The answer is Yes; and the REASON is very simple; Folks this is nothing more than an awesome advertising and networking platform; an additional stream of income; it works because the principle of a 3×9 matrix will always work; If everyone finds just 3 people; to partner with them in this opportunity; they Can indeed earn Income; Especially when you add in Bonus money, as Incentive to get Top Producers, to really Produce.

Incentive means, that if You meet the Minimum of finding 3 people, to fill your FRONT Line; there is the “opportunity” for you to recieve Spillover, when Working with Top Producers, who are Working for the Maximums; That being said – if you are Serious about making MONEY with anything, the Minimums should never be YOUR Maximums!

In other words; You would have every intent of coming into This opportunity, looking to sponsor MORE than just 3 people.

Watch the video below.

[youtube=] is an interesting opportunity as you can see.

The $7 Bonus is the Incentive I was talking about earlier;

The $22/mo Investment is Low – and by Finding your 3 partners you only Pay $22 – ONE TIME

That’s the part I want you to Get right now folks; YOU MUST learn HOW to recruit;  you can’t Fully Rely on ‘attraction marketing’ – posting links and hoping that people will click, visit, watch, read, and join.  People need a lil ‘hand holding’ some times – Sometimes you have to walk Up to the Customer and ask, “do you need any help?”

So you Sponsor 3 people; you earn $7 for each – or $21 – and then you will earn $10 per month x 3 people … which is a total of $30/mo

The Comp Plan is all built around Advertising; Place your Advertising Banner and your Text Links throughout THIS website :: and get your business Exposed to others; As we teach through this blog it’s ALL of it – it’s the attraction marketing, with the old school approach, which is more direct – but it’s BRIEF – and that is ONE thing that most people struggle to learn with those Old School approaches, and then they Repeat the same Mistakes with their New School, Online approaches. That Common Mistake “Saying TOO MUCH” ….

If you want ‘training’ on how to Properly Approach people, online or offline – be sure to sign up with the TopNetworkersGroup – as we Teach you HOW to do this like a Professional; so that finding 3 people, for ANY opportunity is not a big challenge to you; and your focus can be where it SHOULD be – on recruiting as many people as you possibly Can, into every Opportunity you’re taking advantage of.

That my friends is the real SECRET to the Law of Attraction; that you will attract To you, people that are LIKE You; if you are Lazy, unwilling to work; you will attract others who are lazy, unwilling to work; and you will not be able to build a Business with people like that; Right? Truth is – most lazy people are not reading this information now – so here’s to YOU and your Journey – you will reach your destination soon!

I HOPE this opportunity with is able to Aide you as you make your way to your Success!!