Industry NEWS here — I’m I WAS a member of Empower Network; I’ve decided ‘for now’ to Pass on Pure Leverage — BUT meanwhile I’m seeing the same things this TOP producer is seeing; people using “HYPE” to promote; ** UPDATE! ** Since this post I ended up closing down my Empower Network, still passed on Pure Leverage – but landed with LevelOneNetwork, just a few weeks after this blog was put together.

What grabbed me most about it – as soon as I saw the 15 minute Overview – is that it was Minus the Hype – a straightforward presentation about why this blogging platform would be better for its members, and just as profitable as the ‘other one’ … and now, ‘other ones’ that are in the industry today. Take a look at this no fluff presentation of LevelOneNetwork.

Why do people use Hype?

Short answer – It works.

Since most are not taking the time to Study Business, they are unable to make Business Decisions;

They are stuck falling for the hype;

They’re stuck making emotional decisions;

So someone says “this is the NEXT or NEW empower network!!!” and it moves them on an ’emotional level’ —

– These are my thoughts; BUT I also can see that this Mark Call guy, thinks a lot like me.

People did this same Nonsense with Vitel and Solavei;

People need to stop acting like Company A is to be compared with Company B all the time; often times, Company A has nothing to do with Company B; and you really can build BOTH at the same time… depending, on who you listen to of course… and as long as the two do not Conflict.

So, Mark Call settles the score;

PL is NOT the next EN;

There are several 100% payout Income Opps now; and NONE of them will be the NEXT… EN; because the “people in EN” make EN what EN is…. (The people make ‘any’ opportunity into what it becomes, or doesn’t become.) People in MLM need to learn this asap – and stop buying into the hype. It’s always about the Team not the Company.


Last thing to say; is stop falling for the “gotta be first in Myth”

… does it help to be first in??

Sure… “IF” you know what you are doing.

IF you don’t; it won’t make a difference that you got in first…. being in early can be ‘part’ of your decision; but should not be the Primary reason for it; not if you’re a professional at least…

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Worry less about being in the NEXT big thing.

Worry more about learning the skills you need to build a team –