is The Networker refuses to work on his or her skills in order to figure out ‘who’ is a good lead and who isn’t.

This is primarily because, Networkers are selfish.

That brings me to my Huge Pet Peeve about Networkers – that we are here to discuss.

Far too often, people have signed up with me in a business, only to turn around and Pitch me on something else.

So I’ll have someone sign up for the 1mlmsystem – do nothing with it – and 2-3 weeks later they are asking me about several programs that aren’t In the system. Many of them quit the system to promote ‘those programs’ – and usually feel that I slighted them in some way. They feel that since They signed up with me in something, I should also sign up with them in ‘those programs’.

Pet Peeve, Not How This Works

That isn’t how this works!

That isn’t how any of this works!!

Let me explain it this way.

Most of the time I actually can’t ‘afford’ to buy from you.

That’s the reason I’m in a business and looking for customers & business partners. So that I can grow my Income.  So that I’ll be ‘able’ to Invest in more things.

After you and I grow an income together, ‘then’ I would be in a better position to buy from you. Afterall, by then I would have made money with you.  Why wouldn’t I invest in you at that point??

Instead, what MOST networkers try to do, is bribe people into investing with them, whether or not they “Really” invest with that person.

Signing up with someone in a program, but then spending absolutely no time whatsoever on Building any Income with that person – does not benefit that person in any way whatsoever.

It also does not benefit YOU as the networker!!

The reason this is such a HUGE Pet Peeve about networkers ‘for me’ – is because all networkers SHOULD know this.

None of us benefit from customers who never refer other customers. We don’t benefit from business partners who don’t get customers; or look for other business partners to get customers with.

So why do we do this to each other?

Why is this so Common?

I don’t have enough fingers to count the amount of times I’ve run into this over the last 6 years.

I believe this all stems from Lack mentality. Selfishness, combined with a fear that there aren’t enough resources, aren’t enough ‘leads’,  aren’t enough people Open to making money from home – all lends itself to this predatory nature within the network marketing industry. Everyone wants to sign up people who are ‘already’ trained so that they can just ‘produce’ and put people in to stuff. None of them have a real, long term plan though.  No one is really and genuinely looking out for the well-being of others – and that makes for an industry that has the kinds of disappointing numbers that it has.

We’ve got to do better as an industry; we need more than just 3-5% of people making real money – if people can make More money working a job than they can joining a network marketing business; why join?  There are SO many leads out there – but we as an industry have to GIVE those leads something they actually WANT. And that’s just not possible, so long as we continue to prey upon one another.

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