MLM is just a business model.

However the ‘way’ you and I Apply that model – that makes all the difference.

I’ve been building and sorting; and some people fall out – because they’re selfish – I’m talking about loyalty to the team; and most of these people only have loyalty to themselves. They simply have not reached that level of understanding yet, that team really does matter. They don’t seem to understand yet that we have to have loyalty to one another; before our ‘businesses’ can explode. So they fall out.

Because they place their loyalty in ‘a company’ – or ‘a program’ – they burn bridges with people who aren’t doing what they are doing; and so they fall out of the loop.

The One MLM System is the perfect sorting system.

Only the people who are really and truly about team; will take time out of ‘their schedule’ – to see what they must do to align themselves with Me; and My Group;

Real leaders can follow leaders.

I’ve worked with a lot of people who saw what I was doing; and then decided ‘they’ could go and do it too. Their version can’t touch mine; But I try not to hurt their feelings by telling them directly. That Ego is major – people feel like since ‘they’ didn’t come up with it – they can’t follow it; and it’s too bad really – because they’re only hurting themselves.

They’re also telling me, they are not ready for this.

Only people who can follow are ready.

Only people who can read, are ready.

Only people who can trust, are ready.

I understand; we live in this world full of crooks and shady people; and how do you know that spending 2 hours watching videos; following directions; doing what someone else is telling you; how do you know it will WORK?

The answer is the same every single time — but it’s not what most of you think.

Ready for the answer?

“You have to KNOW what to look for….”

Which raises another question.

“What Do I Look For?” or … “How Will I Know What To Look For?”

— the answer is; Experience. You have to Experience.

When you Experience; You ‘should’ be Learning FROM the Experience.

What should you be learning?

… What to look for.

Anyone with enough experience; can listen to what I’m talking about and understand immediately; because they have Experience. Sadly; those without experience are often confused – because I’m speaking an entirely different language. Experience taught it to me.

Experience taught me that when it’s about the company; the team always breaks apart. Experience taught me, that any business CAN go out of business; Experience taught me that really, MLM is a starting block; it’s a place to learn business; that there is SO MUCH money outside of MLM; but to even be able to grasp HOW to get that money; a person really does NEED the lessons that MLM will teach;

because… MLM is just a business model.

HOW people apply it; makes all the difference.

— I am watching a video on Understanding People and Business, with Simon Sinek — this talk really and truly inspired what I just had to say.  Is your business model about yourself, or it is about others?  Is your approach to building your business about team, or is it about the company, product, or service?

More about Team over Company – the goal of TNG has always been about others. We are looking for those rare people who understand – from experience – that all other approaches to the MLM business model; will not work as we move forward; into the future.

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