The reality for me is that living paycheck to paycheck is what landed me in network marketing. In 1999 I found myself in a situation I was not prepared for. My appendix burst and I was unable to go to my job for 3 weeks. During this time I was eligible for disability. This check was less than half of what I usually made on my job; which I resumed slowly getting back to my previous hours; But this meant my check was even smaller than normal.

It turned out, I was just one month away from being out in the streets.

This is a situation most Americans are in right now. Just like me, they are living paycheck to paycheck and are just ONE slip up away from losing everything they have.


I don’t mean to sound grim but, this is a reality for so many people; and it was my reality. Living Paycheck to paycheck put me in an unstable position. When I was invited to a network marketing meeting, everything made sense because I was freshly going through the experiences the speakers talked about that night. They spoke about people being just $500 away from bankruptcy. To this day, companies like WakeUpNow (Which we endorse through our 1mlmsystem) touts it’s ability to provide an extra $600 per month to people who assemble teams of just 12 people.

Their reasoning for this is simple. They want to make an impression in our industry while really helping the average distributor in this industry to make more money.

Even MLM reps are living paycheck to paycheck.

MOST people in our industry simply are not making nearly as much money as they could and should be. This is another reason why our approach to MLM is the solution so many people are searching for. Just as my situation in 1999, living paycheck to paycheck landed me IN the network marketing industry – today’s MLM climate is bringing more and more people to our team.

Our message has been consistent and it’s starting to make sense to more and more people. Especially since so many people STILL find themselves stuck in this perpetual cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Most of us get into MLM to stop living from paycheck to paycheck; and yet most of us are still in the same place – I started tweeting about it, and will share a few with you here – BUT I really want to hear from you!

Do you agree with these thoughts?? I want to hear from you!

Are YOU living Paycheck to Paycheck? Follow the HT #livingpaychecktopaycheck – but also reply to some of what I’m already tweeting about.

I can help you turn this situation around – especially if you accept and embrace some real truths about this condition; You see as a society we have become conditioned to the paycheck. It absolutely is our drug and we Do do anything for it. We give up our time, our freedom and even mold or shape our ideas so that we can fit in with others; and maintain a paycheck coming to us every single month.