Spillover is a ‘term’ that is related to Forced Matrix Compensation plans. If you are involved with the Network Marketing industry, you need to make it your business to know as much about our industry as you can.

If the term Spillover is new to you, then I will do my best to explain it now.

There are all sorts of Compensation Plans. Most can be defined as Unilevel, Binary, or Forced Matrix.  Spillover generally applies to Binary and Forced Matrix Compensation Plans.

With a “bi”nary you’re only given 2 spots, on your frontline (first level) – so if you’re a master recruiter, and you can sponsor 10 people into something your self… 2 of those 10 will be on your first level, the other 8 will “spillover” and “spill under” your frontline 2. If those 2 people sponsor 10 each, those 10 will most likely spillover, and spill under the people You helped put Under them.

It’s very simple actually.

In a “Forced Matrix” – the compensation is usually defined; Some limit your front level to 3 spots, some to 5; Then there is a Limit on Depth, which nearly all compensation plans have. In a 3×8 matrix, or a 5×15 matrix, once again the person who can put in 10, will create spillover for the people working with them.

This is what makes these types of compensation plans very attractive, especially to struggling marketers in our industry.

Most people struggle because they are inconsistent, or use ineffective methods to build. Most would cut their learning curve in half, by watching videos by Expert recruiters, and then, simply Doing what those Experts suggest, rather than doing what most struggling networkers do, and that’s attempt to re-invent the wheel.

The Wheel has already been Invented!

So let’s talk pros and cons – because all business, all compensation plans, all industries, have pros and cons. Nothing is perfect in an imperfect society, full of imperfect human beings – so this is the most glaring ‘con’ involved with Forced Matrixes.

They attract people looking for Spillover, who hope to get a position, sit there, do nothing, pay their money, and then EARN from the efforts of those above them.  Could happen – sometimes it does. But, to sustain the growth, at some point, even That person NEEDS to help out, and sponsor people – and GIVE to others, what has been GIVEN To them.

The Top Networkers Group has one focus : To Create Professional network marketers, because professionals make professional money. So let’s talk about how you, as a Professional, should approach any opportunity where you could get Spillover …

Create Your Own Spillover.

I wish I could take credit for that one, but, I got this idea from ThatFreeThing – this is one of the newer companies hat has a forced matrix, and you can get some good spillover, due to all the buzz and momentum. But do you want to pay $25 to enroll, and $10/mo after that, just to wait on people to fall under you? Or, wouldn’t it make More sense to learn HOW to find others to join with you? Of course it would. That’s a no brainer. So what generally STOPS people from referring others effectively? There is really SO much here. There is the Fear of Rejection, as well as the Fear of Success. These are real, psychological issues that people deal with, when they join the world of selling, sales, network marketing, marketing, advertising, etc…. there is a real fear of being not only rejected on the business, but being outcast from their ‘network of friends’ – de-valued by them, or even made fun of by those people. Often, people regard the Opinions of others, whom they should not; They buy the opinions of people who’s lifestyles are not what they want for themselves.

When you buy someone’s Opinion – you buy their lifestyle.

Then there is fear of success, a whole other monster – where people are actually afraid of what might happen, if they got to Live their Dreams. Many people are indeed, afraid of their own greatness. Many people are afraid of becoming who they’ve always viewed themselves as, because they associate problems, challenges, and other obstacles with becoming the very BEST they could be. So these are two very REAL Factors that people deal with. This is why we HIGHLY Recommend using Personal Growth and Development Products. Books, Tapes, and Videos, to help change the thoughts in your mind. This is a stumbling block for all struggling marketers; they simply are not working hard enough on themselves. Work harder on yourself, than you work on your business, and your business will take care of itself. You may even want to Review our Personal Development Program, which will Pay you to become better, and plug into our Trainings that will also challenge how you think today, so that you can THINK AND GROW RICH in your life, and especially in your business.

So, back to Spillover.

If you will do more than just WAIT for spillover, something very SPECIAL can and will happen for you and the people you are working with.  If your Sponsor is working to bring others on, and You are too, together BOTH of you will CREATE spillover for YOUR downlines.

Then, if you can find 2-3 people in your downlines, who will work with YOU and your Upline, to bring in people, to do what works, to use effective, time tested & proven methods to recruit others into an opportunity … you will create even MORE Spillover for your ENTIRE team.

So the real truth about Spillover is this. It’s good to have, but you cannot rely on it alone, to make decent income; Instead, it should be used as an added bonus, to help GROW a solid income, along with others, who are willing to do the same.

Here are a few more Companies I recommend, all with Forced Matrix Compensation Plans, where YOU could indeed get Spillover just from working with me, and my Top Networkers.



Skinny Body Care

Snack Healthy



BUT – to really make money with any of these, PLUG into the trainings I hold for my teams – so you can learn METHODS that work – to Create SPILLOVER for your self!