My search for Intelligent Marketers has been the kind of journey a lot of you can probably relate to.

Then again I’m totally lying there because if I’m going to be honest Intelligent Marketers are rare! That’s because ‘anyone’ can be a marketer. There are no real tests, no degrees, no real certifications to show that a person is ‘qualified’ to even call themselves a marketer. It’s one of the gifts and the curses of network marketing. As an industry, it’s known as ‘the people industry’ and the type of marketing we do in it, is known as word of mouth marketing.

Intelligent Marketers have put in enough work to understand that they are playing a game. So when we start talking about strategies, like word of mouth marketing it automatically makes sense. Because anyone with any form of intelligence has seen what happens when a shoe, or a meme gets talked about on social media. Virility is what so many of us, as marketers are after and yet how do we manage to ‘get’ people talking about our stuff?

Well, if you’re one of the few intelligent marketers, using network marketing as a vehicle to make money, then you know its’ a game.

Yet, like any game, if you’re sitting down with players who don’t know the rules – how many games are you really going to win?

Not very many.

Intelligent Marketers are 'few' and far between

Intelligent Marketers Know How To Play The Game

Let’s say for example you’re like ‘the few’ intelligent marketers out here who ‘really’ understand word of mouth marketing. You realize that people don’t want to be sold, they want to buy. So I’m about to purchase CD-R’s for my Church’s media ministry. They’re all out and it’s something that is needed for Sunday services. Rather than go down to the store, I’m going to purchase through one of the Online Shopping stores we promote through our Free Level, in the 1mlmsystem.  Then, I’m going to let folks know I made a purchase, and will be getting cash back ON my purchase.

Naturally, what’s going to happen is, other people who like deals are going to wonder ‘how I did that’ – Hook, Line, you know the rest. Difference here is I don’t want to SINK anyone.

I’m here to help folks rise …. and there is really no better way to ‘make money’ than to have ways to save it, so it can be invested somewhere else.

Intelligent Marketers Know Business is Chess not Checkers

Intelligent Marketers Do Not Worry about Right Now

They play ‘the long game’ – because that IS the game.  It’s not a game where you look for immediate gratification. I know that’s popular. But, the ‘consumer’ is the only one who needs their gratification to be immediate. If you, as a marketer are intelligent you’ll understand the importance of Delayed gratification. You’ll ‘get’ what role it plays in your business.

So when you make that post about shopping online and getting ‘cash back’ on your purchase; you’re not going to Pretend that One post is all you need. You’re going to ‘continue’ to discuss the ‘deals’ you’re getting while shopping online. That’s ‘if’ you’re an intelligent marketer.

Because, Intelligent Marketers are Consistent.

When I see people in this industry quitting and jumping from selling one product to selling another, all I can really do is shake my head. It’s frustrating to see so many people with so much potential who just won’t sit still for a moment.  This impatience virus has impacted way too many citizens in our society.  We need to collectively remember that Patience is a virtue; so naturally Impatience is a vice.

So, I’m looking for ‘the right people’ – and it’s not a new theme for me; it’s been the case for quite some time; here are other articles I’ve written about needing ‘the right people’ :

You see, we ‘all’ need to find the right people.   We also need to continue to WORK on becoming the right persons. You see, all the awesome people I’ve been able to work with so far, are a reflection of the growth I’ve undergone. For others who work with me to also find Good people – they too MUST be willing to grow. They must be willing to improve, to read, to add skills to their life – otherwise they’ll never feel the joys of accomplishment. As I continue to grow ‘myself’ i realize more and more how important it is for me to TELL people ‘what’ I’m looking for.

But of course, I had to come to an understanding of what that was myself.

So here it is.

Intelligent Marketers Read Books – so what I’m going to ask will truly help me find who I’m looking for.

In order for us to work together, I need you to have Read 3 books.

Otherwise I won’t even bother calling you – because you’d be wasting my time.

THE First book you MUST read is Wave 4: by Richard Alan Poe

THE Second book you MUST read is The Greatest Network In the World by John Milton Fogg

THE Third book you MUST read is Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen

I’m no longer willing work with anyone who isn’t seeking to be, ‘more’ than just a network marketer.

I’m looking for Intelligent Marketers.

I look forward to seeing if ‘you’ are one of them or not.

If you’re reading this and think you can just “sign up with me” and I’ll work with you, you’re thinking wrong already. I’ll put you back in the Ocean with the other fish.

I’m looking for people willing to put in some Mental work, so that when we sit down to talk about a realistic game plan to make money we’ll All be on the same page.

But then, if you’re actually one of the few intelligent marketers I’m looking for, you understand why that’s important.

So there’s not much more to be said.

Thanks for reading.